1. D

    Ronseal 2-part high performance wood filler only lasted one month

    A month ago, my door and window frames needed repainting. Three parts of the frames had started to rot (2 bad-ish, 1 not so bad spot). In these places, I dug out the rot and some surrounding wood, used a lot of Ronseal wet rot wood hardener, gave it ages to dry, gave it a rub down with a metal...
  2. R

    1930s Roof Support Beam Question

    Hello! DIyer here.. however this job seems beyond me.. I'd really appreciate some opinions on what you guys think would be a reasonable solution - some context/knowledge/insight, before I'm swamped in quotes. Or in the event I decide to do it myself. This is my mum's house, and the diagonal...
  3. R

    How to prolong rot in a decking sub-base

    I found some rot in my decking which I laid about 15 years ago but when I took a couple of the lengths up the frame underneath was in quite a poor state. Rotten in places and heavily black stained and damp in others. I've decide to completely renew but wonder how to protect the subframe from...
  4. H

    Best flooring over a wooden shed floor?

    Hello, I have a new wooden shed. I would appreciate any recommendations on what is best to lay over the wooden floor to protect it? It has a concrete paver base and sits on a wooden riser. This is a question for the interior floor. I was going to lay rubber flooring but thought that this will...
  5. oursurveysaid

    Wet/Dry Rot Hyphae in Chimney?

    Can anyone tell what these fine grey strands are in my chimney flue? There was wet and dry rot in this house when I bought it, but the ground floor timbers have all been replaced with pressure treated ones, and isolated from the masonry with a plastic DPC. The timbers have a moisture content of...
  6. A

    Removing Rot from Joist

    Looks like I've had a historic leak in the bathroom. So far this is the only rot I've found. Would it be reasonable to cut out say half the depth of the joist, piece in a new section and then sister either side to add the strength back. I've ordered some boron gel to cover everything in after...
  7. robodelfy

    Soft part of floorboard, does it need treatment?

    I'm sorting out my bathroom floor, on top of these boards it will have ply and then vinyl tiles. This one board has a soft flakey area, I remember there was a crack in the old tiles around there so it must have got wet. I've scraped it back with to where it feels hard again. Do I need to...
  8. D

    Rotten lintel and joists

    Hi folks, I‘ve encountered some rot on our Victorian terrace home and I’d very much appreciate some advice. Firstly, a couple of joists closest the front door were totally rotten- I think the old doorbell wire was acting as as a wick and directing water onto them for a hundred years or more...
  9. robodelfy

    Is this dry rot, what can I do?

    Years ago I had a window that was falling apart in my bathroom. I got it replaced with a PVC window and the guy didn't mention anything about the state of the wood around the window. Now I'm renovating the bathroom and I've found the wood under the window is soft and crumbly. Is this dry rot...
  10. G

    How long does it take for joists to rot ?

    ive had a leaky kitchen sink waste pipe for years, it’s sopping wet and stinks,only just found the source of the smell I noticed maybe 2 years ago. What should I do just try to dry it out ? Or do I need to lift the tiles and laminate floor to see if there’s any rot ? Thanks
  11. cwhaley

    Boiled Linseed Oil - Preventing Rot

    I have used lengths of untreated softwood timber (9" x 2") to make a small decked area and a step up to said area. All timber is sat on concrete blocks (not soil or grass) and is raised around 10" off the ground. Given that it rains a lot in this country, I have concerns over the wood rotting...
  12. K

    Partially worm eaten joist ends

    3 old pitch pine joist ends are partially worm eaten at the sides. It's not bad and appears to be shallow only. Easiest to do is double up and bolt ons without chopping off wormed ends. Then again worm may not be dead, though my feeling is it is. Can I somehow treat in place wormed ends in...
  13. oursurveysaid

    Damp Ground Under Floorboards

    Hi. I bought my Victorian end-of-terrace house 2 years ago and am still trying to solve a problem with dampness in the subfloor void. As you'd expect, this has caused a lot of damage to the timbers, mainly wet rot and wood beetle damage. Photos are here...
  14. D

    Repair 3rd storey wood wall, from inside?

    Part of a stone building has a section of wall that is made from wood, the bottom part has rotted away. (day light coming through hole) See image below Its on a third floor, difficult to get to by a ladder from the outside because there is an extension below, so would require scafolding. Can...
  15. T

    Chipboard floorboards and damp

    I live in a 3 story house built in 1996. We have a large open plan kitchen on the middle floor which includes a peninsula. The joists are strong and numerous and covered with chipboard fllorboards (I should have replaced them at time of the refurb 5 years ago, but didn't). On top of the...
  16. M

    Limiting shed rot idea

    Hi all, The previous owner of my house built the shed right next to the neighbours brick wall - I guess assuming that it would offer the shed some protection. However, over the years debris has fallen down the small gap between shed and wall and when it rains the water soaks into the debris...
  17. G

    Ant Invasion!

    The darn previous owner of my house simply painted over a couple of rotted areas by the patio door, which was infested with ants! I removed the rotted wood, sprayed the ants, replaced with new wood and placed traps to destroy the ant colony:
  18. H

    Dry rot?

    Hi all I bought a 1960s property and in the process of a bit of rennovation. Lifted the floor boards in our living room and saw a bit of growth on the party wall. I think it may be efflorescence as it's whispy and has a soft shine but I want to make sure it's not dry rot. See picture...