Worcester Bosch DT10RF digistat showing 0 degrees

1 Apr 2013
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United Kingdom
Hi there,

I have a WB Greenstar CDi37 with a DT10RF Mark II. It's been about 3 1/2 years since it was fitted and has worked perfectly to date. The RF link seems to be fine and reliable between the DT10RF receiver & digistat.

However, recently the DT10RF digistat has started showing 0 degrees as the ambient temperature. Pressing any single button has no affect. Pressing < & > for 3 seconds does put the unit into user options. Pressing the > key again takes you straight to the Access Lock Protection Screen which is displayed as being On. Pressing + or - has no affect and I can't remove the lock.

Removing/re-inserting/fresh batteries has no affect.

My question is whether the digistat can be reset and would this clear the problem?

I've seen there is a CR2032 battery cell on the circuit board but it appears to be riveted on so the unit can never be completely powered down?

Otherwise does it need replacing? I understand that the DT10RF digistat is a rebadged Drayton +2 RF so could a DT10RF digistat be replaced with either a Drayton +2RF or +3RF?

Any answers very much appreciated.

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At some point the transmission frequencies were changed so obviously they need to be compatible.

The 3020 will be to retain data. You could measure the voltage across it. If low another can be soldered on to the PCB although thats not expected.

Sometimes with this type of equipment the 3020 can be momentarily shorted out to remove the backup saved. But that should be thought of as a last resort and might also delete data which you are unable to replace. You do that at your own risk!

Thanks for your reply Tony.

I've put a meter across the CR2032 and it's showing 3V so I guess it's good. I'm close to the last resort stage with the digistat as at the moment as I'm not able to control the heating with it.

I've emailed WB, if they say it needs replacing then I'll try shorting out the battery. At the moment I suspect some component has failed and I'll have to get a replacement anyway.

My unit, (it's the curvy box shape) appears to be on 433 MHz from the sticker on the circuit board. Is this the frequency for new units or would I need something from a few years ago?

Thanks Ian
Pressing < & > for 3 seconds does put the unit into user options. Pressing the > key again takes you straight to the Access Lock Protection Screen which is displayed as being On. Pressing + or - has no affect and I can't remove the lock

Have you tried pressing + or - before pressing the > key ie
<&> for three seconds then + or - then >
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Heard back from Worcester Bosch. They say the unit has malfunctioned. The way they suggest to reset the unit is through user option 7. However, maybe because of the key lock, I can't get to that option so I'll try shorting the battery.
Many ( most? ) of the latest RF controls use 868.5 Mhz as thats meant to be less likely to be interfered with.

Many earlier RF controls and gadgets used 433 Mhz and often with wide band super regenerative receivers. Its also in the middle of the amateur radio band too.

Unfortunately Worcester dont mention the frequency and I am not sure of the other band names used on the same unit to search.

In any case its usually only possible to buy the units as a TX/RX pair anyway unless you found someone selling a used one on Ebay. Since receivers often fail there will often be units sold where the receivers are faulty but the TX unit is OK. The RX units use a capacitor to provide the operating voltage instead of a transformer and that capacitor loses its value and does not provide enough voltage to operate the relay either at all or reliably all the time.

If you can match the Drayton same model then it may be possible to find the frequency of the current production or you could try to buy the TX/RX pair. I would expect them to be compatible but be warned that heating makers go to extreme lengths to make their parts non compatible to protect the higher prices they charge so there might be something designed into it to prevent compatibility!

My heating is now back under control after buying a Drayton +3RF (RF7010) off a well known auction site. I put the DT10RF receiver into learning mode, powered up the new digistat and the two devices linked without a problem. The boiler is responding normally to heating commands from the digistat.

From stickers on the Worcester Bosch digistat circuit board & Drayton literature, the systems both run on 433 MHz and appear to be compatible with each other.

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