Will german dishwasher work in Uk?

9 Feb 2016
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United Kingdom
Hi guys,

I was enquiring about purchasing an extra height integrated dishwasher (86.5cm tall), it needs to be a taller dishwasher as my cupboard space is bigger. Unfortunately, this size dishwasher from all of the major brands in the UK is very expensive, starting at about £600, I have however found a Neff S52D30X2EU dishwasher that I could import from Germany on amazon.de for a lot less money:

Could I take the German schuko plug off of dishwasher and connect dishwasher to the flex outlet that house builder left for me whilst safely earthing the appliance? I think German and uk voltage is the same but am I going to burn my house down? Many thanks, Andy
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German voltages and frequency are the same as ours, averaging 230v, 50Hz so that's ok.
You need to ascertain that the machine has three core cable so you can apply an earth, and check on the polarity colours if they differ.
The water inlet connection could be a problem though!
John :)
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The water inlet connection could be a problem though!
Ah, so the diameter of the hose from dishwasher and water outlet valve may be different?

Sorry I really don't know what diameter German water pipe is - but the French use diameters different to ours (12mm rings a bell.)
I wouldn't expect any issues with the drain out hose, especially if its going into a stand pipe.
John :)
Could you not buy a UK dishwasher and fill the gap above it with trim or stand it on a plinth of some sort so that the top comes up to the required height.

Just thinking about service if the machine needs repair. Would Neff service it if they declare it is not a model intended for sale in the UK.
We had a Bauknecht from Germany for years and it worked without any problem. Unfortunately you will loose the Schuko and have to put the Uk plug on.... The water inlet and waste are no problem either. There is plenty of metric stuff out there. Now we have a Neff and that was connected as easy. I find that a lot of stuff is still cheaper to import than to buy here. The only issue might come if you want to claim on the warranty with the dealer hundreds of miles away.

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