heating controls

  1. M

    Vaillant Arotherm 7KW Heat Pump Controllers???

    Hi All, I am considering installing a Vaillant Arotherm Plus 7kw heatpump in my house. Does anyone know if the Arotherm Plus 7Kw includes a controller unit (wiring center)? I previously lived in Denmark and Vaillant supplied a seperate VWZ AI Controller and this could be paired with a Vaillant...
  2. Cragglejacks

    Salus st620RF flickering on/off when switched on

    Hi! I have a Salus ST620RF Thermostat which is used as an on/off switch for a water pump for our radiator water loop when the water is being heated. Normal behaviour is that we use it as a manual switch (Manual Setting) and manually flick it between on and off as we need the radiators running...
  3. R

    EPH Controls to Drayton Wiser Wiring -

    Evening all, I've just bought a Drayton Wiser Kit 1 to replace my EPH Controls (RF1A-OT) and just want to clear something up with the wiring. Here is the current wiring setup: And here are the instructions for the Drayton Wiser Kit 1 (Combi Potterton boiler) Am I missing anything from the...
  4. M

    Vaillant boiler modulating even with on/off thermostat?! Why is this happening?

    Hi All, I have a Vaillant ecoTEC 637 plus, likely fitted ~2017 mounted as a system boiler, single zone, with a separate water tank for DHW. The thermostat is a Salus RT500 wired via the 230v RT connection. There is also a Drayton scheduler. (Small parenthesis: It is also a classic case of...
  5. M

    converting old honeywell controller to wiser controller

    Hi, I'm trying to convert my current heating system to use the wiser thermostat and controller kit 1. Here is my current controller I have the indstry standard backplate underneath which is what I intend on replacing the above with. Here is the diagram The diagram is confusing me...
  6. K

    Danfoss SET1E heating timer - red LED light shows but LCD is blank

    Danfoss SET1E heating timer, it is showing red LED light but LCD is blank for all positions of grey switch on the right, it shows nothing. Does not appear to have reset button underneath. Ideas how to get LCD showing again/ or a fix.
  7. D

    Central heating programmer wiring

    I've got a static caravan with a Morco GB24ErP combi boiler, which has a built in tappet style timer for CH. I wish to add a Drayton Wiser system so as to have better control and more importantly be able remotely turn heating on when we are getting close to our holiday home. The boiler has a...
  8. A

    Heating controls faulty after power cut

    Hello, We have a robust, relatively new hot water & central heating system including a hot water tank and a system boiler. We live in a fairly rural location and unfortunately experience power cuts quite regularly. In January this year, we had a power cut which resulted in a failure in our...
  9. R

    Replacing old thermostat with Hive.

    Sorry, I really have spent about an hour looking online for the answer and just can't find anything. Boiler = Worcester Greenstar 28i (dial/timer in the middle) Old thermostat = Siemens Landis & Staefa RA02 New Thermostat = Hive single chanel active heating. The old thermostat is in another...
  10. C

    Center RF thermostat intermittent

    A year ago alongside a new combi boiler we got a new room thermostat/timer, Center RF 340017, which I believe is a rebranded Honeywell. Sometimes when pressing a button on it (e.g. to manually change the temperature), the display switches off and after a few seconds asks to set the time...
  11. Kesterlester

    Where to get extra zone valve cable in same colours?

    Where can I buy five core cable in which the conductors have the same colours as most central heating two-port zone valves (i.e. grey, orange, blue, brown, earth). Thus is so that I can re-route some cable runs. I know I could use five core with other colour schemes, and I can get plenty of...
  12. S

    Centaurplus c27 power

    Hello, we have the centaurplus c27 and it currently has no power. I am trying to establish if the problem is the central heating programme or the power supply. I have removed the until from the wall and replaced the battery. Does anyone know if the unit needs to be back on the back plate in...
  13. Bellefaster

    Replacing a 34 year old timer on oil fired burner - advice needed

    The title says it all. I've had the same oil burner in the house from when it was built. It's regularly serviced and works brilliantly but it does have an old timer system that I'm desperate to replace. This is the current setup. A 24 hr dial timer with a separate thermostat switch. The...
  14. Dashy999

    Nest E compatible?

    Hi, Wondering if some kind person on here happens to know whether my Honeywell cm907 thermostat can be swapped out for a Nest E thermostat? Currently I have the honeywell connected to my gas combi boiler and the thermostat controls the heating alone. The screen on the honeywell has failed (a...
  15. Ali708

    Help please to remove Danfoss 103 timer

    Hello guys it’s my first time here and please ignore my English as its not soo good,i have Danfoss 103 timer in my home and it is making too much ticking noises i need help to get it removed as I’ve got Honeywell cm707 thermostat in the room which works as full controller/timer so i think there...
  16. P

    Altech ALTHC001

    My mum has a Worcester Bosch gravity fed boiler with an Altech ALTHC001 control panel. For some reason the 1 hour override buttons for heating and water don't fire up the boiler. They light up when pressed, but nothing happens. The manual doesn't really shed any light on this. Can anyone help?
  17. WKDONE

    Replace old Analogue with HIVE

    I've bought my HIVE in the black Friday sale last year and have been waiting for the local plumber to install but he keeps fobbing me off.... so can anyone advise me on how to wire this up.... I've been through all the usual tutorials and can't make sense of them because they're all different...
  18. G

    WIFI room thermostat – have I done the cable bit correct?

    Good afternoon. I’m after some confirmation. Just changed over from an old rotating Honeywell room thermostat to a new WIFI digital one. It’s connected to my Potterton gas boiler via the switch unit underneath. (see pics). I’m aware that I have to leave the ‘CH’ slider to constant ‘ON’ to...
  19. H

    Siemens RDJ10 room thermostat

    Hi, hope someone is able to help. I’ve recently turned my heating on and read the instructions for the Siemens RDJ 10 thermostat repeatedly so they’re no stuck in my brain(!) I’ve set it so the temperature should be 20.5 degrees, problem is it’s only getting to 18. I don’t understand why My...
  20. B

    Hive Multizone Help

    Looking for some advice? Installing a Hive Multizone in a property. It has the Danfoss programmer. See attached wiring for it; Would I wire this like for like as per the Hives instructions and just remove and cap the remote sensor. See attached photo? Then would I get the single channel receiver...