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    advice concerning placement of a gas cooker

    Hi guys, Me and my partner are about to sign a tenancy agreement with a private landlord, however I am a bit worried about the gas cooker in this new kitchen. It is a standalone cooker and hob, with worktops on the left side and nothing on the right side. It is also right next to an inside...
  2. S

    Gas Meter - wall replacement (moved from GD)

    Hi I have a question regarding the movement or rather non movement of a gas meter. My meter is connect to a courtyard wall at the side of my house, this wall is due to be demolished and rebuilt with a block cavity wall. National grid have said that i have to have the gas supply disconnected...
  3. M

    Earth wire on gas pipe

    Hi, just had a storage cupboard installed under the stairs. The gas meter is located in there and has an earth wire attached to one of the top gas pipes. The thing is is that it now spans across the cupboard opening. My question is whether I can unattach the wire from the top and reattach it to...
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    Lifestyle Programmer

    Hi all!! I've just moved into a new house and can't figure out how to use the boiler. Can't seem to find any user manuals for it online either so hoping someone on here can help. I know how to turn the heating in and off and about the timer but when it comes to hot water I'm stumped!! Here's a...
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    Floorboards and pipes underneath

    Hey All We recently bought a flat that was built in the 90's and had to replace some floorboards in the as they had some water damage from a previous owner. The replacing of the boards was easy enough however when under the floors there was a rather strange design! Right at the bottom there...
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    Boiler Hot, Pilot On, Radiators Cold. Mystery Programmer... can anyone help

    Dear all, I have just moved into a new (old) flat, with a pretty absent landlord. He did show me around the flat, but I get the impression he takes the 'patch it up' approach to repairs and he and the previous tenants have tolerated various glitches in the heating/hot water systems over the...
  7. K

    Gas Leak - Has he taken the right approach?

    I had a minor job done yesterday, to move a gas pipe feed to my hob further back to allow more space for the cooker. All went fine but when testing following switching everything back on, he found there was a drop (I assume pressure) highlighting that there was a leak. In brief: He isolated the...
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    Black iron gas pipe

    Hello, I'm in the process of decorating my kitchen and had a gas safe plumber round to fit a new gas hob. The old hob was connected with a black flexible hose which I guessed would need replacing. When the plumber came he had a look and said where the pipe came out of the wall it was black...
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    gas emergency shut-off valve

    I have a house with a gas emergency shut-off valve at the (external) meter but nothing at the point at which the pipe enters the property. I understand that it's good practice to provide one as soon as practically possible after the pipe enters the building - but is this a Building (and/or Gas...
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    Vokera 20-80 RS Turbo Boiler

    Having an issue with my boiler and wondering if anyone knows the answer. The pilot light seems to be working fine, but whenever I fire up the burner for the central heating, within about 15-20 minutes there's a click followed by a shut down on the gas. I'm against going into the mechanics of...
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    Gas central heating Installation cost.

    Just trying to get an idea of the cost. If its to much will stick to the woodburner and single radiator (n) Living in a three bed semidetached. I would be looking for a Combi boiler, 6 radiators one of which would be a towel one for the bathroom. Thermostatic shower. The works really. Living...
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    Gas Combi Heating Boiler ... 2 separate Timers ?

    Is it possible on a gas combi boiler to have 2 completely separate timers fitted side by side, 1 for central heating and one for hot water to run independantly of each other without a problem ?
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    Has anyone got a user manual for this gas stove/ fire (Taylor & Portway) the Norfolk collection, natural gas pirory stove rear or top flue outlet. need to find out user manual to see if i need a flue liner.
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    Hive receiver into Glowworm Betacom 24 boiler

    Hi, I have just bought a Hive thermostat, but I can't work out how to connect the receiver into the boiler. I have connected the backplate to the permanent live / neutral from the spur, but not sure where the Common, Heating Off, and Heating On terminals need to be connected to in the boiler...
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    Fireplace advice needed

    Hi all We have just pulled out a coal fire with a back boiler which was in use until last year when we fitted a combi boiler. Pictures below show the hole that is left behind. We now have a sandstone fireplace to go up and a gas fire to go in, but arent sure on what may be needed for the...