Worcester Boiler no hot water

So maybe as a test I should swap over the hot / cold tap inserts.
I did change the rubber washer in the not long ago.
I see what you are saying so maybe the cold tap is the issue ?

I will go swap them now.
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Swapped them over but still the same.

I’m keen to turn water off at boiler and see if it still comes out of hot tap.

Do I need to take a photo from the underside of the boiler or where the pipes go up the wall.
Where the pipes enter the boiler,there are isolation valves. The cold feed is 15 mm.
See the attached photo.

The red arrow is where I would top up the boiler when the gauge reads low.

So I assume the blue arrow is where I turn off the water ?

If that is correct do I need to switch boiler off at the wall ?

I assume I then turn on hot tap in bath and advise if water is still flowing or not ?

Please advise & I will continue.


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Yes ,the blue arrowed valve isolates the cold water feed.
Yes ,turn electric supply to boiler off.
Yes,turn bath hot tap on.
With the above done there is cold water coming out of the hot tap in the bath.

I also checked the hot tap at the sink & nothing at all comes out.
Are you certain the combi hot water goes straight to the bath hot tap?, ie no TMV.
Are you sure there isn't any kind of blending valve / TMV on the bath supplies ?
As far as I can remember I’ve never seen anything under the bath. Just copper pipe straight along the boards and up to the tap.

Just listen to this though.

Washing machine sometimes has water in it after the cycle is finished and drained like when I don’t get washing out for say half an hour.

Let’s assume the valve on washing machine is faulty and fills up drum with water etc.

Would that then cause the water on hot tap to do what’s it’s doing ?

Should I turn off water to washing machine and check bath again ?

Or not connect at all.
Do you have any other mixer’s, eg a shower perhaps?
If your washing machines solenoid is faulty ,and filling when it shouldn't,you could have a flood. Turn off it's water isolator.
Are there any other mixer taps / showers ?
Only shower is what you see on the bath. No electric just from boiler.

Mixer in kitchen which I will look at now.

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