Wiring professional washing machine to mains

1 Jul 2004
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United Kingdom
I've bought a second-hand Miele professional washing machine - the proper heavy duty type that's designed to run all day every day. I've wired a normal 13A plug onto the cable and plugged it into the wall.

The problem I have is that about once every 4 or 5 washes, it blows the 13A fuse in the plug when heating up the water.

Now I know that these professional washing machines take a lot more current than domestic machines. Neither the manual or the machine state the maximum current, but its obviously more than 13A!!

If I was to wire it directy into a fused spur (instead of a plug), will I be able to put a higher rated fuse in it? Or is this naughty?

FYI, the washing machine is in a utility room with its own dedicated 30A ring. The only other appliance in the room is a fridge-freezer, so I shouldn't be overloading the ring....

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you cant get a bigger than 13a fuse to go into a fcu.

there must me some rating on the m/c


you are not supposed to take any more than a 13A load from a ring so a dedicated cuircuit is a requirement

without knowing the rating its not possible to advise on installation of this

can you find a model number on your waching machine if so check out
http://www.miele.co.uk/ and see if you can find details on it there

BAS i really don't see the need for 32A sockets in a domestic environment
after all even if you used one you couldn't plug your washing machine in anywhere else anyway
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Had another look, and finally found the data plate (on the inside of the door, of all places...)

4950W (!!)
Use 25A fuse

No wonder its blowing a 13A fuse!

So what's the best way to wire this in, then? A dedicated circuit from the consumer unit, like a power shower?

did the washing machine come with flex fitted?
and what size flex is it?

i'd treat it like an electric cooker

32A breaker
6mm cable (10mm may be a good diea in case someone wants to use the cuircuit for a large cooker in future)
cooker control unit
more cable as above
cooker outlet plate
flex or cable to appliance preferablly at least 4mm 2.5mm is right on the edge

2.5 flex rated at 25A. VD not an issue as length so short - not going to be more than 3m flex.
yes exactly my point

feeding a 25A appliance of a 32A (next availible size) breaker with a flex rated at exactly 25A while just about acceptable seems to be cutting it a bit fine to me
and even if your board manufacturer does make them (mk don't, hager do ,get don't) you will probablly have a hell of a time getting one
securespark said:
Where do you go for electrical gear, then?
Good question, if he's having difficulty getting a 25A Type B then.......(cue BAS!)

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