Wind Turbines

Also, if the electricity was mostly from low CfD contracts then we would receive a large discount as the excess profit would be paid back to us.

Paid back to our government, which is not quite the same thing.

Rather than a discount to fuel prices, it can be used for other purposes depending on the whim of the government of the day.
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increasing the wealth of private investors, many of them overseas
Say, you’re a private investor aren’t you? What countries do your funds invest in - do they invest in the U.K. or do they invest your money overseas? I believe you boasted of your European investments so that would make you a private overseas investor to someone living abroad, wouldn’t it?
Another good day for wind.

Overnight it was producing between half and two thirds of UK usage.

More than five times as much as gas.

We've also had a few days of better than usual solar generation.

Huge amounts of expensive and polluting fossil fuels were saved.
Thought you might creep out of the woodwork, you were nowhere to be seen the other week when the wind wasnt blowing.
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Can you name any week when the wind wasn't blowing, and reducing the amount of fossil fuel we needed to buy and burn?
You don't have to be columbo to work it out.
On 30th jan JD was crowing how much electric the turbines were using, go through February and see how many times he pops up to tell us the same.
So windy here today that we keep losing our electric, (as my dear mum would say, it's on and off like a tarts knickers!), so the wind is saving some electricity today. :LOL: :LOL:
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