1. O

    Flat roof semi detached

    I am after some help if possible on the below situation. I have a 1950s semi detached house and I am looking to convert the garage into livable space. It’s currently got an asbestos roof which I’ll have removed and disposed of. I need best advice as how to have the new warm roof. It’s 6 meters...
  2. E

    Conservatory Timber Roof Gutter Box

    Hi all, We are going to replace our polycarbonate conservatory roof with a timber construction for all the typical reasons that people change them. What we understand from the various companies we have spoken to along with the research that we’ve done independently is that once the...
  3. J

    Gutter into soil pipe

    Hi, advice needed please. We live in a 1700’s property which has a combined drainage system where all waste and surface water (guttering etc.) feeds into the same drain. The outside pipe work is carnage and I’m trying to tidy up. We have a soil and a guttering down pipe that run (almost)...
  4. D

    Infuriating leak

    Hello. I apologise if this should be in a more appropriate thread. I had a look but couldn't find one. Tearing my hair out here about this leak which proceeds from roof into bedroom, down same column to kitchen on one side and dining room on the other. The roof was replaced two years ago and was...
  5. C

    Plastic into cast iron gutter advice

    Afternoon all Had my gutters done not too long ago and this particular point keeps leaking. It’s been fixed a couple of times with sealant but fails again when the seasons change, assume due to temperature change. I’m looking for a more permanent solution, is there a union I can buy...
  6. N

    Any help appreciated. What UPVC profile is this?

    I've got a job where I need to source some more of this gutter/downpipe Can't find any markings? Any ideas what this profile is called? Any links etc appreciated Many thanks
  7. C

    Upper gable gutter discharge onto roof not lower gutter

    Hi, I've had all the gutters and downpipes to the main house replaced - previously plastic/cast iron mix. The new gutters are 5" seamless aluminium in a Victorian style and downpipes 68mm cast aluminium. The upper part of the side gable was previously a rotten wooden gutter with fall to the...
  8. J

    How to repair zinc gutter seal?

    There is a leak where 2 pieces of horizontal zinc guttering connect. The soldered/welded connection seems to be broken. How can I repair this? Is something like gorilla tape an option?
  9. B

    Advice- Rainwater not going into Guttering? Support Trays??

    Hi All I had fascias/guttering fitted several years ago and instead of removing the existing wood fascia they just went over it with new UPVC. This caused the the guttering to protrude to much and the rain/water flowed half down fascia and half in gutter. I as a quick fix just screwed the...
  10. O

    neighbours moved gutter downpipe without permission

    Hi all, My dad lives in a semi-detached house with the shared down pipe being on his neighbours property. The neighbours did a loft extension and remodelling of their house and during this time they have drilled into my dads property and moved the down pipe to his side without asking...
  11. K

    Extension party wall drainage - leave a gap or not?

    Hi everyone, I'm going to do a rear extension, and as from the attached photo, my neighbour has already extended a bit, and we have signed the party wall agreement with them. My builder suggested to not build a wall alongside my neighbour's, instead, they'll build a new wall and leave about...
  12. R

    112, 125 or 150mm?

    It seems that the last aging length of rainwater guttering has now begun to come off the roof of our recently purchased (but very old) home. So now I've got to replace it before monsoon season properly hits us here in Wales. I'm very much hoping to keep fascia and brackets in place and simply...
  13. L

    Leaking gutter joint (standard seals?)

    Hoping for some advice on resolving a leaking gutter joint which drips constantly when it rains. The seal seems to be worn out and from a quick look online, it seems some people replace the seal, others the whole joint and some just bung in a bit of silicone sealant. Strangely, in some cases...
  14. Bishop m

    Difficult to reach shared downpipe

    Semi detached house with one downpipe on my side has come away from the gutter (think it's blocked at the dog leg aswell). Problem is that it's above 2 extensions that form a valley so can't get a ladder up. Got someone to have a look and he's suggested tricky scaff job and 2 new downpipes at...
  15. C

    How to achieve a fall with roof-sheet supported guttering

    Hello, I’ve recently bought some trapezoid-profile insulated steel roof panels for my garden room, but am having difficulty understanding how to achieve a fall with the supplied folded-sheet box guttering. It has support straps that fasten from the crown of the trapezoid box to a lip on the...
  16. E

    Neighbours Guttering flowing into ours following a loft conversion

    Hi There, Our neighbours adjoined wall on a semi-detached property, just had their loft conversion done. They ‘didn’t want’ a downpipe on their side as it would ‘ruin the look’ of their half... Now the whole of their new flat roof along the house flows into our gutter and our down pipe and...
  17. J

    Neighbour gutter overhangs over our property

    We are planning to build a conservatory extension adjacent to the neighbour's wall. We have some concerns about the way in which the waste pipe from the neighbours' first floor bathroom connects with ours into a shared pipe on our property, as well as how their extension has a rainwater pipe...
  18. U

    Wood Gutter Replacement

    I am getting my wood gutter replaced. It is a listed building so needs to retain the look so have to replace with wood or something that looks similar. The neighbours replaced their side with wood (well they cut the whole gutter in half to get "their side".) I know there is twinplas but I...
  19. C

    Lack of gutter drains on old shop fronts

    Hi, I have an old terrace shop front. The street is really old and there is no drain for the guttering. It is not an end of terrace. The front of the shop front faces north so there is a fair amount of green staining from the gutter. It is not dangerous but it is a nuisance. I understand there...
  20. T

    What is the purpose of fascia boards compared to cladding

    I'm rebuilding a flat roofed garage and am wondering what the point in fascia boards are here because the rafters don't overhang the wall, instead they finish flush with the edge of the wall. Is there any reason I shouldn't clad right up to the roof line? A rubber roof will be installed with a...