28 Jul 2012
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United Kingdom
Just seen a video from a fairly big UK based YouTuber, who went to Home Base to get a some bits to make up an extension lead socket. Shame he picked the 2 core 0.75mm² flex.

Not sure if he know's he has not earthed it or not or the safety implications of what he has done?

Video Below, see 2:03-2:12 and 3:00-3:40 sections of the video for his electrical work.

Regards: Elliott
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Probably for the best he didn't have an earth, jabbing into the carpet gripstrip with a screwdriver. Clever boy

Darwinism at work.
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Laugh all you want, but below is what I sent him; If only to help him.

Dear xxxx, unlike a trivial matter where I would not bother contacting you; due to the dangerous and potentially lethal socket you wired up in the video "I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN!"; I thought I should bring to your attention that the socket you wired up lacks an earth connection and thus is therefore dangerous and non compliant.

The Earth Wire found with plugs, sockets, appliances, etc... is used as a fault return path should an earthed electrical appliance develop a fault, thus allowing the current to safely return down the earth wire and thus tripping the circuit breakers/ blowing the fuses.

Thus without an earth wire (yellow striped green), should an appliance or other electrical item that requires a earth develop a electrical fault, it has the potential to become live what could in turn result in a shock what may be fatal. Hence the earth wire is vitally important to ensure the electrical safety of an earthed appliance/item.

Thus to make the socket safe, you need to use 3 core wire and not 2 core wire like you did in the video. Please also note that while Class II double Insulated devices do not need earths and thus is why you may have seen plugs wired without earth wires, UK electrical sockets always require an earth for safety reasons as detailed above.

I would also like to point out that while the 0.75mm² flex you used is suitable (other than it' lack of an earth) for the 3 amp fuse used in your plug , should you ever wish to use a 13 Amp fuse in the plug of an extension lead like you made, you would need to use 1.25mm² 3 core wire as a minimum.

Basically the fuse ratting in the plug should be no greater than the current rating of the cable, what is 6 Amps for 0.75mm² cable and 13 Amps for 1.25mm² cable.

Also and lastly, you will save money and get a better range of products by shopping at trade shops like xxx or xxx.
Well at least he did not wire the Line conductor to the earth contact on the socket as well. (y) He even advertises hardware consultation on his website....:D:LOL:
Some of the comments on Youtube are funny....

Some numpty on Youtube said:
Once he wall mounts it it will be earthed

Another numpty on Youtube said:
No earth is needed, as the case and plug case is made of plastic, so no electricity can actually flow through him

Yet another numpty on Youtube said:
quite a few appliances come with a plastic earth pin nowadays, is it really essential?

Gaz :)
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What a splendid wakeup call it would be for him, and all the other *******, and how so much in the public interest, for him to be prosecuted for contravening the Building Regulations.
Perhaps the YouTube numpty has got his electrical advice from: :LOL::giggle:

The person has made an update:
Starts by flying a drone over power lines (about 2 minutes in). Then the update on their extension lead. It's far worse than the original effort.
Unclear if they are just doing this deliberately for attention.

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