burglar alarm

  1. A

    What can I use to link out a zone (veritas R8)

    Hello I was wondering how to link out a zone on a Texecom Veritas R8 i was wondering also what could I use to link the zone out Many thanks Thomas
  2. J

    Multiple Red Wires need AUX connection

    Hello, I am currently installing a wired Challenger Force10 burglar alarm from CEF UK. I have 11 window shock sensors that need power. I have run all the cables back to the main panel. I have wired the tamper and zone loops in series successfully. However, I now have 11 red and 11 black wires...
  3. A

    PowerMax Visonic - Landline

    Hi all, any help appreciated. We have an old Visonic burglar alarm with no instructions and not sure of serial number. It’s worked fine for ten years or so and we have fumbled our way through the menu when a problem has arisen. Now we were testing if we could use it without a landline as wish to...
  4. B

    New Texecom panel... or RaspBerry Pi?

    I have a Texecom R8+ system with Premier LCD keypad. I've been getting random tamper alarms despite putting a jumper across the circuit, so it seems it's time to get a new board. While I'm happy with the existing wiring and keypad, i was wondering whether anyone had just repurposed something...
  5. M

    Burglar Alarm wiring exension

    Hi All, So I brought a house with an alarm (Installed 1997) that I have resurrected and it works ok. (5 PIRs and one reed switch door sensor, 1 key pad). All very straight forward so far after a learning curve and I will book an engineer to come and service annually. However I would like to...
  6. B

    Help with old alarm

    I've just moved into a property with a house alarm. Previous owners did not leave any information or manuals other than the code to activate/deactivate. Hoping some of you guys, with years of experience, can help me with the following questions; 1.) Can anyone identifiy what alarm this is so I...
  7. J

    SD3 Dialer Accenta G4 mini

    Hi, Please can somebody give me some direction on wiring this dialer to an Accenta G4 mini panel. I want to be notified when the bell goes off and to be able to reset alarm system remotely. Also do i need to install a relay? Thanks in advance, Jeramy
  8. R

    Pyronix Enforcer Volume

    Hi, I have a Pyronix Enforcer system installed in my flat. Recently I have had a few faults come up, mostly about low batteries, and that’s fine, I can set about getting the batteries changed. My problem is that when those alerts come up, it causes a repetitive double beep from my control...
  9. Matt W

    Best place to mount bell box on a bungalow?

    Hi. I have installed a few intruder alarms over the years and I have just been asked to install one for someone at a new-build bungalow, which is ground-floor only. I now have a decision to make. I can either install the bell box at ceiling height, under the eaves, at the front of the property...
  10. D

    smart alarm with GSM

    Hello everyone, I am looking for a DIY wireless smart home alarm with sim card autodialer (don't mind using a gsm gateway if needed). The only two reputable options that I have come across are the ERA homeguard and honeywell evohome, but can't find many reviews online. Does anyone have any...
  11. N

    Paragon Plus issues

    HI Guys, When i bought my house there was already a Paragon Plus burglar alarm already installed. All that was left behind was a user instructions manual, i have managed to get an installers manual off the web so i am hoping somebody can help please :) We had some external works done on my...
  12. C

    Risco WisDom Burglar Alarm Auto Unsetting Itself

    Hi, Bought a house which has a Risco Wisdom, was totally dead no power at all. Had an engineer look at it - no fuse to power supply. He turned it on and looked through past events which were all garbled and said the control panel was goosed. Then managed to get it working and briefly explained...
  13. D

    C&K 700l keypad

    Hi there. I rent a property and it has a C&K 700l fitted and the keypad panel has died. Can anyone tell me if it is possible to just straight swap for another identical panel. I have sourced one I just want to know if I'm wasting my time. Thanks in advance.
  14. S

    strange problem setting alarm - please help! :)

    hi everyone i've got a problem with my alarm which i've put up with for the past few years, but now it's really starting to annoy me! it's a scantronic i-on 40. i've got 2 door contacts and 3 x PIRs. the keypad is in a cupboard in the hall, which is protected by one of the PIRs. it's...
  15. P

    Confused /angered by insurance renewal

    My sister has just renewed her home insurance. I've spent ages over the years installing, greasing and upgrading her burglar alarm. Wires, batteries, strobes, more PIRs and more reed switches. And more wires. Her having a burglar alarm made absolutely no difference to the lowest three quotes...
  16. B

    Scantronic 9651 - cannot reset, Alarm Inactive error

    Hi, looking for some expert advice please as tearing my hair out... My Scantronic 9651 alarm will not arm because of an error on one of my PIR zones (the alarm went off last week). The panel shows the yellow triangle light. When I enter the user code and try to arm, I get the red spanner as...
  17. L

    Veritas Alarm help !

    Hi I've trawled this forum trying to find an answer to this problem and i've found similar problems but not exactly this fault. We've lived at current property for about a year. It was built in 2004 with standard veritas v8 alarm system. Never had any problems until last week when the alarm...
  18. eveares

    Pyronix Enforcer - When to change sensor/PIR batterys?

    I have had my Pyronix enforcer HomeControl+ system for about 14 months now and am just wondering how often do you professional people change the battery's in the PIR's/Door sensors? I have the PIR's LED's disabled, although would not expect that to make any significant difference to the battery...
  19. P

    Just how many cores for a wired burglar alarm?

    Me again. Why would systems use six cored cable? Is it for convenience, or is this just an off the cuff generalisation I've taken out of context? If it is, please disregard this question. As I see it:- six cores = PIR contacts + traditional tamper + power but, considering this thread...
  20. P

    Should you analyse your shock sensors?

    I've just run a search for "shock sensor" on this forum, and it returned 117 hits. I've scanned some (not all) and there seems little mention of shock sensor analysers such as https://www.securitywarehouse.co.uk/catalog/aritech-gs615-single-zone-analyzer-p-2125.html There seems much debate...