windows media player

24 May 2009
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United Kingdom
hi ive got a problem with my media player! it dosent open when i click on it or play any of my music anymore can anyone help
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are you still getting sounds from your laptop pc?

go to you tube and play any video, i want to know if you have audio or not.
yeah its fully registered it was on my pc when i bought it new from the shop. am not even sure when it stopped working
looks like you or a program has managed to courpt your sytem, the 2 fixes i suggested would normaly of fixed your system

can i have the make and model of your laptop and if possible a link to the manual.

it looks like your going to have to back up your important files and reinstall windows, this is not what i want to guide you through on here unless you have another means of getting back on the internet (another laptop in the house)

i have on your behalf loooked into this and i am at a loss to what has happened, do you have the means to back up? as if we do reinstall windows your going to loose everything unless we can do a non destructive reinstall using the inbuilt features of your laptop - its up to you how you wish to proceed, and id be gratefull if anyone else reading this can offer some help before we go down the reinstall route.
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