composite door catching frame - help adjusting

6 Jun 2016
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United Kingdom
Hello all,

I have had a second hand composite door fitted along with a new side panel. Had to go second hand for now as run out of cash on a renovation project.

The door is catching the frame on the handle side, and also the bottom left corner if looking out toward the road. Its needs a good pull to open it and needs slamming to close it into the frame.

The guys who fitted it are not experts in doors so between us we are not able to understand the hinges and get them adjusted. There are a lot of bolts on the hinges and moving them seems to do nothing.

Please see the images:










Should I get the same hinges to replace it, and can anyone identify them?

Or should I get flag hinges and get those fitted as I think those provide better adjustment if needed:

A locksmith i rang said to remove the current hinges and fit these, but not sure if thats a good idea as they dont look like they provide any adjustment:

We could possibly trim the bottom of the door where it is catching the gold frame but unsure if this is a good idea?

Need to find a way of making is usable for around 2-3 years as by that time I will have more cash and will get a new one.

Thanks for any advice
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Have you tried adding some more frame fixers either side of the hinge or tightening the existing ones to pull the frame a few mm closer to the wall?
If Possible you need to pull the top hinge into the wall , using the adjustment screws, and the bottom hinge away from the wall, thus straightening the door . If my memory serves me correct , its the outside screws you need to adjust, using the allen key slots that are visible when opening the door. the only thing I will say is that some door manufacturers we have used have suffered with the hinges wearing and not staying pulled across. The way we got rounfd this was to remove the door off the hinge ( undo the small allen key grub , and knock up the pins , whilst supportting the door ) , and then reposition the hinges a little further towards the brick wall , thus taking out the adjustment , not ideal , but it should work...

Before doing all that I take it the frame is in perfectly square
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Composite door frames have to be fitted spot on level, Square and straight!
By the looks of it the frame is bowed in a few places and the hinges look to be on near maximum adjustment as it is (you only get a couple of mm adjustment).
I think you are going to have to refit the door. If you have a long perfectly straight edge of something (6ft level) you can put it against the frame edges to look for bows and bends.
Ideally you are going to need a 6ft level to make sure everything is perfect when you redo it.

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