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    Emulsion Spray Systems?

    and i bought mine for £1800 , do you reckon there's a lot of difference between the two :?:
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    Wiite Gloss Paint on walls and Ceilings.

    you might also want to try wrapping all your electrical goods in tin foil as that stops aliens detecting them thus making you immune from abduction and ultimately a front page headline in the daily sport
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    black mould just keeps coming

    lift the paper :!: if its wet behind you have a problem with the wall from outside or below. If it's on the outer surface of the paper only it's to do with ventilation in the room (you hope)
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    Removed wallpaper from plasterboard wall-underneath is a mes

    get a plasterer in :wink: might cost you a few £££ more but will take a few days less
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    sizing newly plastered walls

    thin some normal solvite down 50/50 and coat the new plaster. I normaly leave it to dry for the length of time it takes me to set up my board, mix my paste (solvite) and cut my lengths!(probably a coffee in there as well) i've put hundreds of rolls on that said ready mixed with ordinary paste...
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    Ronseal Diamond Hard satin wood paint - any good?

    just the name "ronseal" seems to suggest its a retail product mate :?
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    Stripping old stain off & adding new stain to wood

    have a visit to your local dec center and you'll probably get a tinted laquer to get what you want. Only if your going darker though as another coat deepens the colour. I was always told i could dye a white shirt black , but a black shirt white aint gonna happen :wink:
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    Painting skirtings...

    or finish the walls last :!: ceilings , walls 1st coat, finish doors and frames, walls 2nd coat then skirting.A lot easier for the diy'er to cut the walls in than the door frame.
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    probably answers its self there . silk emulsion for walls and ceilings :shock: buy the right paint :wink:
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    top coat bubbling then peeling off ?

    after you have rubbed down the filled areas touch them up with a coat of your chosen emulsion colour but first thin it down about 70/30 (emulsion/water) then apply a full coat after it ha DRIED properly :wink:
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    Intricate yellowy cornice emulsion not covering well

    quick answer for you ,if you want to spray your fence then give it a go but the spray i use was £ 1800 :!:
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    Lots of Knots

    personally i would do the knotting but thats just me :wink: have a look at aluminium wood primer instead of the normal primer you mention mick
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    Lots of Knots

    what do you intend to be the finish on it :?:
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    Staining rails for clothes dryer

    most stain/varnish products would be ok mate but to be on the safe side i would colour the wood with a wood dye (maybe colron) and then use a clear varnish with 2-3 coats :wink: