1. bettz1

    Is this the remains of a screw? Shower bar broken

    Hi our showers slide bar has just jumped off the wall The bottom part is all rusted and I've a horrible feeling this is the remains of the screw stuck in the plug in the wall. Any idea on how I can get the screw out? I've tried pliers but it's not budging
  2. T

    Please can someone tell me what this screw thing is called (drawing attached)

    I have had to draw this because I dont know the name of it to google it. It's basically a flat ended screw, but it screws into a tidy cap end. The screw can be tightened into the cap end, or the cap end can be tightened into the screw as it also has a screwable head I'm just looking for...
  3. bettz1

    How to deal with a screw pop

    Hi we've a few of these around the house and I think there called screw pops? What's the best way to deal with these,as I'm wondering if I fill over them will they just come back again? Is it worth taking the screw out?
  4. B

    Screw fell out of uPVC butt hinge

    I have a misaligned uPCV external door with butt hinges (not sure which manufacturer, but is 3D adjustment type). The bottom hinge is clearly out of alignment and recently a small screw fell out the bottom - my guess is that it has just worked loose over time. I have tried to push and screw...
  5. cwhaley

    Battening Plasterboard

    I'll be plaster boarding my new extension next month. In another thread I posted on here, it seemed the general consensus was to batten rather than D&D. The walls are all flat and plumb and it does make it easier running conduit and pipework behind. I have since been very lucky to secure about...
  6. 0

    Lug Nut won't come loose

    Hi I'm trying to change the wheel of my Volkswagen but the lug nuts wont unscrew even with a big kick on the wrench. The car hasn't been touched for 7 years so they are rusty. Any ideas to try and loosen the lug nuts so I can take the wheel of? And also should I have the car up on a jack while...
  7. M

    Replace old toilet seat

    Hi all, I'm trying to replace an old toilet seat but I found these screws once I removed the seat. I tried everything to remove them but the screws won't budge. I'm not sure whether there is a trick with the wing nut but the screws seem completely stuck. Any ideas? Thank you!
  8. bettz1

    Found 2 bolts from under the recliner any idea

    Hi bit of a long shot but we've found 2 bolts from under our 3 seater recliner sofa had a good look under there with a torch and I can't find any previous holes :mad: it's driving me nuts plus there pretty big screws so must be important. Anyone had this happen? Or know where they've come from?
  9. P

    Total max weight hangable on single stud

    I'd like to hang a gas central heating vertical radiator on a single timber stud behind a thin plasterboard wall. The stud is 38mm wide (actual size) and (presumably, difficult to measure) around 75mm deep. The radiator would weigh around 35kg in total, spread across a number of screws which can...
  10. G

    Finding the right screw

    Hi all, I'm trying to find the right screw to attach my speaker to a speaker stand. I have the details (see image) but at the nearby hardware store they are pretty useless. First they gave me one screw (M5 I believe) which is too small. Then another one (M6 I believe) which is slightly too big...
  11. P

    Can't get radiator bleed screw to seal.

    I've got an old cast iron panel radiator that I've recently had stripped and repainted. On piping up it has a weeping leak from the bleed screw at the top. Taking the screw out and cleaning up I could see the screw thread has a notch in it and the hole that it screws into also has notches in...
  12. H

    What glue & screw/bolt/nut to use to fix the bathtub drain overflow?

    I was cleaning the bath tub and I had unscrew a cap from the side of bath tub (where the hole is located) below: [![Whole bath tub][1]][1] The cap consists of 2 parts:part A & B as below [![part A & B for cap][2]][2] When I removed part B, the part A is connected by a screw, which comes from...
  13. R

    Correct fixing for heavy mirror

    I want to hang a mirror on a wall. The mirror is 1800x600 / 6'x2' landscape, so short and wide, but quite heavy 24 kg/53 lbs. The wall is plasterboard on brick. I'm worried about putting that weight on plasterboard, so I was planning on drilling straight through into the brick. The problem is...
  14. J

    Can you use wall plugs with concrete screws?

    I've got concrete screws that I want to fix a metal frame to an old breeze block wall. The point of the concrete screws is they just need a pilot hole and DON'T need a wall plug. However because the breeze block is quite soft it works much better with wall plugs. Can you use wall plugs with...
  15. D

    Oak pilot holes for coach screws

    Should pilots be larger than the root of the screw? Thank you Dain
  16. J

    Stud wall, Partition wall with plasterboard and noggin

    Hi, Im doing a bit of renovation and for the first time I have to build few wall including one partywall and a fully enclosed bathroom. My idea is to use 15mm plasterboard or maybe 2x15mm to make it stronger but question is what stud size need to use and if there is any basic concept to use in...
  17. janieJones123

    What is the pilot hole size for 12mm screw?

    I am going to be starting building a half stud wall this weekend. I have a suspended timber floor with a solid oak flooring on top. I have been given great advice on what materials and hardware to use. I will be fixing the sole plate to the floor with 12mm coach screws, and was wondering what...
  18. T

    uPVC window with Broken hinge and removing insert screw

    Hi The hinge on this window is broken. Does anyone know how to remove this hinge? It has these insert screws with just a hole. I've tried hex, flat, Phillips but nothing catches onto these.
  19. S

    Inch think crumbling wall

    Hi Trying to screw in a book wall unit to wall however wall crumbles over an inch before actually hitting brick. I remember having to pay a professional to hang TV on the same wall and he had to call another person to help him a few years back. I know have a massive whole, which I'm happy to...
  20. D

    What size hole for 6x100 Easydrive concrete screws?

    Easydrive seem to be a bit shy of providing hole spec.. The 6x100 have 6mm thread diameter, slightly unsurprisingly (with 4.8mm shank). They're going in to a concrete blockwork wall. Is there a general rule for hole sizes? Thank you Dain