chimney breast removal

  1. J

    Chimney breast removal advise

    Hi everyone, I’m new to the forum so I hope this is in the right category. I have just moved into an ex military house and it has this chimney stack right through the middle of the living room right through to the roof. I’m wanting to knock it out. Only half of the stack is for the chimney (in...
  2. D

    What to do with unsupported chimney

    We are having a new bathroom fitted in our victorian terrace and returning the lowered ceiling to its original height. On opening up corner of the lowered ceiling to have a look, we discovered the that at some point the old chimney stack had been removed to ceiling height and left unsupported...
  3. S

    Chimney Breast support

    Hi Guys, Just wanting some advice on a loft chimney breast support. At this moment in time i haven't actually gone into the loft to measure it, but the breast runs down of course from the roof, loft, into bedroom 1 and the living room. The idea is to take it out of the bedroom to allow for...
  4. Chuz!

    Chimney Gather and gas fire

    Hi, We’re looking to have a new gas fire installed, to replace the old one that we have. The company we’ve been talking to has suggested that a fire we like can be installed but they would have to remove part or all of the gather. Is this legal, will it require building regulations and is it...
  5. C

    Concerned that blocked chimney ventilation contains asbestos

    483A799A-86F9-4DEA-ABBA-23ACD106D0DB by Carlaesen posted 13 Jan 2021 at 5:27 PM79B341A4-2CC6-447A-91C7-0BB84275923A by Carlaesen posted 13 Jan 2021 at 5:27 PM Dear Forum, It is my first time posting and I am hoping I can get some advice as I am a worried tenant and I would like to seek...
  6. C

    Removal of Chimney Breast - Building Control?

    My Daughter lives in a semi-detached Bungalow and would like to remove the Chimney Breast, below the roofline. She has spoken with a structural engineer who is in the process of designing a solution and is aware of the need to comply with the party-wall scenario. But, she can't get a clear...
  7. J

    How to tie back 9inch solid wall after chimney breast removed

    I'm removing my small chimney breast on a solis wall 9 inch as per attached photos. I left the long brick coming from the exterior face. What would be the best technique to tie it on the corner and make it stronger again? Many thanks
  8. M

    Chimney Support Gallows in property I’m purchasing

    I recently had a Homebuyers survey on a property I’m looking to purchase. A Victorian cottage. It’s appears that one of the Chimneys was removed, and the surveyor has shown concern over how it’s supported in the loft space. There are also some redundancy brackets there too, and loose brickwork...
  9. S

    Advice for installing concrete lintel for chimney breast removal

    Hi, we're making our chimney hole bigger to insert a cupboard inside. We're keeping the adjacent support walls and installing a lintel to lift the arch higher (see picture attached). I've had to also fill in the gaps between lintel and bricks with slates (as gap was too wide). I'm told this...
  10. P

    Neighbour's chimney leaking into my house

    Hi My neighbour's chimney is in poor state of repair and needs repointing, replacement flashing, or removing. This chimney does not serve my house, but as we are terraced, it straddles onto my roof. I have asked them to repair it or remove the chimney as they don't use it but their response...
  11. Z

    Best way to support floor after chimney removal

    So after a long weekend of removing my chimney from the attic and 1st floor I’m stuck! It looks like the 1st floor joists are sitting on timbers that are resting on the chimney. Whats the best way to tackle this? This is a bedroom that is going to be repurposed into a bathroom. Structural...
  12. L

    Question about steel beam

    Our builder is on site for our loft conversion. He has laid a heavy long beam but one support is on the edge of the brick wall of the garden elevation and the metal spreader under the beam extends to the top of our first floor small bathroom window. The builder reckons its okay but I am unsure -...
  13. B

    Removing chimney breast

    Hi all. We live in an old house around 1930's where the kitchen and lounge both had a fire place. The lounge fireplace and and breast remains but the fire place in the kitchen has been removed and so has the part that protrudes through the roof. What remains is a couple of feet of brick work...
  14. S

    Chimney removed now need to cover wall.

    Chimneys were removed. Now we need to make good the wall. What is the best option bearing in mind that we dont want to lose too much room space. Also any tips on how to seal soot stains will be appreciated Pics provided. Thanks
  15. J

    Chimney removal - advice needed

    Hi guys, looking for a bit of friendly advice on removing a chimney breast in the living room. Have already had a steel beam fitted in the loft by a professional company to support the chimney breast, and I personally removed the section in the upstairs bedroom no problem, and was moving on to...
  16. T

    Chimney breast removal and party-wall agreement question

    I've just moved into 1930s semi detached house and have had the chimney breast on the first floor removed. The builder has added steels which have been approved by building regs. The next door neighbour was concerned that we didn't get a party wall agreement but the builder said we didn't need...
  17. A

    Vertical Crack in 1st Floor Brick Party Wall.

    Hi, I have removed some bad plaster and found a vertical crack in the brickwork of the first floor party wall. It looks like there is a plank of wood resting on top of the highest cracked brick at ceiling level. Could this be the cause? Why is this here as it looks like it might go into the...
  18. C

    Efflorescence? on plaster from removed chimney breast in first floor bed room

    Hi guys, First time posting here, been on here quite frequently over the last few years for info and advice, the forums here are really good knowledge base for the DIY noobs like me, so thanks! :D Any how, we bought a Edwardian Mid terrace about 2 years ago and we've had a few issues with damp...
  19. J

    Removing Rayburn and chimney breast from 1st floor

    is it possible to remove this from original external wall on very old house to open up room without being cost-prohibitive?