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    Battening for plasterboard

    Cant you dot and dab plasterboard over the existing wall. The pipes/conduits in the wall look to be at least partially chased in already. You will only loose an inch and a half and wont have to mess about with battens.
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    Does this quote seem rediculous or is it me???

    You cannot bury asbestos in the ground :roll:
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    Recessed Lighting drafts

    A spot light intended for use in a bathroom would have a better seal. May be worth a try? Although as these lights cover the lamp with a piece of glass sometimes the output is slightly reduced.
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    Condensing boiler exemption

    Shame all the decent boilers are condensing. I worked for a heating contractor (as an electrican) who fitted 30000 boilers a year, none were non condensing, and lots were in London flats. I very much doubt the buildings owner would win this if it went to court.
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    New build Basement... project managing help !

    No way would I work somewhere where the customer was spying. And employing people on daywork will probably be dearer than getting a fixed price off them.
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    Electrical test procedure on gas boiler advice

    This would be better in the electrical section. With the spur turned on, but with the fuse removed, you are switching the neutral 'on'. You will always get a low reading (in ohms) between neutral and earth, as these are connected together either beside the meter, or outside in the street.
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    Bed of Nails in My Loft?

    Bad practice really. You may be able to snap/break the protruding screws off. Be careful or it could ruin the finish on the ceiling below.
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    Electrical installation from 1950s

    Ive also seen similar still in service, in schools.
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    Should an electrician be wiring gas boiler controls?

    Would this be the same heating 'engineers' that: use earths as lives, run cables in notches with hot pipes, run bare singles to timers, fit room stats above radiators, use the bare earth in twin and earth as a live, feed boilers directly from the ring with no spur, chop all the bonding...
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    Cost Of Installing Downlights - A Joke

    I wonder if the OP is the guy I gave a price to the other day?! :lol: :lol: 20x branded downlighters and connection boxes, and 100m of cable is £300-400 odd alone.
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    NEWBIE - Help please extending 4 core ext armoured cable.

    Well it looks like Part P is working well down south :lol:
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    Electricity safety

    I regulary work on refurbs with customers and other trades on the loose between my visits, I would never leave site without fixing all the accessories back to the wall, even if I was going to the wholesaler (or the cafe :lol: ).
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    Aligning Back Boxes

    I use the coupling and bush method too, I'd never use a dual box.
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    Conservatory ring - wires on show

    Your guessing wrong, theres nothing wrong with it (other than it looks untidy).
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    Earth bonding at water pipes

    It should be after the stopcock, on the consumers side, before any T's.