Immersion Heater Noise

17 Feb 2020
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Does anyone know what is causing this noise?

Thank you
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oooo ..... never heard that before, usually the only noise they sometime produce is a kettling sound, like a kettle is heating up. Are you in a hard water area as it may be scaling on the element.
Hi, thanks for the quick reply.

I think I'm in a soft water area. But if it is scaling is it possible to de-scale it by putting the de-scaler in through the drain valve (using a hose). Or do I have to take out the element?

Thanks again
Does anyone know what is causing this noise?
Thank you

Yes, a video on YouTube :LOL: - I’ll get me coat. On a serious note, it sounds a bit like a broken pump. What temperature are the immersion’s set to?
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Hi, it's set to 60 degrees. There is no pump. There is a top and bottom element (the top is for boost). It's just the lower one that seems to make the noise.
could be water getting inside the element, boiling to steam and coming out, and then repeating?
Anyway, I would think if it's definitely coming from the element, a new element would probably be in order.
Thanks John.

I was wondering if it was scale on the element. I drained the system and there was no sediment. If there was scale you would think the top element would also make a noise but it does not. It still works and heats the water. I'm not sure how long the noise has happened since it's on economy and heats at night.
the bottom element will have had more use and more thermal cycling, things can wear out. I'm not a plumber but I think a new one may be needed.
Thanks John. You are probably correct. I looked a lot on online and read about problems and sounds immersions can make. None quite seemed to be what I was hearing, so I video would help explain it. I appreciate the quick reply. I'll post any updates here in case it helps someone in the future.

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