1. D

    Refurbishing Crittall windows

    Would appreciate guidance on a DIY job that's new to me... I'm refurbishing a couple of Crittall windows installed in an outbuilding in the late 1950's. The putty holding the single glass pane into the galvanised steel frame has cracked in many places leaving lots of fine cracks - although the...
  2. S

    Are these windows fitted ok? Pics included.

    We live on a fairly busy road, technically 20mph but everyone does at least 30mph. There is a constant stream of traffic until fairly late in the evening and queues during morning and evening rush hours. Motorbikes go up and down late at night. No lorries or buses normally though due to narrow...
  3. L

    Restoring old metal windows

    Rather than replace these windows, i'm going to have a crack at restoring them myself. I want to paint the metal and wooden parts of the frame back, in a non gloss finish, maybe a satin. I'll use Nitromors, a scraper and sandpaper to strip the existing paint - maybe wet and dry paper on the...
  4. S

    Repairing around newly installed windows...

    We have recently installed some new sash windows and the reveal lining has been attached. I have not ordered or placed the architrave around the window but the intention is to do so. Currently it was foamed but there is some deep areas, is it ok to use Gyproc filler or better to NHL 3.5 then...
  5. R

    Victorian concrete window sills

    Hi, I'm just trying to tidy up the front of the house including the window sills but i'm not sure of the best approach. I would like in an ideal world try to get the edges flush and then fill and cracks, etc I've seen some filler for the cracks but was wondering what the best approach would be...
  6. C

    untidy glazing seal in old wooden door.

    I recently had new glazing fitted in the front door and it's surround. The joins between the glass and the wooden frames are uneven and bumpy. Should I use caulk, then paint over it, or wood filler? Glazing sealant? Thanks for your advice
  7. N

    Should I use caulk on these windows?

    As the question states, and if yes, what kind of caulk? Does it matter if they're bathroom or room windows ? e.g. silicon-based or other
  8. J

    House extension- are windows part of ‘first fix’? Invoice dispute!

    Hi all, I’m currently having a large home extension built, with payment to the builder in stages, and I’ve received the latest invoice following ‘first fix’ of electrics and plumbing. However: The builder still hasn’t fitted any windows or doors to the extension, and I’m wondering whether I...
  9. M

    rainwater coming from inside above the windows in the kitchen

    I bought a property in August 2018. A month ago, so far twice during heavy rain and wind, the water started to leak above the kitchen window. There is a small gap between the window and the wall and water is coming through there. I marked this with yellow on the pictures 05 and 06. At first, I...
  10. F

    Aluminium window - small gap between window and frame

    One of my windows has a small 2mm gap between the window and the frame: The window opens OK, and the hinges seem to be fine. But the gap is enough to let a small breeze through. I'd like to get it repaired, but have a feeling it's going to be difficult finding a company or joiner to do the...
  11. O

    Can a window be installed in the middle of a cavity wall?

    We have a window frame where the top course of bricks on the outer wall is made up of bullnosed bricks. Something like this: We have bought a window and the installation has not completed yet. The window has been installed on top of the outer wall. Like this: From the inside: It...
  12. G

    Duplex Spacerbars - Georgian style Windows

    Hi All, I recently replaced the glazing in my house, with Georgian effect panes which are made with horizonal and vertical duplex glazing bars, to give the Georgian small pane effect. The problem I am faced with is that the horizonal and vertical spacer bars make up the smaller panes, are a few...
  13. F

    Window latch/lock?? What is it calledm

    Hi, I moved into a new flat that I'm renting recently and there is a window lock/latch on one of the sliding windows. I just wanted to know if anyone knew what it's called because I want one for the other sliding window as it'll help me lock them while I have the outer window open. I've...
  14. S

    Upvc porch / base

    Hi I'm doing a small porch on my place. Can anyone advise on size of wall if my window is 1m and it's going to be joined to another window with a 90 degree corner support just can't get my head around it . Going to have a normal sill on aswell. Also it will have a lean to roof how do i fix to...
  15. acurachris

    Overbearing brickwork between floors

    Hi I was wondering if i could ask opinions! I have just started the brickwork to go above the ground floor windows although i'm concerned the brick may be overbearing for the front elevation. This pictured window opening has another 12 courses of brick to the first floor window. This is...
  16. T

    Replace glass on wooden frames

    Hi chaps Just asking a question a few of my glass windows have bust and white matter and condensation inside, its an old bungalow updated but windows are still wood, we are selling house now. Do I replace the bad windows glass about £150 each or would you replace those bad glass windows with...
  17. M

    Conservatory Slave Door Problem - Broken Concealed Operating Lever Part ID?

    I have a conservatory with French doors but the slave door cannot be opened because the Concealed Operating Lever to open the slave door is broken / missing. I have tried locksmiths and windows repairers but they do not know what the part is in order to replace it. The conservatory was...
  18. P

    where to purchase a Ali reinforced corner post?

    hello im struggling to find an Ali reinforced corner post for upvc any help please?
  19. banchang

    uPVC window gap - window dropped

    Please see attached pictures. This window seems to have dropped a little and there is a gap at top which lets in a lot of road noise & draught. The window itself opens & closes perfectly. Windows are in place about 13 years. Any thoughts on what I need to adjust to seal it up. Many thanks.
  20. S

    New windows just fitted, many questions...

    I have just had my whole house fitted with new double glazing. The back bedrooms face onto a fairly busy road, so I asked for acoustic windows, as I had been told that they were AMAZING at blocking out noise. However, every car that drives past can still be heard quite clearly. It’s only a...