1. JD2012

    Can I still get 100w bulbs?

    I have a old a Anglepoise Lamp that I use as a reading light. The bulb went. As it is for reading I would need a bright one. It says on it 100w Max. Is it still possibe to get these or what would be the modern equivalent? Its bayonet fit bulb. I am in the U.K. it stands on the floor. Its very...
  2. L

    Switching issues on lighting circuit

    Hi, I had an issue with a lighting circuit a few weeks ago, the detail of which I don’t think will help here. I thought the issue was fully sorted, but this week I noticed that certain combinations of lights are not working as expected. In terms of my knowledge/experience, I am confident to...
  3. S

    Weird kitchen light switch with 3 x yellow/green earth wires

    So was gluing some of those stone look PVC tiles to kitchen wall today. Thought I would do things properly and unscrewed the kitchen light switch to cut the hole out neat and have a professional look to things. So the tile sheets do look great around the light socket. However some wires came...
  4. T

    Shower light cover

    Hi. Hopefully a simple one but does anyone know how I'd go about removing one of these covers from a light in a shower please? And also where I could possibly get a replacement? The cosmetic damage to it just bothers me a bit and I'm guessing they're probably cheap to replace. Cheers
  5. D

    Use a 3 way WiFi switch for a single light?

    Hi all, I have a couple of spare 3 way smart switches. I have a single light switch in my shed and thought I might as well make it 'smart'! So I wondered if I can use my old 3 way smart switch... I've attached a picture of the wiring for the existing switch, a pic of the back of the smart 3-way...
  6. D

    Replaced an outside light, what is best to seal it with?

    Looking for a recommendation on a sealant please. I've just replaced an old outside light. The new one didn't come with any gasket! What's the best sealant for a metal outside light on brick. Can acetoxy cure be used or will it react with the brick or metal?
  7. willowcat

    Confusing ceiling rose - please help!

    I am at my wits end with this light fitting. We’ve been living in this house for 3 months and come across quite a few failed DIY jobs from the previous owners, and unsafe electrics. I’m trying to fit a new light fitting in the kitchen and was surprised to find four wires (not including the...
  8. L

    2 way lighting circuit

    Hi all, Recently moved house and there is a double switch downstairs which controls the upstairs landing and downstairs hall way light but only a single switch upstairs for the landing light. Is it possible to change the upstairs switch to a double switch and have it control the hallway light...
  9. E

    How to change this spotlight

    hi i know how to change regular spotlights on the ceiling but this one seems to be confusing me Do you have any idea or YouTube videos on how I can change that? thank you in advance!
  10. JD2012

    Best Maglite LCD Conversion Kit.

    I was thinking of buying a LED Conversion Kit for my 2 Cell Maglite Torch. I am not sure of the model but its the black metal police type and takes two batteries. Any ideas thanks?
  11. A

    Metal ceiling light with no earth

    Hi All, My partner on a whim has purchased a new living room light, we currently have the dangly kind. I’ve taken a quick look and it appears we may not have an earth wire so might not be able to switch the ceiling light now. Before I call in a professional to help switch the lights I’m...
  12. G

    Replacing switch with a dimmer in a 3 way installation

    Hi guys. Trying to instal a dimmer switch but the arrangement I have is quite tricky so though I will ask for some advice. So the lights in my house can be controlled via multiple switches. I have 2gang 3-way switch in the kitchen to control kitchen and living room lights. I have 2x 1gang...
  13. safe

    Exterior PIR light with sensor & light in opposite directions?

    hi folks, I'm after some recommendations / advice. basically I'm looking to find out if what i 'm looking for actually exists! the front door to our house is on the side of the house so to reach our front door you effectively have to walk up a lane between ours & next door I'd like to fit...
  14. D

    Height of mirror light?

    What height would you generally have the 1.5mm tail sticking out of the plaster? What length tail should be ok? What are the considerations.. Thank you, Dain
  15. Tenant456

    Recess Ceiling lights causing dust

    Hi ive been having bad Allergies and have just discovered dust is coming in from the ceiling it is coming in between gaps in the recess lights in ceiling (I live in top floor flat) . Took a couple of photos, I pulled one light down. Seems very old. Is this how you install a ceiling light? It...
  16. C

    How many is too many roof windows

    Hi, not sure if anyone can help with my query. We are converting a 1960 barn. The room is 10 x 11 meters and will be completely open plan with a vaulted ceiling height of approx 6 meters at the apex. The roof pitch is 22.5 and is oriented east to west. There will be two patio sliders on both...
  17. S

    2 Gang to 1 gang dimmer switch wiring advice

    I've been trawling about 25 threads for an answer to what I hope is a really simple question about how I replace a 2 gang switch, which currently controls two seperate hanging light fittings in my lounge, to a single dimmer switch. I don't want to control the lights independently any more as...
  18. A

    Replace a 2D CFL bath light with an LED one

    Hi, I have the attached 2D CFL 4pin bathroom light which works using a start switch. Can I replace the CFL version with an LED version as a straight swap? I've seen the following on toolstation LED Lamp datasheet Issue 3.pdf but unsure if its...
  19. J

    Wall lights from sockets (UK)

    In my flat I have a spur from the ring main to 2x double plug sockets either side of the bed. There is a 13amp fused spur switch between the ring main and the spur. I want to extend the spur to feed 2x wall lights (they have a on/off switch in the base of each light). Question: Do I need...
  20. mixer28

    Best way to connect a USB LED strip to a ceiling light fitting

    I wanted to know the best way to use my ceiling light fitting (which is a bayonet cap) to connect an LED light strip that has a USB connector and typically plugs into a USB to mains plug adaptor (like the iPhone charger ones). If I plug in a cable with a bayonet fitting ( as per image)...