1. A

    Replacing Danfoss 4700 and Actuators

    Hey folks, I’m in the Uk and looking to replace my Danfoss TP4700 with a new thermostat (still searching the similar model with less hassle to replace), the 6 actuators are broken so need to be replaced. The actuators are Giacomini R473 230V 2 wire normally closed actuators, it is difficult to...
  2. 0

    Help needed - Replacing Danfoss Tp4000 with Nest Smart Learning Thermostat

    Hello all, I bought myself a new thermostat after doing a online compatibility test and proceeded to try the install. My previous unit had two cables coming from it, COM and N/O, this lead me to believe i had a two wire system. After looking around I found that with two wire systems Im meant to...
  3. ScottLee07

    Danfoss TP4000 Temperature Limits

    Hi all, I seem to be having issues with my thermostat (temperature limits). basically when im trying to change the temperature it only allows me to go as low as 19c before off and as high as 20.5c this isnt ideal. other wise the heating comes on fine but i would like it hotter and colder than...
  4. O

    Danfoss 102E7 - timer 2 options not 3

    Hi We have no issues with the set up apart from the Danfoss timer should have 3 on offs, but ours only has 2. I have tried resetting, but the reset keeps all the programmes. I emailed David’s and they said it should all have 3 on/offs (helpful!) Does anyone know how to remove the built in...
  5. Danichka4

    Replacing danfoss with hive

    Hi, I would like to replace my Danfoss (not sure if TP4000 or TP5000) with a smart thermostat and I was thinking of going with Hive (mini single channel) as I need a battery powered one. There are just 2 wires of my Danfoss, one that connect to com and one to on. (None of them is a permanent...
  6. J

    Danfoss RMT230 or RMT230T room thermostat - technical question

    Hi Everyone, I have a Danfoss thermostat, unfortunately I am not sure of the specific type but I think it might be either an RMT 230 or RMT 230T. Photos attached. A door was heavily slammed several times on the thermostat during a rather crazy playtime. When I realised what was happening I...
  7. S

    Upgrading Danfoss controls to something smarter

    Hi, I'm new here, and I'm new to central heating, but I'm keen to learn. I'm still working my way around the house trying to understand the current setup, and how it works. My aim is to replace the 2 Danfoss controllers (and sensor) with a smart control setup, such as Wiser or Tado, or even...
  8. C

    3 port motorised valve should move 90 degrees or 180 degrees?

    Hi Following a faulty actuator on a Sunvic 3 port value SDMV2304, I was advised that a compatible replacement actuator is the Danfoss HSA3 (also backed up by http://www.seered.co.uk/sunvic_low_res_catalogue.pdf - see page 18). However the Danfoss HSA3 only seems moves the spindle through 90...
  9. K

    Need some help trying to wire a zigbee thermostat to a danfoss wiring center

    I am trying to swap a danfoss icon thermostat that connect to my wiring center to another that has zigbee support. I tried t wire it up but at first it seems to power up although when trying to put LOAD as in starting to heat the wiring center doesn't detect anything and is not opening the...
  10. Hamish McTavish

    Replacing a Danfoss FP715Si (TP9000) 2-channel CH/HW programmer

    Hi all, I currently have installed a Danfoss FP715Si (TP9000) 2-channel CH/HW programmer, but the factory-set clock is entirely wrong and it is just getting old. So it is time to replace it with something more modern. Ideally, I would like to be able to replace it with something that can reuse...
  11. R

    Replace Danfoss TP5000m with TPOne-M

    Hello, I'm looking to replace two Danfoss TP5000-m's with two TPOne-M's, and want to check the wiring. My system has a combi boiler with two heating zones (living room and rest of house) each controlled with a separate TP-5000M. The hot water is not controlled by the TP5000's. There is also...
  12. S

    Danfoss TP5000Si Programmable Room Thermostat

    I was hoping someone can tell me how to change the thermostat so we can programme six events per day instead of four? I have tried installer advanced programming but there isn't an option 40 when I scroll through. I would be very grateful for any ideas. I believe it's an old thermostat from...
  13. F


  14. C

    Danfoss heating control system (2)

    Hi all i have a danfoss heating controller if that’s the correct term. It controls my oil heating and thermostats for each zone, it also should engage the pump for my back boiler when it’s thermostat gets to temp but it doesn’t seem to be getting any power. I’ve disconnected central heating pump...
  15. K

    TP5000 to nest 3generation

    hello Team I know there is an old topic about the same thing but I'm not sure I understand can you tell me if when I change I have to connect the tp5000 the brown and black cables or it is in yellow regards
  16. M

    Danfoss TP2 Remote Sensor

    Does anyone know what's inside a Danfoss TP2 and what voltage it works at? My guess is that it's just a thermistor. Also wondering if the programmer supplies it with high/low voltage (dc or ac?) . I've used Arduinos for Internet control of various sensors in the home, so if I knew the...
  17. Giles266

    Hive dual channel multi zone wiring help

    Help! I'm trying to install Hive active heating 2 to replace my existing system but I'm not too sure on the wiring, I've found tons of guides and posts about this already but I'm not able to transfer the solutions to my setup. This damn wiring is starting to infiltrate my dreams so any help or...
  18. Mike15/19

    Lockout Worcester heatslave 15/19

    The problem is more burner related Worcester heatslave 15 19 oil boiler It is a bentone b9 burner made in 1999 With a danfoss bfp 21 l3 oil pump . The boiler will run fine with heating on but about 1 in every 3 or 4 times it goes to start up it will lock out , I will press the lockout button...
  19. D


    My FP715Si 230Vac programmer has died. I’m tempted to try another brand as the FP715Si has only lasted 2 months and Danfoss customer service was less than helpful. However, the easy option is to replace with the same unit then I won’t have to change the wall plate. Unless, of course, there are...
  20. T

    Replace Danfoss Randall 4033 with Tado Extension

    Hi, this is my first post, so pardon my ignorance. I've not been too long at this new bungalow for my parents, there is a Danfoss Randall 4033 timer for Hot Water and Heating (click the link for pictures: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1zECdyqCUI5sXfGqKD2XgW1zp8M-1zDLu?usp=sharing). It...