1. MrsRenovator

    Scotia to match floor or match skirting?

    Currently: 1980’s varnished pine skirting, light beech laminate and matching beech Scotia. Soon: White skirting. The Scotia is in good condition and can be reused as is or can be painted white. So from your experience... Which looks best, matching the Scotia to the floor or matching to the...
  2. D

    First time laying laminate - a few questions

    Some info: I've got 10mm laminate, going onto 5mm foam gold foil backed underlay with a chipboard subfloor. Questions: 1. Do you need to run the underlay up the wall a few inches instead of just flush to the wall edges, then cut it away at the end? Why is this? Seems a faff with the spacers...
  3. Micky87

    Hole in laminate flooring.

    My child just dropped a hard toy on the floor and left a nice big dent in it. Just wondering what the best way to repair this is. I've no spare floorboards left.
  4. S

    The best deals for laminate flooring

    Hi All Would you suggest any other suppliers? I think I am after 7 and 8mm thick laminate boards. The ones I was thinking about:
  5. Danny Hardy

    How to lay laminate on uneven asbestos floor tiles

    Hey all, I and my partner recently moved into a new house and when we ripped up the carpets found asbestos floor tiles below, they are all in great condition so we just want to cover them up, I've gone around the first room we want to lay the laminate flooring in to make sure it's flat, which...
  6. J

    Laminate to laminate large height difference rebate

    Hi, I have removed the sliding door between dining room and conservatory, but with the 20mm insulation and underfloor heating mats, there will be approx 30-35mm height difference between the two floors. I want to lay the same laminate through both rooms with as seamless a threshold as possible...
  7. RustyHAT

    Split/swollen upstand edge laminate

    Hi all, first time poster. I am wondering if anybody has any solutions for this without replacing the upstand? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  8. R

    Beading alternative for kitchen units?

    Hi, We’ve just had a new kitchen installed, but aren’t sure the best route forward in terms of beading. This has been our first project so we have unfortunately learnt a lot of things too late. We ended up getting the flooring (laminate) put in after the kitchen was fitted, but the fitter has...
  9. K

    One of the lamnate boards in middle of hallway is unsupported underneath

    Laminate floor board springs up and down. I did not fit it and have no idea who did. Cannot realistically lift floor from edges to support underneath as out of time. I think either the board was butted wrong way round without tounge into groove, ie slotted in wrong way, or groove has collapsed...
  10. L

    Spongy Laminate Flooring

    Hi, thanks for viewing my post. I've laid down laminate flooring on a uneven subfloor. (sub floor, Underlay, laminate) its become spongy (all over) and we can hear the floorboard while walking on them. like a boom of air when stepped on. I know now that an uneven floor would do something like...
  11. S

    Carpet to laminate threshold/transition bars

    Hi all, We are trying to find a threshold door bar that goes from laminate to carpet. The problem I seem to be having is which strip to use. The laminate is 10mm thick and the underlay for the laminate is 5mm thick. The carpet I was planning on getting is 20mm thick. I have tried searching for...
  12. L

    My first DIY project in my life: replacing carpet with laminate flooring

    I am working on my first DIY project to replace carpet with laminate flooring in a first-floor room in a victorian terrace house. I have removed the carpet and the underlay. 1) There are many nails and staples on the wooden subfloor, should I remove them all? 2) Is there anything I should do...
  13. M

    Condensation damaged laminate flooring

    Hi, I moved in a a rented flat in a newly constructed building 2 weeks ago. There is a laminate flooring in the flat. In the utility room, there is an interrupter that reads "Extraction". This interrupted was set to off and the landlord didn't mention it when I moved in, I didn't even know it...
  14. CCoomber

    Best laminate underlay for a wooden floorboard subfloor.

    Hi I plan to install laminate flooring on the first floor of my house. I have removed all carpets and previous underlay and cleaned the floorboards beneath. Due to it being the first floor I’d like a good noise reducing underlay. I am currently torn between 3 options: - Vitrex premier 5mm (screw...
  15. R

    Correct preparation for self levelling compound?

    Hi. I was going to put laminate over the existing (awful) tiles in our soon to be utility room. However, there is a toilet in the room and closer inspection shows that the previous owners have already put ceramic tiles over the original vinyl floor tiles, this is evident from the way that the...
  16. R

    Laying Laminate when 1 wall is complex

    I need some guidance on where to start laying laminate in my dining room. One wall has a bay window and 12 corners (see photo), the one opposite is straight and the 2 others are straight but with a door in each. I would be grateful for any advice to make the job as straightforward as possible.
  17. N

    Laminate expansion gap wooden threshold

    Hi guys n gals, Tackling some laminate, but its the first time iv come across these wooden door thresholds. The carpet has just been laid, so modifying that is a no go. What is the best way to deal with the expansion gap at this end? They are at the door between bedroom and hallway, but also...
  18. M

    Can this kitchen top be repaired?

    Hi guys, Apologies if this is in the wrong section, is there any way to repair the laminate on this damaged wooden kitchen top? It looks like the laminate has been melted off from the hob exposing the wood underneath. Damaged kitchen top by Kyle Mann posted 24 Nov 2020 at 11:23 PM Any advice...
  19. W

    Carpet underlay for laminate?

    I am in the process of lifting a living room carpet to put down laminate. There is already a very good quality underlay on top of a plywood floor. There is no damp. It seems crazy to lift it and replace with something else. Would this work?
  20. S

    laminate to tile transition

    I am putting down new floors in a downstairs WC (tile) and adjoining hallway (12mm laminate). I was looking at transitions between the two and was really hoping to achieve a really minimalist finish like the attached pic Is this possible with laminate flooring that is essentially 'floating'...