1. M

    CH on constantly - related questions...

    We have an old Potterton Suprima 100L system boiler. Having just had our PCB replaced (can anyone give me a rough cost for that? I feel we've been overcharged!), our CH is running all the time. We're left having to switch it on & off at mains. Second opinion from another engineer feels it is...
  2. F

    Secure Channelplus H27XL to Drayton Wiser Hub (WT734R)

    Hi, I've got Secure ChannePlus H27XL which I want to swap with Drayton Wiser Hub (WT734R - three channel) Could anyone please help me with the wiring of these below? (N & L I can see how to wire clearly) Here is a diagram for Secure ChannelPlus H27XL: And here is a diagram for Drayton Wiser...
  3. R

    Moved into first home, wireless thermostat missing

    Hello all, Moved into my first home a few days ago and discovered quickly that the thermostat is missing. We have the ‘receiver’ (connected to boiler) but no adjustable thermostat. I have pictured what is in the house, to turn the boiler on we have to use the override button. Am I right in...
  4. B

    Hive to Drayton Wiser

    Hey, Looking to switch over from hive to drayton wiser. Based on wiring diagrams it looks like the terminals line up 1-1 but would like someone to confirm. Unsure if i need to bridge live to common (terminal 1) given that there's already a connection to COM.
  5. LaurelLeaf

    Drayton Digistat+3 to Google Nest E

    ….Solved…. Complete newbie here! I am wanting to change my Drayton Digistat+3 to a Google Nest E. Confused with the wires, can anyone advise or is it incompatible? The boiler is a Logic Combi ES30. Thanks so much in advance!
  6. A

    Change of heating controller - wiring question

    Hi, I could use some advice on how to convert my current heating system to the Wiser platform please. I currently have a combi boiler which provides both heating and hot water from its ‘heating’ circuit (the separate ‘hot water’ circuit is used to provide hot water to a part of the house not...
  7. A

    New Build - Dual Zone conversion to Single for Drayton Wiser

    All - hoping for some guidance please on wiring up a new Drayton Wiser system to what I believe is an "S Plan" system. I live in a new build, with an Ideal Logic Combi 35 downstairs, with 2 heating zones - one for downstairs, one for upstairs. There is a (wired) battery powered ESI ESRTP4...
  8. A

    New MA1 Oscillating

    I have a 22 year old oil fired standard non-pressurised system with Drayton MA1 3 way valve and 'Lifestyle' connection system. A couple of years ago I replaced the old controller and some of the rad TRVs with the "Wiser" controller. Recently this started banging when going from mid position to...
  9. N

    Drayton LP711 Backplate wiring for Combi boiler

    Hi Community, I hope you can help with this one..? My Ideal Isar HE24 recently failed. Hot water, but no heating. Home insurance sent a man - he said the LP711 timeswitch was at fault and did a temporary fix as an override. So now, when the boiler is switched on the central heating is on...
  10. M

    Adding Drayton Wiser TRVs to a NEST setup

    Hi, Hoping someone can help as I have looked everywhere without success. My setup... I have a fairly new NEST setup that controls hot water and central heating from a Valliant ECOtek plus. I have a megaflow in the loft (probably not relevant). All radiators are on a single circuit. What I'm...
  11. O

    Drayton Wiser controls

    Adding a gas boiler to my baroque heating system (thermal store, woodburner, plate hex for dhw) and looking at control options. The system is plumbed so that the woodburner always heats the thermal store. There are manual valves to allow the gas boiler to heat the store only (rads then run from...
  12. A

    Replace Drayton with Nest - wiring?

    Hi, I'm not sure if my programmer can be replaced with a 3rd gen Nest? Google website says my wiring means no, but I don't believe that's true. Do I need to modify any wires or add anything? I know there's threads discussing similar, but I'm still not sure. I have a Drayton (British Gas UP2)...
  13. matburton

    Boiler backplate - Hot water needed for heating

    Hi, I have a pretty old gas boiler system, it's a two channel setup. Oddly for the central heating to work the hot water must also be on :confused: Recently I've swapped out the mechanical timer with a Drayton Wiser Hub. So for the first time I now have a thermostat (y) But that leads to a...
  14. I

    HELP !!! Replacing a Drayton RF3 with Hive.

    Hi All, I have a Drayton RF3 (British Gas PT5) thermostat that I would like to replace with a Hive. The boiler is a Vaillant ecoTECplus 415. There is no hot water control, so it is all done via the heating settings. Please help !! I'm totally lost on this one !! I fitted the Hive in my...
  15. B

    Are my 2-Port Valve wired incorrectly? Kettling problem.

    Greetings all. I'm after a bit of advice as we have an issue with our HW kettling and on closer inspection the wiring on our 2-port Valves looks a little suspect to my untrained eye. Background: The house was built in 2001 and has an 'S' CH/HW System installed. If the HW is on and the CH is...
  16. S

    Drayton wiser on a Main Eco Elite Combi

    Hi All iv got a drayton wiser stat which I am going to connect to my main eco elite combi boiler over the coming weekend. i think i know how this is connected but want some advice. am I correct in saying the below is what I will need to do use a piece of 5 core cable N from boiler to N on...
  17. R

    Configuring Wiser SmartHub System

    I'm into day 3 of fitting this and trying to get the whole system fully working. It is a 3 channel system, has 2 room thermostats, 13 smart trv's and 2 smart plugs. All trv's have schedules and are allocated to the correct rooms and channels. Almost everything worked fine first time - apart...
  18. Paul Carbery

    DIY Drayton Wiser

    I just bought a new house, which has upstairs and downstairs zoning, although the hot water seems not to be separate (i.e. once heating is on, hot water is automatically on also) Zoning is controlled by 2 thermostats in the 2 hallways . I cant for the life of me see a wall plate.......should I...
  19. J

    Honeywell cm907 to drayton wiser hub r

    Hi, After some advice about installing a Drayton wiser hub r. I currently have a honeywell cm907 but I'm totally lost on the wiring. I've attached photos of the current wiring and the diagram provided by Drayton. Current wiring is brown/live to A, black to B & grey not connected. Thanks in advance
  20. F

    Drayton Digistat RF Wiring

    Hi. I need to replace a 3 wire room stat with the above but am having no joy. Due to the construction/layout of the house I have to site the base unit where the stat was. I’ve wired as per the diagram (I think) All appears to be working/paired but although it shows that it is calling for heat...