1. L

    Hot water cylinder & immersion problems - 2 switches

    Hi there! Wondering if anyone can help - we’ve just moved into a new flat and having some problems with the hot water. It’s fully electric (which is new to us!) and we’re not on Economy 7. There are 2 timer switches for the hot water - we believe that the bottom one (red) is for the regular...
  2. T

    Plumbing immersion tank overflow into W/M waste outlet

    Hi everyone! I looking to remove an overflow pipe run that goes into the bathroom and re-route an immersion overflow into the kitchen and connect it to the washing machine waste. Currently, the overflow from the immersion tank passes through a partition wall into the bathroom where it connects...
  3. Licklieder

    Immersion heater(s) tripping rcbo when runs for a while

    Need some guidance on trouble shooting a new issue that has arrisen with my imersion tank. I have a vented Heatrae Megalife cylinder with twin immersions. Both immersions are hooked up to a Horstman Electronic 7 timeclock, The lower immersion is on the timed output and the upper immersion is...
  4. L

    Hot water noise - trying to diagnose!

    Hi, My neighbours above me have an immersion and whenever they use hot water, this noise has plagued my flat as well as the flats below me and above them. Their plumber can't seem to fix it or identify the fault. It's such a loud noise that you can hear it over the TV, in every room of the flat...
  5. E

    Range Tribune He Temperature Control

    Hi, I’ve recently moved into a property with a Range Tribune He immersion heater. I have a few questions… 1) is there any way of controlling the temperature? When I run the hot tap it is too hot to use (also expensive heating to such a high temp!) 2) is it possible to put this on a timer so...
  6. I

    Direct Unvented hot water Cylinder Question

    Hi There, Wondered if anyone can help me work out how exactly my boiler works and how to use it efficiently to save money after some quite costly bills. I have a Santon Premier Plus Unvented hot water system as well as a slimline Amptec Electroheat boiler (C400) alongside. I'm pretty sure the...
  7. Jennifer153323

    Megaflo dd145 Economy 7 water tank issue

    Hey all. I've just moved into a new flat with economy 7 so we have night storage heaters and a night heating water cylinder. It's 145L, but we only get half, maybe not even that before the water is freezing. The whole tank seems to be heated in the morning as it feels slightly warm on the...
  8. KirstyJ

    Someone help me understand my immersion set up!

    Hey! I moved into a new flat recently, and it is fully electric (which is new to me) and taking me some time to figure things out. I'd appreciate some guidance so I can feed back anything I need to my lettings agency. So, I have an immersion tank with 2 switches. I've been investigating and...
  9. J

    Immersion Heater Noise

    Hello Does anyone know what is causing this noise? Thank you
  10. W

    Bathroom circuit for heated mirror from redundant immersion circuit

    I’m in the process on renovating our bathroom and taking out the copper cylinder etc, well not me a plumber. At the back of the airing cupboard is an old 16amp immersion circuit that is no longer used. The immersion heater was removed when I installed the CH about 35 years ago. The outlet is...
  11. M

    Newly installed Combi/Megaflo and Immersion heaters

    I need some help! I have recently had a small extension to our 3 bed semi and with the work they have moved our boiler from the kitchen to the loft and as the water pressure upstairs was too low have installed a megaflop as well. I connected our smart metre earlier in the week and we are...
  12. C

    Immersion size

    My indirect HW cylinder has a top mounted immersion element labelled “Shel CODE XB270”. Does anybody know how long this is? The cylinder says “Max length immersion 760mm”. I suspect that the one fitted is much shorter than this and is only heating the top portion of the cylinder.
  13. Dane2594

    Immersion heater not working

    Hi, I've bought a house and been here a year now but the immersion heater is not working now. It randomly stopped one day so I bought a new element/stat and swapped them over. It's a basic cylinder with a single element entry at the top. I've replaced it of a similar element of the same size...
  14. Musicmancjay

    Gurgling Immersion

    Hey, New to the forum! Our heating and hot water is working absolutely perfectly but for some reason, when the heating reaches temperature and the boiler 'switches off', there is a quick but very loud gurgling noise from the immersion tank in our airing cupboard. Any ideas?!
  15. Y

    No hot water unless immersion is on

    Hi all, Recently installed a nice little shower pump ....... and shower/taps mixer as our new flat only had a bath. Only problem since turning everything back on is that we don't get any hot water from the cylinder unless the immersion is on. Obviously going to be costing us a fortune in the...
  16. N

    Questions on: Immersion switch replace with timer

    I want to install a TimeGuard inline immersion timer (model NNT03 as here: ) in the airing cupboard, for summertime immersion control (use boiler...
  17. R

    Help with antiquated heating in rental house

    Hi all, I've just moved into a new flat (ex council) and am having trouble deciphering how the heating and water can best work without running up huge bills. I've attached photos below. I think I've worked it out but would appreciate advice. Our greedy landlord and agents are as useful as...
  18. N

    Elson Coral E immersion heater - bottom heater not working after hot tap left on all night

    Hi, Probably (hopefully) a very basic question. I have an Elson Coral B immersion heater. My hot tap was left on all night last night, and now I have no hot water. There are two immersion heaters (one for cheap electricity and one for the day) - the day heater is working fine, as I've just...
  19. J

    Electric only flat ... removing water tank and upgrading system.

    Hi All ... First ever post. I have just bought a one bed one bathroom ground floor flat with not a lot going for it in the way of storage. Currently in the hall way there is a cupboard that houses an immersion tank, shower pump and also water tank. The place has no gas so a combi is out of...
  20. S

    New flat immersion heater melting wires

    I moved into a new build flat in July 15 and have had repeated issues with my immersion heater which have stumped electricians. Would really appreciate a second opinion. I have a cylinder in an airing cupboard with an immersion heater at the bottom which is the only source of hot water (no gas...