Will this cell pack fit my DeWalt battery shell?

9 May 2009
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United Kingdom
I have a pair of DeWalt DE9503 2.6Ah 18V NiMH batteries which are pretty much dead.

Given the prohibitive price of new DW batteries and the questionable provenance/quality of generic replacements, I want to try replacing the cells. However... I don't have the time to sit and manually solder a bunch of cells together. Plus there's always the issue that (with the "bulk" of solder as opposed to spot welds) the pack might end up too tall for the shell.

I've found a seller on eBay punting prebuilt spot welded packs (http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/151246269909) but these are labelled as being for DE9096 batteries. I suspect they will fit my DE9503 shells, but haven't been able to find any relevant sizing information and the seller hasn't responded to my query about this.

Does anyone know whether I'm correct in my assumption that the above pack will fit, or must I find one that is built specifically for the DE9503?
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So you don't want to replace the entire battery with a generic one of questionable provenance, but you're happy to replace the cells with generic cells of questionable provenance? :confused:
You win the bingo for most likely smartypants reply.

I have done my research on the cells used and (it is claimed, at least) they use Juice, Sanyo, Panasonic and GP cells. I am happy to take this at face value as the maker and seller is German as opposed to some anonymous Chinese factory.
Anyway, onwards...

Quick update for anyone in a similar situation.

The seller did eventually reply with details of the cell size (43x23mm). My DE9503 cells match these dimensions exactly so I'm going to go ahead and try one. Will update once I've installed and tested.

In the USA, there are numerous people selling replacement cell packs, but that doesn't seem to be the case here in the UK/EU. The seller I found is based in Germany and is the eBay shop for akkureparaturshop.de (link goes through Google Translate).
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do they give instructions on the removing and replacing the wires and connecters from the old to new batteries ??
Don't know, but I'm competent with stuff like this so either way am happy to post pics of the swap process if anyone wants?
the good thing is you are replacing like for like
the nicads use the 2 prongs for charging and the nmhs have an additional prong for charging positioned on the dividing wall between the prongs
Interesting info thanks! I assume this is to help the multi-chemistry chargers use the correct charging profile depending on cell type?
the li-ion batteries use the same additional prong but have an extra "L" shaped bit off plastic each end off the 2 contacts that stops them going in older chargers

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