1. S

    Composite door with bolt sticking out of hinge

    Hi I've got a composite door that has 4 hinges. I've noticed that the top hinge has a bolt sticking out the top of it, which I'm pretty sure didn't used to be there, so I'm thinking its worked itself loose over time. It is pushed the plastic cover up and is sticking out the top of the hinge by...
  2. R

    Composite expansion gaps

    Hi all I installed a 9m x 6m composite decking in my garden. When I installed 18 months ago the expansion gaps were 3mm and perfect. Now they are all uneven (see pic). What should i do to fix this to ensure it doesn't happen again? Any help would be appreciated! :)
  3. M

    Solidor composite front door

    Hi, I'm looking to have a local company purchase and install a composite front door and they use Solidor and Door-Stop. They recommend Solidor over Door-Stop but the Google reviews look atrocious for Solidor with so many complaints (114 reviews and around sixty of them giving 1 star very bad...
  4. L

    Weed killer / composite decking

    May be a silly question But is weed killer safe to use around composite decking? Just in case of staining etc
  5. R

    Composite decking expansion gaps

    For anyone that has installed composite decking... What expansion gaps do you leave and does it depend on what temperature you are installing them in on that day?
  6. Halfaudio

    Composite doors/prices/quality and brick work.

    Hi. I would like to hear your experience about one particular company and what i learned from my research and i need a better understanding how to match mortar from 1929 with 2019 cr*p We had good look around and decided to go with safestyle uk composite modern doors and side window fully...
  7. S

    New uPVC front door. Which type?

    I'm going to have our old Rehau upvc front door and sidelight replaced. Things seemed to have moved on a bit since it was fitted. Can someone explain the difference between composite and uPVC, and any pitfalls/brands that are good or should be avoided? There are tales on here of peeling...
  8. bettz1

    Composite door hinge adjustment

    Hi thought I'd ask for advice incase I mess the door up even more. Noticed last few days there's a draft coming through the front door which we had fitted back in May last year. Not sure if you can see in the pic but the bottom of the door looks slightly out as if it needs moving over to the...
  9. M

    Guys what are these side plastic covers called please

    Hi Guys I am having my composite doors installed next week and I was told I need to purchase these plastic side cover things to cover up any gaps between the frame and brick. Though I have forgotten what they are. I have attached photos of what I am talking about. Also are these generic to...
  10. M

    Painting a PVC Composite Door

    Hi, We have a glass fibre / PVC skinned composite door. It's a couple of years old now and has been through a lot on our very messy building site and so it needs some touching up on the outside. The outside is black and we wish to repaint it black again to make it look like new. I know that...
  11. O

    composite door catching frame - help adjusting

    Hello all, I have had a second hand composite door fitted along with a new side panel. Had to go second hand for now as run out of cash on a renovation project. The door is catching the frame on the handle side, and also the bottom left corner if looking out toward the road. Its needs a good...
  12. O

    Affordable new door & side panel for unusual size opening

    Hi all, need some help as im on a budget due to just buying new house which needed total gutting and starting over. I have had a quote for a composite door and side panel together from the same company which is £1000 fitted. I may even consider UPVC or a wooden door to save some cash. The...
  13. J

    Composite door - where to buy, supply and fit

    I’ve been quoted £1600 (fitted) for a new composite front door, nothing fancy, plain white with large glass panel. It has a side light and top light which bumped the cost up by £400. I’ve been to two local double glazing shops and think that’s the going price. It needs to be measured and...