1. StephenStephen

    Which kitchen extractor fan?

    Hi all, We're having a new kitchen extractor fan installed - it'll be just above and to the side of the cooker, venting directly through a wall, approx half a metre thick, to the outside. We want something really quiet, that looks simple, so are thinking of buying this: Envirovent Silent Design...
  2. D

    Bathroom extractor

    Good Morning All. Could anyone assist with this Property moved into have these open vents to the outside x 2. Obviously for ventilation for bathroom but at the same time as we go into winter open for cold air to home in. Is there anything that can be fine attached. Changed.? Thanks in advance.
  3. dpm_dpmartin

    Retro-fit backdraft shutter?

    This is only kinda plumbing, and very basic - I do apologise for that. I have a wall-mounted 10cm timer extractor fan in an upstairs bathroom. In the trio of storms we had a couple of years ago the driving rain must have come inside as water marks have appeared all over the wall, and remained -...
  4. J

    Bathroom extractor pipe

    Please help, I’m borderline going crazy with this. We had a leak from the pipe that connects the en-suite bathroom pipe to the ceiling extractor fan. No tradesperson seems to want to touch the job and I don’t know which trade is even the night one. Iv had plumbers, electricians and even just a...
  5. Z

    Bathroom extractor fan broken

    Hi All, Just moved into my first house and the extractor fan in the bathroom looks like its seen better days. I'm afraid to turn it in because of that loose wire. Does this look like something that can be easily fixed or do I need to call out an electrician? Any advice would be much...
  6. C

    VentAxia Svara help

    Hi Wondering if anyone has experience of a VentAxia Svara extractor? I bought one of the back of the review from CharlieDIY on YouTube. Fitted ok. but for love nor money can I find a setting that will turn it off. Each configuration I try defaults to trickle instead of off. On Youtube Charlie...
  7. W

    Standard 6AMP Pull Cord Switch as Fan Isolator?

    I've been trying to get around to replacing the old bathroom in-line ducted extractor fan in the loft with a new run-on version as the one up there currently is next to useless. As there is a pull cord switch next to the shower, I assumed (I know, never assume, it makes an ASS out of U and ME)...
  8. P

    Non return extractor fan solution

    Hi, During the construction of my extension, i specified that I wanted a ceiling extractor fan, whilst this sounded like a good idea at the time, I am starting to have second thoughts ? You may ask why ? Everytime the extractor fan lets in cold air even when its not on, what I expected was...
  9. K

    Two flat vent channel ductings through one external hole

    Hi All Is it fine to run two rectangular 204x60 channel ductings (one on top of the other) through a single external hole as shown in the enclosed drawing? Drilling a second hole is not possible. The two flat channels each 204x60 would go through single rectangular hole 204x120 and would be...
  10. cwhaley

    Ventilation Regs

    Hi all, having a small extension built and so far so good. We’re about halfway up to the roof of the single storey build. Just thinking ahead and have been asking about means of ventilation. Building control have said that the new downstairs WC (containing a toilet only) must have means of...
  11. A

    Exhaust/Duct advice for Cooker Hood

    Hi I purchased a Candy CCE116/1X Cooker Hood and I wanted some advice on the ducting/exhaust. I read the manual that said it requires a 150mm duct, which is fine. The problem I have is the hood will go against an internal wall (see pic) and the only bit of external wall is to the far left of...
  12. snewz

    Chinese wiring extractor fan

    Hi I've bought an extractor fan in the UK but discovered it's Chinese, the wires are red, green, yellow so 3 wires. Anyone know how that translates in UK wiring? Thanks
  13. W

    Two wired extractor fan connecting to three wired old fan

    Hi! I am removing the old extractor fan in my bathroom - the old has three wires - live, switched live, and permanent live. It is hooked up to the fan isolator. my new fan only has two wire inputs. Permanent live and neutral. can I use my new fan with two of the three wires which went into...
  14. K

    Mould in extractor fan ducting

    Hi, There's a mouldy smell in my shower room, and I think it may be coming from the extractor fan. I removed the cover and cleaned around the motor and blades, which were pretty black, but I couldn't reach into the ducting. First, I'd like to know if mould in extractor fan ducting is a thing...
  15. G

    Is 3250 mm2 extractor vent enough ?

    Hi, I've got the shower and kitchen extractor in square ducting, the grille sys 3250mm2 and covers both of them, I'm wondering if the airflow can be improved or that's ok ? Thanks
  16. J

    Solution for condensation in a vertical Extractor flue? Spinner Cowl?

    Hi there, grateful for any advice. Live in a top floor flat where the bathroom extractor is mounted in the ceiling, with a flue pipe extending vertically about 0.75m, topped with a mushroom clowl. The extractor runs when bathroom lights are on, and on timer after the bathroom lights are...
  17. DerMitchie

    Flat roof joists in the way for ducting to pass through

    Our Victorian property has a flat roof side extension for the kitchen. The kitchen ceiling is in part under the original property and in part under the flat roof. A long RSJ props up the original wall of the house. We are going to fit a ceiling extractor above a new kitchen island. The...
  18. A

    Hidden Kitchen Junction Box

    We're in the process of renovating our kitchen. We've removed the existing tiles, and in the splashback area above the hob we found a small mdf patch hiding a junction box. I'll let the pictures do the talking but wanted advice on whats best to do. It doesn't power the hob, oven or extractor...
  19. A

    Wiring a Fused Fan Isolator

    Hi I am installing an extractor fan that has a built-in humidstat and timer. I ordered a '10A 3 Pole Fan Isolator Switch with 3A Fuse' to combine having both a fan isolator switch and a FCU. Has anyone wired one of these up before or would they have a good idea how to do it? It's more the 'L...
  20. A

    How to put Extractor Ducting Under Screed

    Hi, please can someone help me here. I’ve had my garage converted to a kitchen. Floor was lower in the garage compared to the level of the existing house. Anyway, I am having an island with a downdraft extractor. I have UFH installed and the builder has forgotten to put in the ducting for the...