1. D

    Nest 3rd Gen Install

    Hello everyone. I've just bought a 3rd Gen Nest and am going to attempt to install it myself. I've currently got a Danfoss TP9000, controlling my Logic 15 regular boiler: Only trouble is, when I take the face off I'm greeted by this: I really wasn't expecting to see three Neutral...
  2. M

    Heating programmer change

    Hi, first of all, great forum! Here's my situation. I have an old style (but fully working, serviced and reliable) gas central heating system, baxi boiler with hot water cylinder upstairs and a gravity fed tank in the loft. It has a danfoss set 5 programmer/controller. However the wall...
  3. dumbledad

    Why might a central heating programmer no longer override a room thermostat?

    My central heating and hot water is governed by a Danfoss FP715 Si. Using this I can set the time each day when the central heating and the hot water come on and off. When the central heating is on it is further governed by a Honeywell DT92E wireless room thermostat in the living room. This was...
  4. B

    Heating will switch on but not switch off (Grundfos pump, Danfoss HPA2 Actuator)

    Hi all, First time poster here, so sorry for any silly questions! Have a similar issue to the thread below: //www.diynot.com/diy/threads/grundfos-circulation-pump-wont-switch-off.415725/ However, I changed both of my actuators but here it seems I still see the problem, I had slack...