1. C

    IDS 105 UK wash and end lights flashing

    Hi, I assume these are lights 1 and 3, however that doesn't give anything on their website: After starting a program, the washer drains, fills, then immediately after the filling sound stops, the error lights flash and the washer...
  2. Harmonitron

    Miele G1022 giving brief pulses of power to water heater

    My Miele G1022 stops washing with three Wash / Rinse, Drying and End LEDs flashing at 1 Hz. Heater element is 25 Ω. That looks OK. Thermistor is 13 kΩ at room temperature and 2 kΩ in a cup of boiled water. That looks OK. The Schrack 0419 11 0101 02 relay shows scorching on the inside of the...
  3. R

    BAFFLED! Dishwasher won't drain (not blocked / drain pump won't run during cycle but runs on bench)

    Beko DW603 dishwasher Drain pump not running during/after cycle: During cycle, water seen draining from two overflow pipes (located by front feet) Drain pump does not run between washes/rinses. Checked: Inlet and outlet for blockages Checked other pipe connections and for blockages Ran drain...
  4. Harmonitron

    How to display the Miele G 1022 fault code

    My Miele G 1022 dishwasher when started alternately runs and stops for about five minutes and the the top three yellow LEDs which are in a vertical bar all blink at 1 Hz. There's a procedure for the G1040 by RichardMNZ over at this thread which gives the procedure for that model: Door shut...
  5. I

    What is this part that came with a dishwasher?

    Does anyone know what this is that came with a dishwasher? Looks like a spray replacement or something.
  6. M

    Beko DW603 dishwasher not filling

    Help! I'm in lockdown and the dishwasher has packed in. Of course it is all my fault! The dishwasher is a Beko DW603. On starting the program it pumps out as normal for around ten seconds or so but then stops dead, no filling. I've checked the inlet valve, put 240v across the terminals with...
  7. F

    Bosch Dishwasher Water Tap light Red

    The brush symbol light on my fully integrated Bosch SMV50C00GB/07 dishwasher was flashing after the wash and the items were still dirty. I inspected the inlet & outlet pipes for blockages, cleaned filters, examined waste water pump – no obstructions, impeller rotating OK. I ran the machine again...
  8. Samboy46b

    Neff dishwasher not heating up

    Hello. Recently bought a house with a neff slimline dishwasher in it. S58M40X0GB/21 Then noticed the sellers have left me with a dishwasher that doesn’t heat up on a cycle. what could it be, heater, main board?. Any help much welcomed.
  9. A

    Frustrating dishwasher

    I have a neff dishwasher that works fine except that it cuts out mid program and the screen goes black. If left alone it has a tendency to come back on a few minutes latter. When faulting both the rinse aid and water lights are flashing but no errors on the screen. Initially I thought it was a...
  10. G

    Beko DW603 Won't fill with water - obvious culprits ruled out

    Hi fellow DIY-ers, I have a Beko DW603 that is acting up. The machine drains perfectly well but the cycle never starts. The drain just keeps running. I have replaced the water inlet valve I have replaced the main control board I have tested the anti-flood device for continuity in the tray...
  11. D

    Low height dishwasher?

    Our dishwasher has completely died and we need a replacement. The problem is our kitchen is very old and the counters are lower than is standard now. So we only have a hole 81cm tall, possibly 81.5 at a pinch, for the dishwasher. We can’t cut out a section of worktop as that’s the draining...
  12. C

    HOTPOINT DWF33 not running any program

    i have a hotpoint DWF 33 dishwasher . I stopped it mid way to load extra dishes and then restarted it, I then heard some crackling noises and opened the dishwasher and reseated the plates. On turning on the dishwasher, the program light was still on but nothing happened . I eventually ended the...
  13. A

    Hotpoint dishwasher, Fairy Liquid disaster!

    Well... I very stupidly put washing up liquid into my Hotpoint Futura dishwasher when I ran out of tablets. After hearing a beeping from the kitchen I discovered a small amount of water leaking out of the front of the machine and the inside was a soapy mess. It hasn't worked since and I can't...
  14. 1

    Smeg integrated dishwasher

    Hi, I have the above dishwasher. Not sure of the model number but it is around 9 years old. (buttons on top of door when you open it) Anyhow, when i turn the power on it is making a constant noise, like its trying to fill up but nothing is happening. Around every 45-60 seconds it beeps 5 short...
  15. Pico

    Lagan dishwasher no hot water

    I have a problem with my dishwasher running on to the end but no hot water/steam. Lagan from IKEA Mine is 911539147 04 Type GHE624DA2 SER NO 70885276 21552 602.993.80 this was replaced by IKEA as last machine stopped and wouldn't empty. There's no warranty on this one. I'm happy to have a go but...
  16. R

    candy cdcf 6 error

    Hello everyone. I have a problem with the dishwasher candy cdcf 6. When I turn on the dishwasher, LED keeps blinking in the glass state. I also hear a beep every 30 seconds. Maybe someone has faced with this problem? Thanks for any reply.
  17. P

    Bosch Exxcel dishwasher Srs45e32gb water check light

    Hi, I have an ancient Bosch Exxcel dishwasher Srs45e32gb that has been working fine. I have put Finish dishwasher cleaner through it (something previous owners probably never did). The check water light is now coming on midway through a cycle. By jiggling the machine about it gets it going...
  18. S

    Indesit DIF04 dishwasher: no water circulation

    Hi -I've had this machine for well over six years, and the only issues have been heater replacements, which I've found relatively easy to fix myself. (I know - maybe I've been exceptionally lucky) Now, however, there's no water circulating. On start, I can hear the water entering the machine...
  19. M

    AEG Dishwhasher i40 + leak?

    My AEG dishwasher an f55002vi0p keeps coming up with a pressure sensor i40 fault casuing the drain pump to run all the time. I've taken the bottom of the unit and there was some water/yellow goo in the tray, it hadn't activated the polystyrene switch as I could push that up to check it was...
  20. meastwood

    Dishwasher underneath boiler

    Hi there, We've got a fairly small kitchen and both gaps in the worktop are taken up by fridge and washing machine. We have space in the cupboard underneath our boiler. So the question is: Can we place a dishwasher underneath a boiler without incurring any risks? Does it matter that the...