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    Electric Wall Fire Wiring

    Hi, I am soon to be buying a wall hung electric fire and was wondering how easy this would be to wire up and extend or is it advisable to get an electrician to do this? The fire does come with a plug but where I want to position is not suitable to insert into 3 pin socket and want to extend or...
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    cheap wood burning stove

    what about this woodburning stove? its only £394, looks good:)
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    Subject: Why am I Divorced?

    lol just wondering if this really could of happen to someone:D
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    What is the cost of installing multifuel stove

    I bought this multifuel stove , fitted it on my own somehow and just asked gas engeneers to come to approve it. definitely money saved on paying someone to have it fitted.[/url]
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    Finding a good double glazing supplier

    thy this network of double glazing suppliers, you can see the price online, at least you have something to compare :) [/url]
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    definitely there is nothing better than home-made chicken eggs, love them, they are so rich in everything! My grandma always had a lot of chickens and the rooster. Just the trouble was the bloody rooster kept chasing us trying to bite us to our small asses, sometimes successfully :D :D Was a...
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    Having my dog put down tomorrow, am I a murderer?

    our 18 yo dog was just in the pain at the end, poor animal was crying even when putting the needle into his vein, me with my mother, both there crying holding him, he started to throw up from that liquid going to his veins:/ for me the worst was to see him in that extra pain when dying. just...
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    cr smith or thistle windows which is best?

    did you take one of the richard? who offered you the better price? Im just starting to explore web for possibilities, I found a local provider with prices online, suprisingly. Would like to compare quotes.
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    Oak Floor + Dog = What to use to protect floor nightmare!

    I always try have dogs nail cut and we have rugs at home, I have golden retriever.
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    Looking for 2100mm wide patio door set in white UPVC

    why dont you try some standard touble glazing company? anglian, safestyle or something, these Safechoice guys sell good quality doors.
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    Childrens toys

    kids love them;-) at least that mine one does:-) and we need to replace the old one befor summer comes. there is a new type of scooter on market - looks like triangle.
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    Moments to remember

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    Remote controlled fire

    I have seen similar gas fires, isn't it amazing? you can turn it off and on or play with it like with telly:-)
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    This is what happens when...

    you cant clean it, can you? lot of money and effort to replace the carpet.
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    My House renovation in Slovakia Blog.

    oh god in east, that's not the greatest part of country, people are moving out and not moving in. I bet you had to to be absolutely in love with your wife to move there:-) I had been living in Zilina, love that town.