1. D

    Replacing electric shower unit

    Hi all, Hoping for a bit of assistance. Have replaced an old electric shower unit with a Triton Riba 8.5kw unit. In the old unit, 1 live, 1 neutral and 2 earth wires went into the terminal block in the shower (the 2 earth wires went into the single earth terminal) On the new unit, am I...
  2. M

    Advice for earthing new ceiling light please

    Hi all, I am going to replace a ceiling pendent for a new light/fan. The instructions included are not the best as they appear to be for a slightly different model with a different base so don't show me what I should do with the earth. The bracket and light are both metal. The bracket that...
  3. L

    Earth problem from boiler tripping RCD

    Hi everyone, I am after some advice. We had a new consumer unit fitted with an RCD and when we switch the boiler/heating on it trips the RCD. The boiler is wired to the consumer unit via the ring main with a 32a fuse. We have an old boiler (ideal Mexico floor standing boiler with a separate...
  4. M

    Earth bonding to water & gas pipes

    Hi I have metal gas and water pipes with an Earth bonding cable going from my consumer unit to my copper gas pipe near the gas meter. The same Earth wire comes off the gas pipe to my copper water pipe. My water stop cock in the kitchen does not have any earth bonding cable. It looks difficult...
  5. Mawibri

    RCD and PIR LED lights

    I recently installed a Homezone LED PIR light on my garage which I plug in to the garage socket. All worked well when switched on the lights lit up and after some minutes went out, I checked the PIR and it turned the lights on. However after ten minutes the House RCD tripped. I already have the...
  6. SpaceWorm

    Potential No Main Earth

    Just noticed something with my leccy in a 1957 bungalow. The gas and water bonds have been disconnected and cooked up in the corner of the room, with no obvious earth coming from the board back to the cut-out. Does this mean the property has no main earth? Cheers
  7. C

    What earthing system is this ?

    Just curious , it's a 1930s house - the main cable is inside steel conduit and the earth comes out of the conduit along with the main cable - the steel conduit then has a bonding strap attached to it. Main fuse is 63amp
  8. J

    How to wire and connect a Cooker Hood

    I am in the process of installing a new cooker hood and have a query on how to wire it safely. The current hood was wired from a junction box that goes to a fused socket. The problem is the new cooker has an earth wire the old one does not. Can I simply cut the earth wire back then wire in the...
  9. C

    Light fitting help

    Hi So moved into a 1930s house, in the process of doing it up and trying to do as much as possible myself I've got little knowledge in general around DIY hence hitting a snag and wanting some guidance please see photos So from research I can see is that old electrics seem to only have the...
  10. O

    Grounding wire attached to ceiling lamp but canopy of light fixture not grounded, is this serious pr

    I've just installed a new metal pendant light. The light itself has a metal canopy and there is a metal bulb holder below, the two parts are connected via insulated wire. The light came with a grounding wire which I have connected with the grounding wire from the ceiling, so I am confident that...
  11. J

    Understanding voltage readings on dimmer and earthing

    Hello there, I am rewiring a metal dimmer switch after redecorating; before decorating there was no earth cable between the cable from the wall and the earth terminal on the dimmer. The lighting circuit is protected by a RCD but as I understand it a metal dimmer switch is class 1 so should be...
  12. S

    Missing Earthing?

    Please see attached photo of electricity authority incomer and consumer unit I cannot see an earth cable coming out of the electricity authority incomer cable, nor can I see a main earth terminal on or around consumer unit. Should I direct this to the electricity authority as I can't see an...
  13. D

    Gas bonding my relocated meter

    Where is the bonding cable to be attached to the gas pipe now that the gas meter has been moved? The old bonding was attached to a forged steel 90% elbow on the top of the meter but the new meter has 22mm copper going in to the meter top. You can see where the olde worlde fuse box was sited and...
  14. eveares

    How does 1.5mm T&E comply with table 54.7 in BS7671?

    Table 54.7 in BS7671 says that when the protective conductor is the same material as the line conductor (S), it must at least be the same size as the line conductor. Why does 1.5mm² T&E not comply with this reg when you have 1.5mm² line conductors and 1mm² protective/CPC conductor!? Can some...
  15. M

    Earth connection - metal/Brass wall light fittings

    Hi all, I could do with some help as to where I connect the earth wire for a new wall light. Only has live and neutral incoming wires. There is no earth, not snipped back or hiding anywhere. All checked and just the two wires The wall light fitting does have an earth wire. Where do I fix this...
  16. eveares

    People using the Yellow/Green core in flex as a live conducter!

    Under Regulation 411.3.1.1 (Page 55 of the 17th edition of BS7671 Amendment 3), as quoted; It is clear that that a CPC must be included in all fixed wiring except for Class 2 lamp holders, even if it is a Class 2 device at the other end. Yet people still use the "earth" core in flex as a live...
  17. eveares

    Regulation 710.411.6 (Group 2 Medical Locations)

    Just been reading my copy of BS7671 in my spare time, regulation 710.411.6 says that an IT earthing system with a IMD must be used for group 2 medical locations. Does that mean that expect for devices covered by reg 710.411.4 in group 2 locations, all medical devices must and always be fed from...
  18. eveares

    DB earth fed direct from HRC fused cutout or from external MET first?

    I have seen both configurations in pictures and videos as listed below, and can't find the section in my copy of BS7671 to say what is the correct or preferred method if there is one? All I can find is that the MET's (Does that also include the one inside DB's/CU's?) must be easily accessible...
  19. M

    Electrical tingling question

    Maybe I can pick the brains of some of you who actually understand electrical stuff - this is over my head and I am keen to identify the problem asap. I initially thought I'd identified a problem with my guitar amp. Last night, when plugged in and playing through the amp connected to the mains...
  20. D

    Need to earth back boxes? Earth sleeves etc.

    Do I need to earth the back boxes in a new ring main? And do I need to sleeve the earth cables (regardless of wether or not the boxes need earthing)? Thank you.