1. J

    Extension width/length not divisible by exact brick size

    Hi, Our extension width and length is not divisible by an exact number of bricks (taking into account a standard mortar width of 10mm). This is for an extension with planning permission - not permitted development. What might be the best approach? - create the walls slightly under the planned...
  2. D

    How can I demolish this bunch of stuck together slabs for removal with basic tools?

    Disclaimer: I'm useless I've managed to get the area that needs lifted loose as a big solid block (About 7 different sized slabs that are all still attached at the joints). The spade is able to lift the whole thing up so it's definitely loose from the ground. Problem is two fold: - it seems to...
  3. D

    Advice for repointing

    Hi, After some advice please to repoint some brickwork above patio door. Could anyone please advise a product that would be fit for purpose and match the existing mortar colour? Also, any thoughts on why the brick work in the middle is that colour? House is 1930s semi. Thanks
  4. J

    Re-mortared verge had cracked

    We had our verge mortar replaced one month ago. The roofer took off all the tiles, replaced the under cloak, and then put new mortar down and replaced the tiles. Would anyone have any ideas of what went wrong? The mortar has come away from the under cloak along its full length, and a few...
  5. J

    Cracked Mortar Above Window

    Hi All, We moved into our first house 2 years ago, and I've only just noticed these cracks in the mortar above our lower-floor window. They might have been there all along, but nothing was flagged on the homebuyers report when buying the property. I was just wondering if this was a sign of...
  6. stratford_noob

    Re-bedding patio slabs

    I wanted to repoint my patio + fix some wobbly slabs. But it turned out a lot of them (23) were actually wobbly and after taking them out, I'm kind of stuck what to actually do. The original mortar was pretty high and applied in "blobs" so I was thinking I should just remove some of it and use...
  7. B

    Crack in mortar where extension joins house

    Please see attched photos of one side of the extension. The other side is exactly the same. The extension was built 3 years ago and has been fine up until now. I would appreciate any thoughts on potential cause, and what are the next steps.
  8. Gavinnixon

    Sandstone windowsill repair

    Hoping someone can give me some help and advice! I’ll attach photos for reference. I’m attempting to repair my sandstone windowsill. The top of the sill is in pretty good condition and I’m in the process of getting all the old paint off and sanding it down to the stone. However the underside...
  9. B

    Are these cracks in external wall anything to worry about?

    1950s terraced house, ex-local authority, generally solid as a rock I noticed some cracks today, might have been there forever, I never looked for them. The first picture is under the front downstairs window, right in the middle (horizontally and vertically), so on the oposite side of the...
  10. S

    Mortar/Cement Mix

    I want to fill the gap (10mm wide, 30 mm deep) between paving stones and a wall. I want to stop the water dripping off the wall and going into the gap. Instead I want the water to flow over the paving stone away from the building What mortar/cement mix or product should I use. Thanks
  11. M

    Mortar or Concrete bed? For sloped shower pan.

    Hi All, Just finishing my wet room. I have a linear drain in the end embedded and secured levelled into the concrete floor. I am now ready to do the wet room slope pan. I have placed two pieces of strip wood on each side and raised them accordingly to my slope measurements. I will use these...
  12. M

    Are vertical Joints on a 1.5 course run of blocks ok for stud wall

    Hello, Hope the title was catchy enough Basically I purchased this old Barn and he started to level the floors with a run of blocks so he could put up stud wall. I like the idea of splitting finishing his plans, due to the floor being over three levels and not level in any direction he ran...
  13. S

    Removing mortar

    I've got a stone wall 2.5ft high and 4m long to pull down and rebuild but I need to work with the existing chunks. They are 50mm concrete slabs broken up. Is there a quick way to remove the old mortar than using hammer and chisel? Reason I can't use fresh pieces are due to location. Garden...
  14. S

    Thermal expansion?

    Morning all.I have noticed holes appearing in a uniform fashion in verticals of my pointing..they are situated on a South facing wall , start about 2ft below gutter and appear in every other course for about 5 ft..3 holes to the left and 7 holes to right. (Hope I've explained that ok!)..the grey...
  15. D

    Repointing inaccessible walls

    Hi there, my first post here so hope I've posting this in the right place I recently bought a Victorian house that needs a lot of work doing to it, having been left to go to seed by the previous owners. Its technically a detached house, but for reasons we'll never know, the neighbouring house...
  16. Rob broom

    Minor cracks in mortar

    Hi. There are few photos attached. Can I get some advise on what cause these cracks please? the blocks have been in place for about 2 or 3 months. the cracks are less than hairline. mortar mix was 4:1 sand cement with additive. Is it any if the following reasons? Thermal. Shrinkage. Drying...
  17. BBBerks

    Separated and Eroded Mortar: Concerning, or just in need of some repointing / TLC?

    Hi all, first post here after a bunch of research and probably going a bit stir crazy. We're scoping out some projects for our 1970s mid-terrace townhouse, which had me looking at the walls. I've noticed a few issues, which I'm hoping are just normal ageing for a near 50 year old house and...
  18. Rob broom

    Do moist blocks shrink enough to explain my hairline cracks?

    Hello again! Quick question about laying moist dense blocks? I laid 3 courses of 10.4 dense (Dennis May) blocks about three weeks ago. I layed one course per day over three days. The weather was cool, damp and the odd bit of rain and snow was around. The blocks were stored on a pallet in my...
  19. Rob broom

    Freaking out about cracks while I’m still building!

    Hi! I have a few concerns about some cracks on my self build that I am half way through. This is my first project, I might add! I have found a few hairline cracks and wonder if I should be freaking out? Here is the story: the site is 8m x 7m I dug the foundations myself! I dug down...
  20. R

    Lintel below a lintel - opening a fireplace

    Afternoon guys, I am opening up an old chimney breast that was blocked up years ago. The reason is twofold - ventilation (it wasnt vented!) And decoration. The new opening will be 400mm wide x 600mm high which is smaller than the original so I'm only knocking out 'infill bricks' and not any of...