1. bettz1

    Replacing dishwasher washing machine switches

    Just wanted to check that these are the correct switches to replace the ones we've currently got in our kitchen,on the dishwasher, washing machine and fridge. https://www.toolstation.com/bg-brushed-steel-20a-dp-switch/p15759#full-desc Replacing these
  2. M

    Burying EV cable underground

    I’m making preparations for burying an electric vehicle charger cable to be installed by British Gas. I’m digging the hole 450mm deep and have been told to put 150mm of sand covering the ducting. I’m preparing it as per BG instructions and taking photos. my question is what type of sand to...
  3. N

    Running Nest Wires

    Hi Folks, I can’t see that anyone has answered this anywhere else… Plumbers are coming next week to fit new boiler and nest thermostats, Replacing a pair of oldish wireless ones. I have asked for the the thermostats to be wired in rather than wireless, which they are happy to do as long as...
  4. K

    Help with electrical ring

    Hello we’ve recently bought a property, built in the 90s. The lady before had work done to the downstairs. When we moved in we noticed a problem with the electrics. The sockets from downstairs are connected to the ring upstairs on the switchboard. We also found a live socket wire in a wall in...
  5. Moonhead

    Cooker socket- multiple spurs?

    Currently, I have a socket for my gas cooker that has another socket spurred off it for my under counter fridge. A little like the attached image of mine, but without the dual outlet plate and just spurring straight off the back of the socket under the counter. I plan on putting some eBay LED...
  6. T

    Have I killed my 'boiler'? Help please.

    I have air source heat pump (ashp) system, model Yutaki S . Recently I replaced the wired thermostat (a relay one) with a Tado wired thermostat. I turned the ashp system off at the kill switch. Swappef the thermostat, and it wouldn't turn back on. I have check the switch board and the circuit...
  7. eveares

    Give me mercy...Removing a UPS can't be that hard!

    So my Granddad (who is in hid mid 80's) has had a UPS on his router for a number of years as he lives in a rural area and gets lots of power cuts and power dips. The UPS was 10-11 years old and had started to become unreliable, so I ordered him a new one. In the mean time I sent him this via...
  8. Pat123abc

    Single phase motor 4 wires

    I have just inherited a Wadkin MG Morticer The plate on the front states that it is single phase but it has 4 wires that are labeled L1 L2 A1 A2. Can this be wired to an MEM switch as I have one spare, and how do I wire it together I have wired 3 phase machinery before but because of the 4...
  9. R

    Random tripping

    Our sockets seem to be randomly tripping overnight, everything is fine during the day but trip in the middle of the night. On Monday i switched off all the circuits apart from the plugs and it didn't trip, last night i left on the upstairs lighting circuit and the plugs and it did trip. I'm not...
  10. R

    Split existing ring main

    Hey, We live in a 3 bed house where all the sockets upstairs and downstairs are on one circuit. I've recently renovated the bathroom and switched from an electric shower to it running of the combi. So I now have a spare shower cable, directly below the bathroom is the kitchen, I can see that...
  11. Sophieo128

    Plug stuck in socket

    Hey! My kettle plug is stuck in the socket. We rent and we are unsure if this is a problem with the socket or the plug itself? Can anyone explain what is likely to have happened to cause this? We’ve had this kettle for about 2 months now. The plug is never left on after use. Thank you ☺️
  12. M

    New cooker installation.

    Hi, we are getting a new cooker. The old one has been removed from a circuit that states 32amp circuit in the consumer unit for the cooker. All the new cookers I am looking at seem to want higher? 40amp plus. Have I misunderstood is it OK to use the current circuit and just replace old cooker...
  13. J

    Electric on demand water heater advice

    I'm in the process of buying a property which needs a complete bathroom overhaul. The current bathroom has an electrically powered hot water tank feeding a bath, shower and sink. I would really like to remove the water tank to save valuable space (and probably energy usage too) and so wondering...
  14. E

    Adding On/Off Switch to Phone Intercom in Flat

    I have an intercom system in my flat, and for whatever reason no matter which flat is needed people buzz mine. I've been here for a week and it's already unbearabe (the worst was a woman trying to get to her boyfriend's flat at 2:30am) so I'd like to add an on/off switch to the intercom so that...
  15. Adam1882

    Separate switch for TD and washing machine.

    Evening all, Currently my tumble dryer and washing machine are plugged into a socket below the worktop, which is slightly awkward to access. My idea is to put some sort of switch above the worktop to turn the below socket off when not in use. Can this be done and what type of switch would I...
  16. Y

    Fused wall heater won’t turn off at wall

    Hi we’ve had our electric wall heater on this evening for a couple of hours. A wire comes out of it and goes into the wall and a small white panel with a switch on it - below it is the word “fused” so it’s not one you can unplug. This fused thing is partly obscured by the heater itself (which...
  17. E

    Wiring an external summer house from the main building

    Hello, I'm at the final stages of building a summer house and I'm now starting to think about getting electric to the building. I need power for lights, alarm/motion sensor, and a few sockets for items such as TV, music and probably some power tools. The building is about 25metres from the...
  18. bettz1

    Removing a double socket

    Hi was made aware that the previous owner had added a double socket in the kitchen which is too close to the cooker from a post on here. Finally got round to what I thought was going to be an easy job of just disconnecting the wires from the original socket into the new socket when I found...
  19. Stax1970

    Bathroom cabinet with lights now needs a switch fitted

    Not impressed with the communication and instructions on my new Ikea Storjorm Bathroom mirror cabinet. The cabinet has lights built in behind the glass doors. I fitted the cabinet to the wall and wired up the lights straight from the mains wire that was already there from the last cabinet. The...
  20. T

    Newly installed Airflow Icon 30S not working??

    Hi, Just had my bathroom fitted out this week and we had an Airflow Icon 30S (12v IPX4) fitted above the shower head. However, the electrician is pulling his hair out as despite checking the wiring on several occasions, and there been a green light on the transformer of the icon unit when you...