1. B

    Am I allowed to swap halogen GU5.3 MR16 downlights to GU10 LED downlights?

    As the title Assuming there is an earth cable in the existing wiring which is needed to fit LED GU10 units, am I allowed to DIY these myself or do I have to get an electrician to come over? It is straightforward enough to swap these, but I have no way of testing the work or the existing...
  2. T

    Sealed or changeable LED for soffits

    Hi, Pulling my own head off with these lights for my soffitts ouside. Question? LED lights for under soffit, should I go for sealed/integrated or normal where I can change the bulbs? under soffit no rain will get them. Unsealed...
  3. A

    Vaulted Ceiling Insulation and downlights

    I'm hoping someone can shed some clear light on this topic. Theres lots of discussion online but seems to be very much a grey area with no clear answer. We've had approval to build a new ensuite in the master bedroom. Part of the ceiling is sloped/vaulted with no insulation. As part of the...
  4. N

    Downlights IP20 replacing but struggling to find similar connector ones

    Could someone help what this downlights connections are called. Couldn't able to find exact one's as these are discontinued from b&q Downlight by naivediyer posted 8 Mar 2022 at 10:03 PM Transformer by naivediyer posted 8 Mar 2022 at 10:03 PM
  5. robodelfy

    Bathroom downlights without earth, replacements?

    I have these GU10 downlights in my bathroom, but they have no earth, also there appears to be nothing sealing them around the bezel or above to stop moisture going up. They seem very old, I'm guessing not even rated for a bathroom. Can I still get replacements that don't need an earth? And...
  6. robodelfy

    Replacing downlights, part or whole?

    Hi I have 12 downlights in my kitchen and 3 in my bathroom, as pictured. Is it standard just to replace the whole thing, or can you just replace the rusty/dirty/painted bevel? Also, any reason you'd choose fixed ones over tilting ones? The kitchen ones have a 72mm cutout which seems...
  7. Speedyrazor

    Downlights in PIR (Kingspan) - cold roof

    Hi, I wave a cold roof design, 170mm joists + 100mm down to 5mm furrings. I going to use 100mm PIR insulation, flush with the ceiling, leaving a ventilation gap above ranging from about 60mm to 160mm. I would like to have recessed LED downlights, but I get different opinions depending on who I...
  8. L

    Downlights - Remove Ceiling Noggins??

    Hi all Fitting downlights in my bedroom. Located joists, went between them, drilled hole. Went to other side of room, same spacing, drilled hole, found myself directly in the middle of a noggin (i.e. a small piece of wood running between the joists to support the plasterboard edges). We've...
  9. D

    Bathroom lights RCBO

    Hi all, I am moving some downlights in the Grandparents bathroom to inside a new shower cubicle. Old mr16 downlights from zone 2 have got to go. In the situation we are having i cant find any 12v ip65 downlights anywhere. toolstation had a clearance and not to be restocked. 3 options i thought...
  10. C

    Downlighters failing

    I have eight GU5.3 downlighters with individual transformers in a room about 4m x 6m. The lights are fairly standard types with the round wire clips to hold the bulbs in. They’ve been fine for ten years but recently started failing. I’ve replaced two transformers but now two more bulbs have...
  11. A

    Help with dimmable led gu10

    hi first time post and your help would be appreciated I have 3 dimmable circuits in kitchen/utility room with mr16 halogen. Historically too many blown bulbs, transformer overheats etc. Decided to try LED on one circuit. Visited local electric shop for advice. Very helpful. Recommendation was...
  12. M

    How to change bathroom downlights

    hi Two of my three bathroom ceiling bulbs went off, I thought I'd better get them fix before the last one die too. I had a look at them they got no clicks or anything like that, all they got is a sealed ring and a glass (photo attached) Can someone shed some light for me please , how to open...
  13. S

    Double insulation over GB400 boxes for downlights

    Hi all, First post here :) I'm always reading the forums though! I've got 5 downlights in my bathroom, previously (when i bought the house) they had insulation over them so i fitted some GB400 boxes over them. Now that the boxes are fitted, am I able to insulate around the boxes (as it is now)...
  14. E

    Spotlights - please help

    Hi. We need to choose fire rated spotlights for our kitchen. We have 2 to choose from screfix but dont understand which one of them is better: or...
  15. ritchieee

    Layout of downlights in kitchen - positioning around cupboards

    Hi folks, could I ask for some advice please on laying out some downlights in the kitchen? I have 600mm work surfaces all the way around the kitchen. On the one wall though, I have 300mm cupboards above. To reduce shadows being cast across the work surfaces, I planned to have the lights 500mm...