1. S

    Under sink dishwasher water outlet won't fit a flow stop hose?

    Our Whirlpool dishwasher has given up the ghost and was hoping to have a new Bosch replacement installed as part of getting it delivered, however from the spec I can see that all Bosch, and most other makes, now come with a water flow block/stop unit attached to the end of the hose meaning you...
  2. Careful_Bodger

    Electrolux ESL63010 dishwasher not heating *on some programs*

    It is not the element as it does heat on ECO and 30min. It is still useable! I am guessing 1) programmer/timer or 2) the flexible cable/wiring harness, but I cannot find a decent complete wiring diagram. Service manuals available online do not seem to be designed for the fault-finding DIYer...
  3. bettz1

    How to Turn beep off Candy dishwasher

    Hi hoping someone can help. We've a Candy CDI 1LS38S and at the end of the cycle it constantly beeps and then beeps every 15 mins. Is there a way to turn his off as we put the dishwasher on overnight nad it's driving me and the dog mad! For some reason our poor dogs become terried of the beeping.
  4. R

    integrated dishwasher wiring - is this even safe?....

    we're having a new kitchen fitted, and it's been one nightmare after another. today's issue is with the brand new integrated dishwasher. we've tried to use it for the first time, and the water didn't drain away. so we wanted to locate the power socket to turn it off. unfortunately, our kitchen...
  5. NeoX

    Domestic undercounter dishwashers impossible to find in UK

    I'm looking to replace my 18-year-old Candy DFI PLAN undercounter dishwasher. However, it seems nigh on impossible to find anything in the UK that is similar. All I can find in the UK webshops (e.g., Currys and AO) are integrated, semi-integrated, and freestanding dishwashers. Undercounter...
  6. G

    Moulded Plug on Dishwasher

    Hi All, Dishwasher was acting up, could hear drain pump spinning but wouldn’t wash which I read online can indicate that water got into the bottom of the dishwasher. Pulled the washer out and unplugged it remove the water and check the pipes and the back of the moulded 13 amp plug seems to have...
  7. B

    Dishwasher Inlet/Drain problem Miele G977

    Hello I have a Inlet/Drain red light on a Miele G977 plus and it stopped during a wash. There was water in the bottom tray. The outlet hose has a small crack (although not sure if that happened as I removed it). Pump impeller rotates OK. No blockages in filter pit or hose. Following...
  8. R

    Ignis ADL 350 Washing Machine not washing.

    Hi Everyone , I have a Ignis ADL 350 Dishwasher. and wonder if you can give me some advice please? I know it is old but I need to fix it for now. It starts a wash makes wash noises then stops and beeps as if it’s finished. When you close the door it drains any water then seems to let water in...
  9. bettz1

    Replacing dishwasher washing machine switches

    Just wanted to check that these are the correct switches to replace the ones we've currently got in our kitchen,on the dishwasher, washing machine and fridge. Replacing these
  10. D

    Adding a dishwasher to washing machine plumbing

    I would like to add a dishwasher to the kitchen for the first time. I can't put it near the sink without removing cupboards, but there is space next to the washing machine. Are there any obvious problems with this choice of placement? I am hoping it is an easy job to use the existing water...
  11. bettz1

    Dishwasher check water help needed

    So I took my dishwasher out yesterday as I was going to change the drain hose but then realised I had the wrong one. So I put everything back but now when running it's saying check water. I've taken the chamber off and made sure its all clear I can see the water filling up but the dishwasher...
  12. bettz1

    Fixing a bosch dishwasher tilting forward

    Any idea how we can fix a bosch dishwasher from tilting forward. It was left by the previous owner and its never been really steady. I've taken it out and noticed the fixing brackets aren't holding because they've both sheared off. Any idea how we can fix the dishwasher I noticed there was a...
  13. bettz1

    Water coming out dishwasher pipe

    Hi just wondered if this was normal busy painting the kitchen cupboards. I've removed the dishwasher piping but noticed when we run the tap in the sink water is coming out the dishwasher pipe, if we run the tap slow it's fine and doesn't overflow out. Is this normal as that would mean the...
  14. S

    Installing Integrated Sharp Slimline Dishwasher

    Hi, I have bought an integrated Sharp slimline dishwasher and am currently trying to install it, however, the only available space I have for it is between the cooker and a wall (which has an opening of just over 450mm). The instructions say to fit 4 small metal brackets to the machine and...
  15. A

    AEG dishwasher door tubes

    Hey, I’m looking for some help trying to understand the problem with my dishwasher. I have an AEG Proclean dishwasher and last night it stopped working with error i50.I’ve looked online and found that the problem might be with the pump, that there might be something in it. So today I today I...
  16. N

    Neff S51T69X2GB Dishwasher Check Supply Light

    Hi any help on this one is appreciated: My Neff S51T69X2GB Dishwasher has started to not complete its wash cycle and i find it on 00 minutes with undrained hot water in the bottom not too long into a wash cycle (maybe 10-30 minutes in but is seems to vary). It did this once or twice before in...
  17. J

    Feeding dishwasher from tap outlet kitchen. Help

    Hi Everyone We had a bit of change on the original plan and haven`t had dedicate tap for the dishwasher. I`m planning to get feeding after the isolation valve under the sink but struggling to find the right vale and connector to make it work. Idea is to keep the isolation valve for the tap in...
  18. Realistic_Garlic1786

    Where could we fit a dishwasher?

    We're desperate for a dishwasher, but our kitchen is tiny. Where could we fit one? Underneath the boiler? It wouldn't be deep enough though because of the pipes...
  19. R

    Bosch dishwasher keeps filling

    Dishwasher is bosch SGS4012GB/01 My dishwasher kept tripping on the end of each cycle. I assumed it would be something to do with the drain pump as it was the end of the cycle so I took all panels off and inspected wiring and water bladder. As you can see the pressure chamber was filthy and...
  20. Miss_Danielle

    Candy dishwasher error

    Hello, I have an integrated candy dishwasher, CRIN 1L380PB-80. And the P3 light is red and the reset button is red. When I press start the 3 lights on the right hand side flash and it won’t start. Does anyone know what this issue is?