1. P

    Replacing washer on cistern inlet valve

    I have an inlet valve that is allowing some water in even when the float is raised. I wanted to check the washer - presumably diaphragm, but after taking off the cap, I'm unsure how to dismantle the valve. Any tips? The inlet came with a NUCA C211 valve. The other option is to remove/replace...
  2. M

    Grit? in cold water supply blocking taps, washer etc

    Any of you plumbers got any thoughts on this please. Brother in law has Worchester heat only boiler, linked to an unvented cylinder. (Centerstore)... was all new in 2013. He was saying the pressure wasn't very good on his taps... it was the cold feed, which I thought doesn't go through the...
  3. M

    How do I change the washer in this tap?

    I've managed to get this far but now I don't know what to do next. This tap has been getting increasingly hard to turn off all the way so I'm trying to change the washer. I'm sure I've done it before but now I can't figure out how to take it the rest of the way apart to get to the washer...
  4. Bigsosij

    BEKO WTG941B1B Washer

    Washer has stopped working.... Can anybody shed some light on whatvhas happened to this carbon brush.... fully siezed up and looks like something has melted on to it. Have replaced the faulty one but still doesnt work.... other one is fine... just makes a humming sound in test mode when should...
  5. M

    Bosch Classixx 1200 Express WM - How to remove filter tray in detergent draw

    Hi all, I have a Bosch Classixx 1200 Express washing machine. Its got to be at least 12 years old (it came wit the house!) but has been a very solid work horse but hasn't had any regular maintenance/cleaning. I have been having some problems recently with the fabric softener not draining from...
  6. kevhs79

    Hotpoint Error showing error code 30

    You Hi I have a Hotpoint WD71 the suspension legs had gone, on there failure the drum / motor hit the side of the washer and cut out, so i have replaced them {the legs!} on putting it back together and trying to test it, the washer fills with water then goes straight into a spin of which that...
  7. Dee_in_London

    Toilet Keeps Running - Need New Washer or Flush Unit Recommendation

    For the last few days our toilet has been running constantly I had a look and the washer that seals the outgoing water seems to be hard and brittle with pieces breaking off Can just this seal be ordered and if so what is it called and where can you order it from? or is it better to get an...
  8. W

    Help to replace washer in dripping tap please

    Tap is dripping, I've taken tap apart this far. I would expect the unit nut to unscrew, but its either ceased or not supposed to be unscrewed after manufacture? Any ideas? Thanks
  9. H

    Hotpoint Aquarius WDL540P - Starts but then stops - Any ideas ?

    We are having problems with our Hotpoint Aquarius WDL540P washer dryer. It will power on without any warning lights. We can select the programme, and start. It starts to fill with water and the drum starts turning. After a very short time it stops turning and nothing then happens at all...
  10. B

    Kitchen tap won’t stop! Replacement?

    We have a kitchen mixer tap that kept dripping so knew that the washer was going. Last night turning this off, it seemed to “snap” and the cold tap wouldn’t turn off as the handle just turns round to infinity with the water just slowing and not stopping! So we managed to get to the cold feed...
  11. eveares

    5/8th tap washer not 5/8ths in diameter!?

    I bought some replacement 5/8 tap washers from screwfix, however they are larger than 5/8ths of in Inch in diameter! What tap washers do I need for my bathrooms sink tap, the old washers are 5/8ths in overall diameter. Regards: Elliott.
  12. StephenStephen

    How to stop this joint leaking?

    Hi all, appreciate your help on this, I've a large new water tank in the garden. It has a 1" brass (female) outlet I screwed in a brass joint it leaked I unscrewed it, put ptfe around the thread, screwed it up again it still leaks What am I doing wrong?
  13. F

    Kitchen Sink - Washer Size

    Hi, My kitchen ceramic tap is constantly dripping. It makes a loud annoying whistling noise, which suggests that it's an actual water pressure issue. I opened the kitchen tap and checked the cartridge, the black rubber washer is slightly damaged, so I think it would be good to replace this as...
  14. hellopaul2

    Possible to "repair" door hinge?

    Hello, I have an internal timber door that has dropped by a few mm, presumably due to the hinges getting worn over the years. Here are a couple of photos; the first one shows the hinge in its usual, dropped position... IMG_20171216_114440 by hellopaul2 posted 17 Dec 2017 at 7:47 PM ...and this...
  15. C

    Gas BBQ Washer

    Recent hot weather meant I dusted off my old gas BBQ and fired it up. After a few minutes I found flames come out behind one of the control knobs... :(Disconnected the gas and took it apart. Gas bottle feeds a horizontal pipe which runs behind the knobs. The knobs then open a valve to allow the...
  16. J

    How best to make threaded fittings on radiator valves weep-proof

    I apologise if these sound silly questions, but I would love some advice on making threaded fittings weep-proof. I have 1/2" Danfoss Randall RA-G Single Pipe TRV Body which comes with a fitting which screws onto the 1" OD outlet of the TRV and screws into the radiator. (see...
  17. C

    Ideal Logic System 15 - Leaking CH Flow Valve

    Hi folks, hope you can help! I have an Ideal Logic System 15 boiler (new build house, builders installed) which has a leak from the CH flow valve (gauge thing). I've had it 'fixed' no less than 5 times now - replaced the fibre washer and helped with liquid PTFE. In summer months, it's not on...
  18. N

    Flashing Lights in HotPoint PCB?

    Hi there, Needing some help here with my HotPoint washer/dryer WDL520: It goes through the wash cycle till it reaches the drain/spin cycles, when it starts to flash all the lower buttons and the start/stop button. I have gone onto check the pcb see if any capacitor is not working but they all...
  19. S

    Question about lock washer used for securing fan blades??

    Hello Sorry if this question is unrelated for this forum but I have a question regarding fan blades secured onto the motor shaft using lock washer … For a normal 10" air circulator fans the lock washer or any mechanism used to secure fan blade coupling onto the motor shaft are more simple than...
  20. N

    Electrolux washer doesn't seem to recognize start button

    Hi! We have a used Electrolux Inspire washing machine, model EWF12449W. Everything seems to be working fine, except that we can't get the start button to recognize that we're pressing it. It blinks green, but won't start the washer. We've tried doing the computer reset, but that doesn't work...