1. Endaf4

    Worcester 20/25 boiler transformer

    Hi hope you can help me I've got a Worcester 20/25 oil boiler had a problem with the transformer, got a new one When I took the control box off and the box where the wires get connected too, the brown wire for the transformer came loose, so I presume that might have been the problem, but I...
  2. L

    Transformer for Nest doorbell

    In my new home there is a Deta c3504 chime installed. I am thinking about adding Google Nest video doorbell but I found that it needs 8V minimum to operate. Unfortunately Deta gives 6V and drops below that if the button is pushed. I found this on Reddit...
  3. C

    LED Light Adapter

    Hi, I wonder if anybody can help me, I have tv cabinet led lights and they are no longer working. I believe it is this adapter has failed but can’t find a replacement anywhere. Des anybody have any ideas the name of it. Or where I can get a replacement from?
  4. S

    LED downlighter puzzle

    Hi all, Over the past few years I have had regular issues with my 12 kitchen downlighters due to replacing the standard 12v lamps with 12v LED's and leaving the old transformers in place. As I understand it, the issue is that the transformers require a minimum wattage to be drawn to work...
  5. Techboy

    Which transformer for Ring Video Doorbell Wired (UK)?

    I’ve bought a Ring Video Doorbell Wired, the transformer for my current doorbell is only 6VA, 6V, 50HZ. The Ring doorbell requires 8-24VAC. I’ve bought a Ring Chime for the audio - I’ll use this and the Amazon Echo devices I have around the house, I am happy to not use the current bell. Will I...
  6. S

    How do I know what type of transformer I have?

    Apologies if this is a dumb question! I need a new dimmer switch, and figured I may as well upgrade to one that's compatible with LED bulbs (the previous dimmer was used with halogen bulbs). The Varilight V-Pro JQP401W seems to have good reviews. However, when checking the specifications I...
  7. bettz1

    Running Eufy off existing 8V Transformer

    Hi just got the battery 2k Eufy and was hoping to wire it up using our existing doorbell wires,only problem is the transformer isn’t powerful enough its only 8V. IMG_20210209_155939.jpg706×941 22.1 KB IMG_20210209_155950.jpg650×867 54.3 KB Am i right in thinking i have 2 options...
  8. A

    Doorbell Chime Casing - The immovable object

    Hi All! This may seem like an extremely stupid question but I wondered if you have any advice on how to get a doorbell chime/transformer casing cover off (picture attached). It looks like it should just pop off but it feels like I'm going to pull the entire unit off the wall before the casing...
  9. J

    Transformer 110v not working. Can I check if fixable before buying a new one?

    I have a 5Kv transformer 110v for my tools that suddenly stopped working. Checked the fuse on the plug and is fine. With plug off I removed the cover and inside seems to be a block of glue which I believe the transformer is inside it. Is there any way to check what happen or just have to...
  10. P

    Wall mounting tablet with hidden power supply

    I'm looking to wall mount a tablet (probably Android) to run Action Tiles so it will show CCTV & various sensor status. The wall mount part is straight forward as there appear to be plenty of universal holders on eBay that will mount it against the wall. I was thinking to sink a double back...
  11. J

    Downlights stopped working

    Hi Hoping for a clue. All 5 Down lights in hall stopped working suddenly after fine for 8 yrs. As far as I can see it’s 1 transformer (35-105w 240 to 11.5v) with 5 20w halogens in parallel (daisy chain?) I assumed transformer issue so replaced like for like no joy. When I switch light...
  12. D

    Scantronic 9844+ alarm transformer replacement needed

    Hi The transformer in my alarm died with a load bang yesterday and tripped the circuit breaker. I want to replace it since the alarm still functions with just the battery but I cannot find a new part specifically for it anywhere online. Can anyone recommend a suitable alternative? Thanks Dave
  13. R

    Wired Ring Door Bell

    Hi, I have recently purchased the Wired Ring Door Bell. Ideally the transformer should be placed in the CU but i have no space left in mine plus house is all tiled flooring and wires all hidden.... will work out costly to get the wiring to the door bell. I have a option but need advice to...
  14. F

    Replacement of MR16 transformers

    Hi, In my bathroom I've got 6 MR16 fittings which I've just put LED lamps into, problem is couple of them flicker, presumably where the transformers aren't coping with the LEDs. Each fitting has it's own little transformer, so my question is can I cut off the old per-fitting transformers and...
  15. G

    How hard is it to find the right transformer for led G4 bulbs

    I dont know much about electrics. So far I have replaced all my GU10 halogens to Leds without wondering about Transformers and the like. With the G4 lights in this bath cabinet I did the same, but here the story is a bit different. The light has this...
  16. S

    Wanting to change MR11 and transformers to standard UK mains voltage 240V & use dimmable LED bulbs.

    I have a couple of dozen 20 Watt MR11 bulbs on a dimmable switch in a room which I'd dearly love to change to 240 AC mains voltage as the transformers often go and it's a pain changing them. Is there any type of bulb which would fit the existing bulb holder (MR11 size) and which would mean I...
  17. A

    Vokera HE - blowing internal 2A fuse

    Hi All, New to this forum but wanted to share ... My 10 year old Vokera (28 HE model) immediately blows its internal fuse when power is connected to it. If you have the same problem you may be scratching your head wondering where the problem is. In my case, it turns out to be a faulty fan and...
  18. J

    Installing an LED transformer

    I had a couple of transformers go on halogen spotlights. I'm the in the process of switching to LEDs so I bought LED transformers instead. The old transformers had a blue and brown wire on the input AC side which were connected directly to the same colour mains wires in the connection box...
  19. H

    LED Downlight faulty - Strobe effect

    Hi guys, I have five bathroom downlights. Four are working perfect, but one is faulty. After turning the light switch on, this faulty one is flashing/strobing really fast. It's like being in a nightclub. I've already replaced the led bulbs, but it still does the same. I'm not very...
  20. G

    Localised power outage

    Hi, Last night I lost the lighting for two rooms downstairs (mixture of halogen GU5.3 spots and standard bayonet fixtures. The hallway lights are unaffected, despite being on the same circuit. No fuses were not tripped and i tested the RCD, with no affect. Is it possible that the transformer...