1. L

    Widening cavity in fireplace after gas fire removed

    Hi, We've just had our gas fire taken out and gas capped in our new house. We were planning on putting in an electric log burner but would need to open out the cavity by around 10cm on either side in order for it to fit. I naively thought we might be able to just chisel away some brickwork on...
  2. S

    Chimney Ventillation

    Hello The chimney breast and hearth have been removed on the ground floor. The chimney breast and hearth remain on the first floor, and the chimney breast goes up into the attic and onto the chimney outside. The chimney pots have been capped and have ventilation points. However there is no...
  3. A

    Would a flue extension work on my boiler?

    When I had my boiler serviced I was told it failed as the flue outlet is too close to my conservatory. Is it easy enough to get a flue extension attached to the wall, and then out away from the guttering/roof? - gutter sticks out from wall about 20 cms. The outlet is about 40+ cms from the...
  4. Kevjh

    Converting coal fire to gas

    I have a cast iron fireplace installed and wanted to put a gas fire insert (one of the coal ones) into the bottom where the real coal would have sat and had a couple of questions. An old 1950's fire was taken out, and I have cut away some of the brick and filler to allow this cast iron (coa...
  5. G

    Is This Penetrating Damp? What Would You Do?

    Hi, I'm an inexperienced first time buyer. November moved in to the house to find damp plaster on 1st floor bedroom wall (external). Based on the description below and attached pics, what might be likely causes of the damp, and what repairs should I realistically expect? Are there any specific...
  6. R

    Chimney breast flue direction

    Hi folks, Looking to have a multi fuel stove installed in the New Year but when I look up my chimney breast, I notice that it is not a straight path to the roof but that it zig zags at the beginning. Is this normal? Would I need to have this removed to fit a 5” liner? Any other things I should...
  7. M

    Valiant ecoTECH plus 825 boiler flue

    Have family members currently putting up a conservatory for me. Last week I noticed the boiler flue inside the conservatory. When I queried it, they told me they were putting attachments on so it comes out of the side.... I have queried 2 gas engineers who haven't been very helpful. Just...
  8. M

    Ideal H15 F2 fault caused by condensate flue collector.

    Since moving into our new home, with a 3 year old Ideal H15 boiler, around changes in the weather our boiler always seems to fault an F2. In Feb when we had frost and snow our boiler made gurgling noises before packing up, and the boiler man came cleaned it up and blew a pipe to clean out the...
  9. G

    Boiler Flue Tip / Exhaust Vent

    Hello all, We have the boiler serviced every year under a cover plan that we've had. Boiler is great, about 15 years old and we've lived here 4.5 years and it's not let us down at all. Every year they come to service it, every year it passes, although the person servicing it seems to insist...
  10. A

    Knocking though wall below chimney

    We have a disused space in our kitchen where the original oil boiler used to be situated. Its essentially a cupboard space made up of 4 brickwork walls, 2 of those a shared with the 2 internal load bearing walls of the property. Above is a concrete pad, below ceiling level with the remaining...
  11. S

    Boiler Flue Causing Soffit Expansion and noise

    Wondering if there are any solutions to prevent the heat from this flue causing the soffit (and facia) above it from expanding and contracting and therefore making a ticking type noise. I was thinking a sheet of aluminium or similar to deflect the heat?
  12. Auric

    Advice for fixing a leaking exhaust flue

    Hello all! During lockdown in April we moved into a new house and on day 1 found a gas leak which required a new boiler system. Our options were limited due to full lockdown so we got in touch with the closest boiler installation guy we could find, willing to work during the lockdown. Long...
  13. StephenStephen

    Heat dispersing flanges on woodburner flue?

    Hi all, One of our woodburners has become much less efficient since we had the chimney lined. (irritating as it had worked really well before we took the advice of the sweep and had it lined) Because of fears of timber and pipes in the chimney, it has 2 lengths of double lined flue running...
  14. M

    Extending boiler flue

    Hello everyone, I know nothing about boiler and there regulations but I’ve got what appears to be a simple job that I can’t seem to get done. I have a potterton promax HE boiler and the flue comes straight out of the top and angles 90 degrees thru my wall and vents outside into my garden. I’m...
  15. C

    Fumes in house and excessive damp

    Good evening. I hope this is the right place for some advice. I’ve been having issues with damp and air quality in the house. So much so when the boiler was running (before it got turned off by Cadent) the bedroom above the boiler smelt really bad and the air was putrid like stale air. It caused...
  16. R

    woodburner flashing leak easy fix?

    Hi - woodburner - stainless pipe through roof via lead flashing - has storm collar - ok for several years now (after some external sealing with grey lead sealant) though now leaking a bit in intense rain between the double wall pipe and the lead tube. (suspect through rain bouncing off roof...
  17. G

    Potential dangerous solid fuel flue position

    My neighbour has installed a wood burner in her property and the flue is about 1000mm away from my building but does not rise 600mm above my building. I am concerned about carbon monoxide and smoke entering my property and in particular my daughters bedroom which you can see on attached...
  18. S

    How much space from flue to shed

    Hi, I’m looking to relocate a shed. Does anyone know what the UK restrictions are as to how close it can be placed to the external flue? It’s one of the types of flues which emits straight out, its a new build. I presume there is a radial distance? thanks.
  19. D

    Trianco Eurostar Flue

    Hi, Does anyone know if the Eurostar 90 requires a flue specifically for that boiler, or if a generic flue of the same dimensions would suffice? Proving to be tricky to source a flue for this old boiler. So far have found this one... https://www.bhl.co.uk/trianco-1000mm-horizontal-flue.html#...
  20. D

    Combi vibrates intermittently on windy days

    Hi, My combi has started shaking intermittently during the recent stormy weather almost as if air pressure is getting trapped in through the flue somehow.(sounds a little like a washing machine on spin in the next room) If I turn the thermostat down, it stops and then runs normally when I turn...