1. B

    Danfoss 102 to Hive Single Channel

    Hi all Bought myself an early Xmas pressie and will be swapping out an old Danfoss 102 with a single channel Hive. I’m no expert, so could I please ask for a logic check on the wiring. L / N / E & Common I’m ok with. It’s the black wire - Danfoss position #1 that I’m looking for - I think...
  2. K

    Danfoss Tpone-m upgrade

    Good evening I currently have a Danfoss TPone-m thermostat upstairs and downstairs linked to my Potterton combi. I have purchased the TPone-s which has wifi, allowing me to remotely set my C/H. This comes with a relay. Can I used my existing relay and simply change the thermostat controller on...
  3. K

    Upgrading form Danfoss to Nest

    Hi All, After scouring the web I thought I was up to swapping my current system over to the Nest Learning Thermostat, once looking at my own wiring I'm lost again. None of the examples I've found online have wiring the same as mine. Currently have: Remeha Avanta Plus Boiler Danfoss ts715si...
  4. E

    Heating not turning off when temperature is reached on thermostat

    I have a Danfoss thermostat which is normally set to 19 degrees. When the temperature of the room has been reached the hearing used to turn off automatically. Recently it has just been getting hotter and hotter. I have tried to turn the heating off via the thermostat but the radiators just keep...
  5. D

    Danfoss CP715 programmer To Nest 3rd Gen Thermostat Issues

    Hello, I rarely post questions, as answers to other posts have always answered my question. I'm attempting to replace a Danfoss CP715 programmer with a Nest 3rd Gen. From: Danfoss CP715 Potterton Neatheat Profile Boiler Y Plan config (Honeywell F-5 3 port valve) gravity fed To: Nest 3rd...
  6. T

    New Build Dual Zone Heating.. help needed!

    Hi, I’ve recently moved into a new build house which has dual zone heating. The problem is the upstairs thermostat controls both the upstairs and downstairs radiators and the downstairs thermostat doesn’t seem to control anything! I’m wondering if something has been wired up wrong... the system...
  7. cammy2207

    Help with smart thermostat wiring please

    I have an unbranded WiFi thermostat labelled rn004. I'm replacing a Danfoss rmt 230. 1) The new stat has 2 thin white wires coming from the side, around 5cm long each. Are these for extra temperature readings from floor etc? If so, how do I not use\bypass them so I can just use internal...
  8. D

    Danfoss RMT230 Thermostat

    Hi, I ordered a replacement RMT230, but when going to replace the old one, my old thermostat has 3 wires whilst the replacement does not have the terminal for the Neutral wire (Blue) which goes to the accelerator. My question is, can I simply make the neutral redundant? If so, what effect...
  9. Alex BG


    Good Afternoon I would be very grateful for some assistance with my Central Heating controls, as I seem to be having some issues with these. The house I moved in to a few months ago has two DANFOSS devices installed - - An RET2000 Thermostat (In the living room) - An RX1s receiver - in the...
  10. Seb Pole


    I am currently looking at installing a HIVE Active heating control unit to replace a Danfoss TP5. I currently have a 3 core and earth cable running to the existing heating controls (battery powered unit) I have attached my existing wiring diagram and the HIVE wiring diagram. Please also see...
  11. P

    Blank screen - Danfoss Programmer

    Hi, Have an issue with a Danfoss Programmer - the LCD display goes blank and the HW and CH is permanently on as per the red lights being on! Not sure if it is broken or needs replacement. Any advice will be great Model number could be Danfoss tp9000 (not sure) Attached pic for reference
  12. A

    Danfoss CP715Si error codes

    Hi. I have a Danfoss CP715Si which has been working fine for years but recently I came back from holiday and the hot water wasn’t working. I reset the controller by poking the reset button and it worked, but it flashed up 706 n02 before the clock came back on. The next day again the hot water...
  13. P

    Cant turn off heating on a Worcester Greenstar

    Hi all Im having a problem with my boiler as i cant turn the heating off (unless i turn the dial to frost mode). I have removed the RX1 from the back plate and i have 240v on Ns and Ls and i also have 240v on Lr which if i'm right should be 0v and only 240v when the RX1 sends the 240v to the...
  14. M

    Danfoss TP4000 to Hive

    Hi Guys, I have a Hive Active Heating and a separate Multizone ready to install. I am fairly confident in the way it works just unsure which wires to put where as I appear to have numbers 1-12 on my back plate currently! Any help would be much appreciated :) Danfoss Backplate by mrsarcysean...
  15. S

    Installing Nest in New Build

    Hi, I have just moved in to a new build home and am thinking about replacing the thermostats with Nest 3rd Gen. The property is Gas and has instant hot water. The house is zoned, upstairs and downstairs with a thermostat in each zone. Boiler = Ideal Logic Combi c30 Programmer = Danfoss FP975...
  16. B

    NEST Installation on Oil Heating System - Danfloss MK42 9ER

    Good morning everyone, I know there is many a thread on this sort of thing but the issue i am having is a strange one so i wanted to double check what I have done. I replaced my danfloss programmer with a nest about 6 months ago. It works as expected so programs, call for heat and water all...
  17. G

    Nest v3 Install on Ideal Classic FF350 Boiler Existing Danfoss FP715 Programmer

    Hi, I'm looking for some advice on a new Nest V3 Installation for hot water and heating control. I currently have a Y plan system with the following components: - Boiler - Ideal Classic FF350 in the utility room. - Programmer - Danfoss FP715 (below the boiler). - Danfoss - thermostat in the...
  18. C

    Hive install to replace Danfoss system with HIU

    Hi all, I'm new to this, but I'm learning fast... I would like to upgrade my current 2 zone heating system to Hive. The current system runs off a district heat network to the flats with a heating interface unit in the flat. I have two HPA2 zone valves, two RET230P room stats and a TS715...
  19. D

    Replacing Danfoss RX-1 with Honeywell BDR91 to Worcester Bosch Greenstar

    Hi folks, Thanks for taking a look here. We have a Worcester Bosch Greenstar 30CDi Combi boiler, and a Danfoss RX-1 unit as relay to it. Existing Wiring: From what I can work out from the wiring guides for the Honeywell BDR91 and the Greenstar, I need to do the following: I believe I've...
  20. P

    Tado installation

    Have an old Danfoss 102 timer unit, I'm swapping it out for the Tado extension kit. Just looking at the wiring... so in 3, what's the black wire for?