earth wire

  1. C

    New copper light fitting to old wiring (no earth)

    Hi all First time attempting to replace a light fitting. I have unscrewed the current metallic light fitting only to find what appears to be old wiring with the earth not actually connected to anything? The new light I have is copper and the instructions state in bold that this light must be...
  2. H

    Old well-loved lamp

    I've got an second-hand gigantic standing lamp for my living room that I recently took apart to clean and re-spray a pretty black. But looking again at the socket, should I even be bothering? It's kind of missing an earth wire, and not exactly sure what i'm looking for but there is no...
  3. J

    How to wire and connect a Cooker Hood

    I am in the process of installing a new cooker hood and have a query on how to wire it safely. The current hood was wired from a junction box that goes to a fused socket. The problem is the new cooker has an earth wire the old one does not. Can I simply cut the earth wire back then wire in the...
  4. janieJones123

    Replacement ceiling pendant has no earth

    . Duplicate
  5. eveares

    Plug to Socket Extension with no Earth!

    Just seen a video from a fairly big UK based YouTuber, who went to Home Base to get a some bits to make up an extension lead socket. Shame he picked the 2 core 0.75mm² flex. Not sure if he know's he has not earthed it or not or the safety implications of what he has done? Video Below, see...
  6. M

    Earth wire on gas pipe

    Hi, just had a storage cupboard installed under the stairs. The gas meter is located in there and has an earth wire attached to one of the top gas pipes. The thing is is that it now spans across the cupboard opening. My question is whether I can unattach the wire from the top and reattach it to...
  7. G

    Earth wire connection blocks

    Can an Earth wire block (4 way) be screwed directly to the side of a first floor joist under the floor boards or does it need to be first placed in a protective box.
  8. K

    Metal celin fitting needing earth?

    Hi I'm putting up metal celin light and there is no earth, I know if they are double insulated that there is no need for one but on the light fixture itself there is no symbol to say it is double insulated and there is not one to say it needs an earth, can anyone help me if they have had this...
  9. A

    Is this ceiling rose double insulated?

    I bought this ceiling rose off Amazon ( It's not like others I've seen as it has a black input sheath to a connection box, which also closes over the top. Does this mean it is double insulated? Thanks
  10. T

    Metal light face plate earthing.

    Good afternoon. I'm fitting new metal faceplates to light switches, they have an earth socket on the back, do I remove the earth wire from the housing and attach it to the faceplate or run another wire from the housing to the faceplate and leave the wire where it is. Many thanks
  11. T

    Replacement of Ceiling Rose

    Hi, I am replacing two lights in my living room, they are currently on a three wire ceiling rose system, unfortunately the new lights do not accommodate the ceiling rose system. I am planning on using a junction box like this My only...