1. lalanuggets92

    Infrared Heater Marking

    Hello, I have a far infrared glass panel heater which is mounted on the wall. Over the last few days I have noticed it has started to become marked on the inside under the glass. What could this be? The unit isn’t wet or anything, still works and no smells. I’m a bit worried however that it’s...
  2. J

    Electric Radiator Repair "Elkatherm"

    I recently moved into a house that has three wall mounted electric radiators. They are made my a German company called Elkatherm. They are very simply and just have a temperature knob and a red light to show when the radiator is on. Two of the radiators no longer heat up even though the...
  3. E

    Range Tribune He Temperature Control

    Hi, I’ve recently moved into a property with a Range Tribune He immersion heater. I have a few questions… 1) is there any way of controlling the temperature? When I run the hot tap it is too hot to use (also expensive heating to such a high temp!) 2) is it possible to put this on a timer so...
  4. B

    Portable Heater, working, but smelling really bad!

    I bought an electric Homebase 2kW 2000W Convector Heater s/h which works great, but ever since I've had it, it absolutely stinks! fusty, smell, (not so much burning) but an awful smell which can give you a headache after a few minutes, thus defeating the object of having a heater on to keep...
  5. S

    Wiring manual thermostat to room heater

    I have a Honeywell T6360 manual thermostat and a room heater with live, neutral and earth. The supply for them is a fused spur. There is no switched live like on a boiler. How would this get wired?
  6. A

    Spur a outdoor heater from an outdoor light

    Hi, I want to attach a heater on the external wall to provide some warmth when sat on a bench we have. We current have two outdoor lights that run off mains and turn on when motion is detected, about a meter from where i would like the heater to go. My question is, can i take a spur off the...
  7. B

    Standanlone Electric Heater just stopped working?

    I use a standalone Electric Heater just to heat the room where I'm sitting as i'm working up in the attic/loft so its cold at this time of year! However this has suddenly stopped working for some reason? I have changed the 13A fuse as a precuation but still nothing? The heater did fall over...
  8. A

    Combi Boiler to Nest , Please help!

    Hi all, Hope you are all well. Am trying to install a nest 3 gen in my flat with a combi boiler. I have a Honeywell timer ST6100A with a frost room thermostat and a combiner's boiler 24i green star junior. The timer controls hot water and the room thermostat controls central heating. I need help...
  9. Clarkin1

    Dimplex storage heater duoheat, no heat!

    Hi was wondering if anyone could help, I normally use my Dimplex storage heater just to get instant heat feature from the front panel. But it stopped working a while ago. It's model is DUO500i. The lights come on fine but no heat what's so ever. Any advice appreciated Thanks IMG_20201204_204937...
  10. S

    VW Polo GTi heater taking too long to warm up

    I have a 2017 Polo GTi, last winter I realised it took a while to heat up inside the car (around 10 minutes of actual driving), fast forward 6 months and the car started loosing coolant and went in for a warranty repair (replaced thermostat housing) which fixed the leak. Since the cold weather...
  11. J

    Electric water heater - hot feed to appliances?

    My house just has a small electric water heater. Refitting the kitchen, I've discovered the appliances are fed from the hot supply. Which struck me as odd considering. Presumably more expensive to run that way. Now I'm wondering whether this was to maintain tap water temp when appliances are in...
  12. U

    Plug getting really hot? Is it normal?

    Hi all, I have a summerhouse that has a 3KW heater in it. The other day, the heater was on, and I pulled the plug out to put it into a different socket and I noticed that the plug pins (maybe just the 'live' pin) was really hot (I couldn't touch it because it was too hot). I've switched the...
  13. J

    Immersion Heater Noise

    Hello Does anyone know what is causing this noise? Thank you
  14. Y

    Fused wall heater won’t turn off at wall

    Hi we’ve had our electric wall heater on this evening for a couple of hours. A wire comes out of it and goes into the wall and a small white panel with a switch on it - below it is the word “fused” so it’s not one you can unplug. This fused thing is partly obscured by the heater itself (which...
  15. D

    Is gel heater really cheaper to run than a normal electric heater?

    Hi, I got a normal electric heater (not storage heater) and my place doesn't have gas pipe. Yesterday I got a builder to fix something and we chatted how expensive my heater's running cost is. He think I should replace it with a new gel heater, as: 1. new heater's thermostat are much more...
  16. Samboy46b

    Neff dishwasher not heating up

    Hello. Recently bought a house with a neff slimline dishwasher in it. S58M40X0GB/21 Then noticed the sellers have left me with a dishwasher that doesn’t heat up on a cycle. what could it be, heater, main board?. Any help much welcomed.
  17. Pico

    Lagan dishwasher no hot water

    I have a problem with my dishwasher running on to the end but no hot water/steam. Lagan from IKEA Mine is 911539147 04 Type GHE624DA2 SER NO 70885276 21552 602.993.80 this was replaced by IKEA as last machine stopped and wouldn't empty. There's no warranty on this one. I'm happy to have a go but...
  18. H

    Baxi Brazillia F8S Themostat

    My recently fitted Baxi Brazillia F8S wall heater has a thermostat which does not appear to do any thing. It turns fully from 1 to 7 getting tighter towards 1, but no variation on the viewable flame is apparant. Can anybody explain what the thermostat should control please.
  19. eveares

    That's a 120V appliance!

    Oh Dear! :eek: Regards: Elliott.
  20. jwalton4

    Installing timer on immersion heater

    Hi all, I have a Heatrae Sadia Megaflo water heater. The heater has two immersion elements, both of which have been wired to separate 20A control switches. Unfortunately, the heater is not programmable and has no timer settings. I do not use the booster heater. The primary heater I manually...