1. S

    wet roof membrane

    Hello, I'm putting some new rafters into an edwardian butterfly roof, on the advice of a structural engineer, and when it rains there appears to be large water marks forming on the membrane. No water is getting through, but in the darkest spots, around the valley, it's starting to feel slightly...
  2. Howhardcoulditbe

    Is this normal? Please help!

    First post so please be gentle :LOL: I’ve recently bought a house and wanting to use the garage as a workshop / gym. The roofing membrane looks pretty nasty from the inside and there’s a few holes, plus it’s rotten away by a few inches at the gutters. I therefore want to replace it (myself)...
  3. Recci


    what is the difference between vapour barrier and vapour control layer?
  4. J

    Leaking roof during thunderstorms

    Noticed some water dripping through one of the ceiling lights in our 1st floor bathroom during the last thunderstorm. Have been up in the loft & disconnected that specific light fitting, all the rest continue to work. In the loft above there is a grey papery membrane above the joists & beneath...
  5. A

    Missing ridge tile – membrane needed?

    The photo shows a missing ridge tile from the garage roof. Being new to this I’d like to know what I’m talking about when chatting to roofers/ builders please. 1) The ridge beam is partly exposed. Has some membrane material rotted? Should the beam be covered? If so with what membrane? (I...
  6. S

    Cladding membrane

    Hi all, First Post so apologies if this seems an obvious question: Some of my external house cladding has blown off in recent storms. I am going through insurance to get sorted but have noticed that the cladding is held onto wooden battons fixed to the breeze block behind, there is no membrane...
  7. T

    How to repair roofing membrane

    I recently had some work done in the loft and the workmen managed to burn a hole through the membrane under the tiles, and scorch another area. What is the appropriate fix for this? They've agreed to "do something" about it, but I'd be grateful of your insights to ensure its fixed properly...
  8. D

    Polystyrene tiles between rafters

    I probably already know the answer to this question but I will ask it anyway. We had all the roof tiles replaced about five years ago and afterwards I renewed the loft insulation and boarded the loft. I also fitted 2" thick polystyrene between the rafters, the polystyrene being cut into tiles...
  9. J

    Insulation, metal roofing and moisture

    Hi everyone, I'm building a heated garden office with a box profile metal roof. This space will be heated during winter months. I've got 145mm rafters with glass wool in-between. 15mm OSB ontop of the rafters, then Breathable roofing membrane. I've then fixed the metal roof directlu ontop of...
  10. M

    Plastering before screed/ Plastering over of DPM membrane

    Hi. We are building an extension and laying new floors inside the existing house as well. We are managing the job ourselves, but seems like we are making lots of mistakes, relying on "specialists" trades instead of doing our own research to get the right solutions. I know we got it wrong, so...
  11. D

    How to support cls frame for ply floor - and how many supports?

    Car port being domesticated, it's conc. base has a couple of coats of Sikha Rapid DPM plus membrane. I was thinking of using decking pedestals but how was it done prior to these arriving on the scene? Do I just masonry bolt lots of short CLS bearers/feet down and chock/brace off these? What...
  12. D

    Support spacings below 8'x4'x18mm ply substrate?

    The ply substrate is for a click vinyl surface. the cls frame will be sat on rubber pads or low level decking pedestals on rubber pads (on a membrane) I was thinking of using a stud type support framework so that ply edges have landings along their full length? So does the usual 400mm joist...
  13. D

    Membrane over Sikha Rapid DPM? Should I bother?

    A gallon of Sikha, spread in 2 coats (5x4m room). Regs told me to run a membrane along the base of and up the inside of the blockwork wall before the stud went on. Am putting down a CLS plus 18mm ply substrate, then 8mm click vinyl. Do I really need to continue the membrane across the whole...
  14. W

    Exterior paint

    Hi Can anyone recommend a black exterior waterproof paint for brickwork? Its not to make the entire house black, just for the bottom few courses Thanks
  15. M

    Vapour Barrier In wet room ??, Extractor fan (Yes or No), Tanking.

    Hi All, Currently renovating an old wetroom. 1. Removed everything back to brick. Currently, Have stud battened the walls, insulated the spacing and am now ready to apply the tile backer board, however, before I apply the tile backer board. Should I cover the insulation and battens with a...
  16. H

    Draft under patio & damp concrete

    Hi, Lifted porcelain tiles a few weeks back and removed cement. Some of that cement was under the patio door base frame. Now there is a draft coming from that area (we can also see a black membrane). Is this simply a case of ‘plugging the gap’ / using sealant before levelling and installing a...
  17. J

    Re Slate - Issues

    Hi - this is my first post here and I was hoping someone could advise. I have recently moved into a 3 bed semi detached dating from the 1930's, the house is slated in good quality Welsh slates but had no 'breathable' membrane. We have just had the slates removed, a membrane fitted...
  18. N

    Summerhouse base

    Morning, I'm wanting to build a summerhouse, and keen to find out all I need to know before starting. The plan is to build something 3mx4m, with the highest point of the roof being <2.5m high. The site is not very level, a few inches drop from one end to the other, and can get very damp in...
  19. M

    Fixing wood cladding on a gable end

    Im hoping someone can help me - I am planning to clad my gable end with cedar cladding - currently it is mock tudor - I will remove the black wood detail and inspect the white sheathing/boards - I am hoping these are ok to batten onto and then clad - my question is whether I need to membrane...
  20. N

    gravel drive and membrane

    Hi all Just after a bit of advice regarding the use of a membrane under a gravel drive. Im having my existing drive dug out next week and installing a gravel replacement but was wondering once its dug out, is it best to membrane all the area prior to compacting the type 1 and bedding the...