Will Huhne and Pryce be having porridge for breakfast?

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He might catch religion....

That seems to be quite a popular method employed by criminals to reduce their sentences.

I think if I was ever sent to prison I'd do that, along with studying for a (paid for) PhD, should time permit.
Good to see the justice system working...1/4 of the sentence to do, roughly 8 weeks, 8 weekends. Now,what job will he get when he gets out?

I would never be allowed to work again in times gone by.

Within a year or less- he will be back in the throng.
Of course he will have had his hands slapped -- but- all the same-- he will be very slowly eased back into the thick of the action -- just in time to see his party get booted .
It's the 'old pals'' club- Once a Chum- always a Chum.
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He'll do fine inside, just like Aitken did. He's pleasant and decent sort of chap that will help the lags write letters etc. He'll be very popular.

I can't for the life of me see what locking them up will achieve, it was barely a criminal act. Then you get people abusing animals and only get a ban from keeping them. Absolutely stupid.