1. D

    Plasterboard Loft Room

    Hi all, I'm in the process of refurbishing my loft conversion which is really dated (no idea when it was built). I've removed the existing plasterboard walls and ceilings, removed the mineral wool insulation (in some areas there was barely any), and stripped it back to the exposed rafters...
  2. D

    Knotty 6 panel doors - Position of door hinges

    New doors and linings: what heights are door hinges traditionally fixed at? (762x1981) thank you, Dain
  3. J

    Door Lining FD30 with with over 150mm. Struggling to source it. Help

    I have some brickwork partition which will have dot and dab plasterboard taking wall thickness to around 150mm. As I have loft conversion door need to be replaced with FD30 model. I can source tons of 132mm door lining but nothing over that width. Any chance where I can find it without...
  4. P

    Door lining not wide enough?

    we are converting our garage and will need to replace the door and lining (the original door + lining never fitted) however it appears the off the shelf linings are not wide enough. On the assumption of 100mm thermalite, 12mm boards, dabs 10-20mm walls a little out and 3mm skim, making the wide...
  5. D

    Plasterboard adhesive/dot dab thickness

    I need to fit a door lining where a wall is to be dry lined (presuming that spread would want the door lining fitted before dry lining the wall). 10mm deep cable capping to accommodate, plus 12.5mm board and 3mm skim? I was thinking of setting the door lining maybe 30mm proud, giving approx...
  6. J

    Stud wall, Partition wall with plasterboard and noggin

    Hi, Im doing a bit of renovation and for the first time I have to build few wall including one partywall and a fully enclosed bathroom. My idea is to use 15mm plasterboard or maybe 2x15mm to make it stronger but question is what stud size need to use and if there is any basic concept to use in...
  7. D

    Tolerance behind door liner

    What tolerance for packing behind the door lining should I include in a new blockwork doorway? How much of a gap do you leave at each side of the door liner? Thanks, Dain
  8. Peter1954

    Lining an awkward ceiling

    Back again! This time it is lining an awkward ceiling which slopes evenly both sides: This is what it looks like! A sort of mansard roof Angled at both sides, about 2ft, then straight across the ceiling. The ceiling is about 4 metres on the flat. I know the obvious answer is...
  9. cwhaley

    Lining paper edges

    Evening all. Unfortunately there are two rooms in our house which haven't been re-skimmed and need lining paper. When I started room by room, I had never had a decent go at lining paper so when I came to doing it there were a few mistakes. Although I correctly sized the walls and avoided any...