planning application

  1. J

    Planning permission refusal during party wall process

    Hello, if the party wall process has been started before planning permission has been granted, and then planning permission is refused, is there an easy mechanism to end the party wall process? The party wall act doesn’t seem to have much on cancellation. Then if following refusal a new...
  2. DaveFix

    Creation of Driveway - Soakaway or use existing drainage?

    My front garden slopes down towards the highway. I would like to build a retaining wall and dig the garden out to create a PIC driveway. I understand that creating a non-permeable driveway greater 5²m would require planning permission. As the footprint of my car itself is over 8²m I've recently...
  3. HHHamster

    Two Storey Side Extension, To Step Back or To Not Step Back?

    Hi All, looking for some guidance please. I've recently received feedback (which we already knew was likely) for a pre-application submission for a two-storey side extension suggesting the new front elevation needs to be stepped back from the existing/original property, it's a standard...
  4. T

    Planning issue - building over shared access

    Hi all. So, this might get confusing but I hope to keep it clear as possible. If you have any questions just give me a shout on here So my friend had a extension approved over 5 years ago, under PD for a rear and loft. The rear was originally offset in 900mm as you can see in the set of...
  5. T

    fire door needed?

    Hi, im currently designing my own rear extension with it being permitted development. I was curious to know, would i require a fire door to the opening between the hall and pantry? many thanks
  6. F

    Changing from hip to gable roof

    Hi everyone, new to this site so please accept my apologies if I’ve missed anything. I’ve got full planning consent for a garage conversion and extension on top. The new extension has a hip roof that’s been approved by planning. Builder advising a gable roof will look much nicer as...
  7. G

    Convert Pub to Residential / Shop

    I am planning to buy a building which has got the ground floor pub (the pub is closed) and the first floor is a residential flat. My intention is to buy it and convert the ground floor as well to a Residential Flat. It has no planning permission yet. The seller wants to complete the sale as...
  8. ChazBuilders

    Planning Enforcement Agents Question

    Hi folks just wondering if anyone can give me a bit of advice?? I'm currently having my home extended and I've received a letter saying that I've made changes to the roof of the house that wasn't on the planning permission that was granted and now the council have referred it to a planning...
  9. A

    Opinion needed please for planning permission

    Hi expert planners, I'm looking to extend the house as attached - it already has a double storey side extension (original 1960's house in green hash). I'm thinking of doing it in the following steps to avoid it being deemed 'intensive use' or 'over-development' if done in 1 go: (1) Apply for...
  10. A

    Rear extension leaving 2.5cm PD gap cases

    Hi, I'm planning to do a 6m kitchen rear extension under PD but I need to leave a slight material gap between this and the existing protruding 3m side extension. I understand there are several appeal case wins about this gap, at the 2.5cm, 5cm and 10cm gap levels. If these cases are in the...
  11. R

    2 storey extension with TPO

    Warm greetings to everyone. I need some advice/guidance from one and all. I am about to purchase a detached house which has many trees on one side and one of the trees happens to have a TPO (Ash Tree) on it. Planning Map by Ravii posted 25 Jun 2021 at 12:10 AM There is a uniform space of 4.5m...
  12. P

    45 degrees light test - is it ground floor or first floor

    Hi All. When considering a 45 degrees light test to see the impact of an extension on an adjoining property, is this usually the ground floor or the first floor. In this case we have been asked to provide one but unsure if its from ground floor or first floor. The house in question is a semi...
  13. T

    Change Roof type (flat roof to pitched & skylights) after planning approval?

    Hi. Am I allowed to change the roof shape for a 6m rear extension after planning approval (neighbourhood consultation)? Can we change the type (shape and size) and no of skylights and the roof pitch (say from flat roof to pitched roof instead) as long as we stay within the limit of the...
  14. J

    Design - Planning application - Architecture fee - help to calculate correct value

    Hi Everyone, This question may seem stupid or tricky but could not find an answer anywhere and maybe some colleague architect could point me on the right direction. I have always been working for large practice but due of this covid mess and lack of work I`m trying to set up something on my...
  15. M

    Can i add a permitted development after planning?

    Hi I am living in a 1930s 3 bed semi with garage. I am planning a double storey side extension and a single storey rear extension. I want the rear extension to 4.5m back, have been told that this is unlikely with Croydon council who are notoriously difficult, and they will allow 4m as the view...
  16. Josh Dobson

    Foundations Before Permission

    Hi, im currently in the middle of a planning permission application, my council are running 4 weeks behind and I'm yet to get to the 21days ask the neighbours part (i think thats about two weeks away) I already have building regulations approval that came through quite quickly. Site is...
  17. R

    New pitched roof (replacing existing flat roof)

    Hi, I am in process of replacing my existing flat roof with new pitched roof. After much thought, apex type pitched roof will be best option for this kind of structure. It is for kitchen extension at the back of the property. Photo attached. Following are the measurements: Length (from the...
  18. J

    Loft conversion with hip to gable wall and new dormer. Building reg where to get info

    I`m drawings up some drawings for building reg but struggling to get info on what building regulation accept or advise. I may miss some point but on planning portal they do not specify a single element. is there any guide or something to use a reference point? Thanks
  19. Skenn99

    Garage conversion - Planning permission refused - Any tips?

    Hi All, hoping to convert detached double garage into a family games rom but local council refused planning permission as it would mean the loss of a potential car parking spot. I have room to park 2 cars in front of the garage, which has always only been used for storage, but council says I...
  20. W

    Planning Permission - Advice Needed

    Post removed as I now have the answer to my question. Tha ks for your comments.