1. J

    rain getting in through HOW?

    Hi Sorry for the vague title, I have rain somehow get through and starts to seep down the plaster by my living room window My property is a flat roof terraced, it has hardly any brickwork because it has one whole length of wall between two columns of brick that separate me and my neighbours...
  2. Philip Barber

    Velux Windows

    Hi All, Looking at getting a couple of windows fitted for my loft and, naturally, I have decided to go for the Velux ones (someone I know who makes windows said Velux are the best because of warranty etc... - which i dont doubt) The question I have is: Can anyone notice any difference in these...
  3. P

    Astragal/Georgian bars

    Hi all, Long time lurker, first time poster. I just wondered if any of you DIY gurus could assist me with a quick query about astragal/Georgian bars. I have a relatively old house but the previous owner has installed some really horrible UPVC windows. Apologies if this is not the technical...
  4. D

    Bay Windows PVC Frames & Venetian Blinds Faff!

    Hello one and all, Getting straight to it... Situation I have a 5 bay windows both up and downstairs and want to fit venetian blinds. I've had quotes and a couple of people come and measure up and quote but none of them have given me definite solutions to the various issues detailed below...
  5. R

    Can trickle vents be retrofitted?

    We have just realised that one of our new UPVC windows was installed without trickle vents, when we did actually order trickle vents for it. I know very little about windows. Is this something the window installer can retrofit, or should a new window be ordered from the factory?
  6. D

    Painting wooden windows

    Hi, my windows are painted with Dulux Weathershield satin. I seem to need to keep repainting every year as it cracks and water gets behind the paint (I think it gets between the glass and beading). I am thinking of trying gloss - would that be the recommendation of you experts? If I do use...
  7. C

    Crittall replacement - any experiences?

    Hi We have a house built 1938, which has single-glazed crittall windows - with all the problems that entails. I am intending to replace them with alu double-glazed units which I will be fitting myself (as a part of a larger project which will involve the BCO anyway) - and was wondering if...
  8. L

    What is an acceptable gap between the outer edge of a u pvc window frame and brickwork?

    I have noticed that the windows at the front of my house have become very noisy when it is windy. Upon further inspection there seems to be a gap around most of the windows where the silicone has shrunk away approximately 10mm to 15mm. The house is a new build and i have only lived in it for a...
  9. L

    Window seals still not sealing

    Hi, hopefully someone could help. Rather than get new windows Im going the full hog a correcting and fixing my current double glazed upvc windows. All have 1x side hung sash. So far I have: Changed all friction hinges Replaced all seals on sash and frame with 6mm bubble seals Replaced all...
  10. C

    UPVC Double Glazing Window Beading - identification required.

    Hi All, I am hoping that somebody may be able to identify the UPVC window beading and provide me with the make/model and even a supplier as I have acquired some decent frames from my neighbour but the installers of their new units forgot to save all the beading for me. Any help would be greatly...
  11. M

    Window lock help

    The handle and lock on my window has stopped working and will not turn. Have taken the window apart and am still unable to fix. Does anyone know what type of locking mechanism this is called and any ideas where I can get a new one? Thanks!
  12. S

    Replacing sealed units in aluminium sashes with rubber seals

    Hi everyone, I am hoping to get some advise on how to replace the sealed units in my double glazed aluminium vertically sliding sash windows. I've already bought the new spiral hangers, so I will be taking the sashes out to change them and was hoping to change out the broken sealed units too...