alarm bell box

  1. SomethingSomething

    Pyronix Enforcer v10 with Taxecomm Oddesey bellbox? Alarm systems

    Hi All, Thank you for your time. We're moving into a new home in 2-3 months time and wondering the best way to secure it as we are strangers to the area. We had a burglary at our current house but at the time, we had no alarm system or insurance. Can I ask if it is possible to wire a texecom...
  2. Z

    Challenger ap28 led meanings

    So I moved into this house a few years ago we have a challenger alarm which I’ve never used, got two panels them being challenger ap28 and then I think a challenger au1000 bell box outside. Over the past few years randomly the internal siren has went off a few times, but putting in the code...
  3. Pinstrypsoldier

    Disconnected alarm, lights still flashing on bell box

    Hi all. I’ve used this site a few times but only just now signed up to post something of my own! I had a smart meter fitted recently and during the installation, the power had to be disconnected. When this happened, the alarm sounded for 15 minutes (presumably because the battery is old/dead)...
  4. P

    Replacing Gardtec bell box with Texecom Odyssey

    Gardtec 370 works perfectly after 20 years. I am replacing the very weathered bell box to improve visual deterrent. I’ve bought the Texecom odyssey and just wanted advice on disarming the existing bell box and tamper to allow me to replace it. I have the engineers code and Gardtec manual but...
  5. A

    Texecom Odyssey X vs Pyronix Deltabell X

    Hello I am looking to find the technical specs for a deltabell X sounder to see which bell box has the brighter comfort LED's from to 2. Pyronix dont offer much info compared to Texecom. Can anybody please advise? The 2 screenshots attached are what i found Thanks again
  6. N

    G2-12 Alarm Bell Wiring

    Hi all, I'm hoping someone can help me. I've recently installed a Honeywell G2-12 into my home. I've installed all the sensors and everything was working fine. Lastly I needed to wire the internal sounder (i've decided I don't require ta bell box at the moment). Whilst installing the internal...
  7. O

    External bell won't switch off

    Hi all. After some advice. I've got a veritas 8 alarm system. A couple of days ago the external bell started sounding. No activated zones on the panel and internal bell was not sounding. Exeternal bell only. Main battery was replaced last year. I thought the fault was in the bell box so...
  8. R

    Scantronic 9651 low batt beeping

    Please please please for the love of god can someone tell me how to disable the insanely annoying beeping I'm getting every 10 mins so that I can get a decent nights sleep. We inherited this alarm system with the house and its seemed to work ok until now. I don't care about replacing the...
  9. K

    New Alarm Box Please help What wire to cut

    HI, I have a Eurosec control panel and I am wiring up a new alarm box. The alarm box has Cut White wire for Tamper Cascade options. EOL Resistance Cut All Except Black link or Brown for 1K Green for 4K7. Do I need to cut any wires...
  10. S

    Lightsys connections to Novagard 6

    Hi all, After some help with the connections from a lightsys to a Novaguad bell.. I assume that the lightsys is not a NovActive compatible system? And that I will need to make the connections via standard wiring.. I set the DIP switches to set the box up as a SCB. I made the connections as...
  11. B

    DIY Install: Wireless & Wired Alarm Questions

    Hello, I'm wanting to purchase a wireless kit, but also has wired capabilities. I rang one of your highly recommended companies, Pyronix today, but unfortunately they are closed over the weekend, so I decided to post on here. I want a wireless alarm system for ease of install, but I was...
  12. S

    Alarm Help!

    Hope someone can advise as ive dropped a bit of a clanger! Recently bought my first house and in the process of decorating the hall and came to doing some prep work in there tonight. There are 4 wires (red, black, blue & yellow) sticking out from the silicone sealing around the front PVC door...
  13. A

    Modern security systems bell box

    Does anybody have a modern alarms or modern security systems bell box I could have? Identical to an ADT bell box just not branded ADT. Or...Does anyone have an old Capstan bell box I could have? Regards