1. eveares

    2 Amp round pin plug wired to trailing socket?

    Curious how one would react to/code to a 2 amp round pin plug wired to a normal UK single trailing socket, So client can use normal light fixtures fitted with a BS1363 plug connected to a 2 amp round pin socket, to allow flexibility and easy hot-swapping of light fixtures without having to wire...
  2. P

    Boiler power switch melted again

    This is the second time this has happened in 10 years, I believe caused by me using the immersion heater today. Can you identify the switch for me so I can buy a new one. My best guess is a 45w cooker switch:
  3. D

    Blanking plate with hole at the top for wire inlet?

    Hi. I have just removed an old single wall socket. I am considering how best to blank off the wires - they are quite thick, and a fridge-freezer will now be backed up to the wall, so I guess it needs to be well-protected from the grill on the back of the fridge, and also as flat as possible as...
  4. P

    After a recommendation, please? For a socket with terminal clamps and USB ports

    Hiya, thank you for reading this! I have found the MK Logic plus rapid fix switched sockets with white inserts, which look pretty good, but I'm after a screwless socket that also has USB ports and can't find one - I'm hoping someone on here can point me in the right direction, please
  5. S

    Installing new 13A socket next to existing socket

    We have a dual 13A socket on the ring main on the bedroom wall but, thanks to new technology, now need additional sockets. I would prefer not to use an extension block and would prefer to fit another dual immediately alongside it. Does that need to be wired as a series connection in the ring...
  6. J

    Inline switch on festoon lights

    I have festoon lights on a plug but would like to add a wall mounted external light switch between the socket and the lights, to make it easier to switch on and off rather than having to open the low level socket each time. Can I just use a 20amp BG external lightswitch and how should it be...
  7. G

    Timer socket with remote

    Hi, Looking for a UK 13A timer socket with a remote, is this something that exists? Specifically looking for something that doesn’t rely on the internet to work. Thanks
  8. R

    integrated dishwasher wiring - is this even safe?....

    we're having a new kitchen fitted, and it's been one nightmare after another. today's issue is with the brand new integrated dishwasher. we've tried to use it for the first time, and the water didn't drain away. so we wanted to locate the power socket to turn it off. unfortunately, our kitchen...
  9. eveares

    0.13M ohm between CPC and Neutral!?

    Hi all, woke up this morning to a buzzing and crackling sound coming from one of the sockets in my bedroom when I turned it on, which also caused the lights to flicker at the same time, what is the 2nd socket inline on the 20A radial socket circuit. Stuff was not working/powering up on this...
  10. bettz1

    Can I replace unswitched single socket with switched?

    I've been replacing our sockets and cooker switches in the kitchen I've only the fridge freezer one left to do and bought this 13amp socket Only problem is the fridge socket doesn't have a switch. It has a fuse with switch further up. Can I put the single socket in and leave it switched on...
  11. K

    Kitchen wires help

    Hi We are renovating a small bedsit and the kitchen wires are all exposed and a bit of a maze. I have traced most them them. However, the once circled in red comes from upstairs into a black junction box and back the same way upstairs. What is even more confusing is it is wired up with the...
  12. J

    Can I extend ring main like this?

    Hello, I want to add more sockets into the room thus I want to extend the ring main from an existing socket. Currently the socket in the room is wired as such (a socket and a spur to the left of it): My plan would be to do this (use wago connectors to connect to the spur and continue one of...
  13. C

    Can a generator with Schuko sockets be used in Ireland?

    I reside in the republic of Ireland (where plugs and sockets are the same as in the UK), and I just bought a portable electric generator online from the Netherlands. Unfortunately, now that it has arrived, it turns out that the two electric sockets on the generator are Schuko sockets (each 220v...
  14. W

    Specific Adapter not working in sockets

    Hi I was wondering if there's a reason as to why a specific adaptor plug does not work in any socket in my house. For some reason Calpol Vapour Plug In (basically an adaptor plug with a little heat plate for moist tablets - like the mosquito ones) does not work in any socket. First I thought it...
  15. cwhaley

    New Lighting Circuit

    In my new extension a qualified electrician will be extending the ring main of my existing downstairs circuit into my new extension. He lives nearby and to save him the work, I'll be clipping the T&E cable on the wall in runs to the various sockets (in the safe zones of course) as well as light...
  16. Tactical DIY

    3 core and earth sockets

    Hello, My house has 2.5mm 3 core and earth for the sockets. I'm adding an extra couple of sockets and want to make sure I'm using the correct cables. Can someone confirm where the earth goes and which of the 3 "cores" are used as the live and neutral when wiring a new twin socket? Thanks
  17. AlphaRomeo85

    What's the best way of routing this new cable?

    Hi I want to put a external commando socket on an out side wall. Conveniently my consumer unit is located just at the other side of said wall. Please take a look at this picture of my downstairs toilet room, link here of it doesn't work for any reason What's would be considered the best route...
  18. A

    Extra socket question

    Hi all, Thought I'd pop a question on here if anyone doesn't mind sharing their expertise it would be greatly appreciated :D I'm fairly proficient at DIY but regs can get complicated with electrics, so wanted to ask first. I understand safe zones for electric cables, I was just wondering if...
  19. H

    Old well-loved lamp

    I've got an second-hand gigantic standing lamp for my living room that I recently took apart to clean and re-spray a pretty black. But looking again at the socket, should I even be bothering? It's kind of missing an earth wire, and not exactly sure what i'm looking for but there is no...
  20. A

    Thread IP68 Glands for outdoor sockets

    Hi, I am fitting a double outdoor socket. The Line cable will be connected to an isolator and then to the double sockets. I have IP68 glands to fix to both boxes but I need a bit of conduit between the glands...