1. L

    Recessed downlights and fire/electrical safety

    Hi all. We've been viewing houses recently and I've noticed that nearly all have recessed downlighters somewhere or other - in some cases just one room but in others they're throughout most of the house. Some are in downstairs ceilings with a room above, others in upstairs ceilings with loft...
  2. AimeeCreates

    How to make concrete block shed safe. Is it repairable or a knock down job? Help

    My boyfriend had a man build a concrete block shed over 10 years ago. There was tree in the neighbours garden and after it was chopped down massive cracks apparently started appearing in the wall in that corner, so assumed foundations movement ( concrete base to shed). Last year when I moved in...
  3. R

    Is OK to have this junction box on the floor?

    I just looked under my cooker and the installers left a junction box to what I assume is the cooler lying on the concrete floor. Is this safe? It says 30amp 3 terminal on it.
  4. M

    How to use ladder for roof access

    So I need to get at a downpipe that has come loose from a dormer bedroom extension. However, the ladder would need to be placed on a gently sloping roof over a kitchen extension. I'm thinking of siting a telescopic ladder in the 'trough' created by the Velux window (see blue arrow in photo.)...
  5. S

    Structural integrity - Can i move the beams in single skim brick garage pitched roof?

    Hi all, Looking for some help/advice re: if I can move some beams in a single skim brick garage pitched roofup to give more height in room. The room is 4x2.5m and is in good quality. As it's a fairly small room i dont want a flat root (even though it passes building regs re: height after...
  6. R

    integrated dishwasher wiring - is this even safe?....

    we're having a new kitchen fitted, and it's been one nightmare after another. today's issue is with the brand new integrated dishwasher. we've tried to use it for the first time, and the water didn't drain away. so we wanted to locate the power socket to turn it off. unfortunately, our kitchen...
  7. F

    Gas boiler cupboard - Safety

    I'm looking to create a cupboard around my kitchen combi boiler. Is it safe to cover all 5 sides? Or do the top or bottom have to be left exposed? Also, is there any issue in trying to line the cupboard with some sort of soundproofing material? Thanks for any input.
  8. R

    How to make safe stained glass (exposed lead)

    Hello all, can anyone recommend a way to reliably seal the lead on internal stained glass windows/doors to keep them safe from small hands (and mouths!)? Also to prevent lead dust. I've attached an example of one of my doors. I know I could fit additional glass over and around but wondered if...
  9. G

    Pond safety cover from unistrut and threaded rods?

    As the title hopefully. explains, I'm trying to come up with a solution for a pond cover/mesh. This is to prevent my recently born child and his cousins from getting into danger in our garden ponds.Looking online it seems like the recommended max openings for mesh are 80mm x 80mm. It'd be nice...
  10. C

    Safe to use three-way adaptor to "solve" logistics problem?

    Hi All. Our joiner has just completed a TV cabinet w/ bookshelves in our alcove. Unfortunately, while he has accommodated a hole at the top (for cables) it is now no longer possible to plug any reasonably modern plug into the standard UK 2x socket as the bottom shelf sits flush underneath the...
  11. B

    Plastering Rooms - Safety Advice

    Hi, We are soon to be having two of our bedrooms re-plastered. I have a young family and don't want to expose them to any 'nasties', i.e. dust, wet plaster fumes as the walls dry out. Is it safe for us all to be in the house while the plastering is taking place? I'm guessing that the best we...
  12. Dee_in_London

    All Season Tyres and Michelin CrossClimate Alternatives

    I have Michelin CrossClimate+ Tyres on my car - had them for about 2 years and probably the only tyres I'll buy for the foreseeable future as I like them so much I have a number of retired relatives on a budget who only ever drive locally to the shops and the doctors. Their cars never go on the...
  13. D

    Access to Pyramid Hipped Roof

    What is the correct and safe way to access a Pyramid Hipped roof for minor maintenance tasks where normal use of a roof ladder is impossible ? The pitch and other access issues make just walking on it unsafe. Any thoughts greatly appreciated.
  14. D

    Electrical cables between RSJ and floorboards?!

    I’ve had some major renovation on our house with large RSJs being installed, among other things. The builders’ left and I’m now getting on with the improvements/repairs I can make myself. One of the jobs is replacing the floorboards they’d ‘fixed’ using smaller metric boards with the correct...
  15. andyr123

    Beko Tumble Dryer Drum is not earthed

    I've not long had a new Beko vented Tumble dryer and couldn't understand why I was getting static electric shocks as I was pulling out the clothes after drying but now I think I find the cause. Although the metal cabinet on the tumble dryer is earthed (I tested to the earth pin on the 13a plug...
  16. T

    Correct and safe sealing around mains cable and other cables - mice

    Hi there This is my first post - I have recently bought my first house - an Edwardian terrace and we have a bit of a mice problem (+ draft problem!) so I want to seal up holes where they can get in (amongst other things like mouse mesh etc.) We have the gas and electrics coming in from the...
  17. L

    Worcester CDi electrode kit

    Hi, I had my Worcester CDi classic serviced last week and was told the electrode kit should be replaced due to a glass safety issue (it can crack and leave open flames). I wondered if anyone could tell me: 1 how long this problem has been known about 2 should the electrode kit always be replaced...
  18. G

    How can I tell if this glass is safe ?

    Hi, I have a 1930-40s terrace with glass panels in the vestibule,with a small section of glazing going down to the floor, can I tell whether it’s safe ? Also a half glazed internal door with a leaded pattern on it, looks fairly modern. Thanks
  19. K

    Shower fuse switch question

    Hello, I have a question regarding the safety of my shower. The other day, the power to the shower went off as I was just finishing using it. Then the trip switch for it at the box refused to stay in the on position. I informed my landlord and he said he would take a look, I hoped he would get...
  20. J

    Routing of flexible gas pipes

    Hi there, I am a long-time lurker, and finally have a question which I hope you can help with. We are looking at the viability of fitting a balanced flue gas fire, but the routing of the gas feed is tricky as we cannot get below the floors or into the ceiling space. The only...