1. L

    Chatsworth Tap - Victorian Plumbing

    I just brought the Chatsworth Tao with the three holes - and have found the section under the sink to be really tricky. Why do the pipes / bolts not line up? How do I connect pipes? Is there a special pipe to connect. Can you help.
  2. D

    Taps loud whoosing after changing to quarter-turn using reviver kit

    I recently replaced the glands and heads of two very old (20 years?) traditional sink basin taps using https://www.toolstation.com/lever-basin-tap-reviver-kit/p70902 - so they are now quarter-turn. However, they now make a loud whooshing/screeching noise - particularly on the cold side as it is...
  3. T

    Bristan 1901 taps - few months after fitting are dripping, fixes? alternatives?

    Hi all, I recently switched out the originally installed Bristan 1901 taps (which were probably as old as the house - 20 odd years) with some newer versions as they had started to make awful noise when used and started to stick, all went well enough and the new taps worked fine (although the...
  4. R

    JTP vs Harbour - any views?

    Looking at pull out kitchen taps. Narrowed it down to these two. Any advice on brand quality? Or does anyone have any experience with them?... JTP Vos Harbour Acclaim Thanks
  5. C

    renovating Brass taps

    Hi everyone, I wondered if anyone had a solution for fixing up old taps. My bathroom taps are brass (or they look like they’re brass but maybe just brass coated?) and they’ve gone a sort of grey colour, especially the hot tap. I tried using brasso to get rid of the grey but didn’t work so I’m...
  6. T

    Basin Taps - recommendations?

    Hi all, I need to replace a couple of Bristan 1901 taps that have reached the end of their life (15+ years seems reasonable) - they're not mixer taps, but separate hot and cold. I was going to change them to a more easy to turn style, but have once again hit on the vast variety of reviews...
  7. A

    Tap head coming off bath tap

    Hello. How would I fix this. It still works but it is loose and comes away from the main tap. Is this a simple fix or should I get someone in who is less likely to cause more damage?
  8. Tom lanzafame

    Double trouble with shower mixer unit

    Greetings, I’d really appreciate any advice on this problem, I’ve done some googling but ended up even more confused. my problem is 2-fold: 1. the middle tap (mixer) doesn’t provide 100% cold water (always luke warm) even when turned all the way clockwise. 2. the top tap (shower...
  9. H

    Kitchen tap leaking

    My kitchen tap is leaking on both the cold and hot taps but more so on the hot and I’ve fallen at the first hurdle. I can’t figure out how to take it apart to see if it’s the washers. No branding other than the kitchen was bought from howdens. Can anyone advise? Pictures below. Thanks in advance.
  10. DJB1959

    4 in 1 tap with water softener??

    We are thinking of getting a Quooker or similar 4 in 1 tap to provide hot and cold plus boiling and filtered cold water. But we also want to install a water softener so are wondering how the two things might work together. Question: Is it possible to set up the tap so that it gives both (a)...
  11. J

    New Boiler and new bathroom. What would you suggest in term of brands

    I have been quoted for a new plumbing system with 2 option. Worcester and ATAG boiler system. What your thought about these 2 brands? As I have also buy all the bathroom components including shower mixer, taps and ceramic. I know this is very objective in terms of design but what would a good...
  12. Dan watts

    Tap confusion

    Hi, We bought these for our new bath: https://www.victorianplumbing.co.uk/cruze-deck-bath-side-valves-with-freeflow-bath-filler Note: there are two taps, only one pictured. Connections are 3/4. I have done all the plumbing in PEX so I intend to adapt into 3/4 to go into the taps, but I just...
  13. P

    Dismantling Mixer Tap to Fix Leak

    I have a 4 year old B&Q (Cooke & Lewis) mixer tap. There is a small leak from the middle of the tap. I'm quite handy and thought it was probably a washer, so I attempted to dismantle it to investigate. However I can't remove the last moving, circular part (see pics). And this is the part that...
  14. L

    Kitchen tap handle not coming off (grub screw)

    Hi, I have a dripping tap which I am trying to replace the washer on and need help with removing the tap handle please! Apparently once the grub screw is removed the handle should come off but it is stuck on as firmly as it was before even though I have removed the screw. I sprayed on some...
  15. G

    Cold water coming from hot water taps (turning hot when one tap is opened!)

    The boiler is filling up the unvented cylinder with hot water as it should but the hot taps and showers have increased in pressure and only release cold water (maybe a dash of hot water blended in). Intriguingly, when a particular hot tap that is near to the tank is opened (I haven't tested yet...
  16. bettz1

    Worth adding isolating valves to taps?

    Hi all, We're having tiling done in our 2 bathrooms soon & the tilers mentioned the taps have no isolation valves. Included a pic of what its currently looking like I'm in two minds whether its worth adding them or not? I was just going to turn the hot & cold water off them add a blank nut...
  17. GoodOne

    Contract Taps to Level Basin Taps

    Hi, Is it possible to replace/remove the contract taps (the top parts) to the lever types? So that I don't need to change the whole taps. THanks,
  18. andyr123

    Sink Mixer taps when using with a Header tank in loft

    I used to hear years ago that the UK and Ireland used to have 'seperate' hot and cold taps at the sink for a valid good reason , that it was by law (water laws) so that the water mains (cold) was seperate from the (hot water system) coming from the storage tank up in the loft. citing that the...
  19. M

    Confusing overflow issue I've had for over 6 months

    Thank you for taking a look... Like I said I've had this issue for over 6 months now and have multiple different plumbers look and the problem and still no one knows what seems to be the issue. Firstly... I live in a 3 floor block of flats on the top floor, and have a new combi boiler...
  20. R

    Can't take basin tap apart

    My tap is becoming stiff to turn. It was fitted some years ago and I've not needed to get into it before. Unfortunately I have no note of the make. I want to clean it before it gets worse but am unsure how to take it apart. 1/ I assume there is a screw under the 'C' which allows me to remove...